The Latest Technology for Schools

Many schools around the country work on incorporating new technologies into their curriculums. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know what piece of technology can help and what can just be distracting and hard to use. Below are some great pieces of technology that can make a teacher’s job much easier.

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Teachers often have presentations or videos on the computer that they would like to show their students. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hook up audio visual projectors to computers. These projectors, as the name implies, not only shows the video from the computer but can also play sound! This makes things much easier to hear in comparison to just playing the sound directly from the computer. Some of these projectors also come with microphones, which can make lecturing easier.

Chromebook Carts

If many students use Chromebooks, which is one of the most popular types of laptops used in high schools in the United States, then it can be helpful to have a Chromebook cart in the classroom. These carts double as a storage place and a charging device. Depending on the size of the cart, you may be able to charge over a dozen computers at a time! This can save a lot of time (and outlets) during each school day.

Document Cameras

If a teacher needs to show something to the whole class that is on paper, rather than on the computer, a document camera can help. These cameras connect to a projector and show whatever paper is underneath. This makes it a great piece of technology for teachers who prefer to work with paper over digital files.

Schools would do well to invest in some of these technologies. They work well for teachers for grades first through twelfth. They are especially great for high school teachers!