3 Career Fields With Open Jobs RIght Now

With unemployment at unprecedented levels, there are lots of people looking for work. If you are among that segment of the population, then you know how difficult it is to find open positions. That actually makes right now a great time to consider changing careers. Sure, you’ll give up seniority in your field. You’ll also gain access to a whole host of new positions in one of these growing fields.

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1. Logistics

The transportation and delivery fields have numerous openings at almost ever level thanks to more and more people turning to online shopping and increased demand for certain goods in stores. From warehouse workers needed to move and load goods to dispatchers and drivers, you can find a job with even basic qualifications. Truck drivers have kept the country running throughout the pandemic, and with a commercial drivers license palm beach county you will open the doors to a number of stable and rewarding jobs.

2. Education

Teachers, tutors and teacher’s assistants are in incredibly high demand right now. Not all of the jobs you will find are in a traditional sense, which is great if you are looking to work remotely or with smaller groups of children. Some families are opting to hire teachers to oversee “learning pods.” Others are in need of tutors to guide and supplement remote learning. If you are willing to step into a classroom, there are countless schools around the country facing a shortage of qualified teachers.

3. IT Professional

As more people move to remote work, the demand for IT professionals has soared. After all, there are a lot of challenges that crop up when you have remote teams working from different locations. To be better prepared to handle them, look into the array of courses at Grow with Google. Some of the courses can have you career-ready in just a few months.

If you find yourself looking for a new job, it may be time to consider a whole new career field. Educators, transportation and logistics workers and IT professionals are all in high demand right now.