The Importance of Laser Shaft Alignment in Mechanical Equipment

When the shaft of a rotating machine is misaligned, you can see increased wear and tear on surrounding elements, lower product quality and even an increase in employee injuries. There are a couple of methods to check and fix alignment issues in everything from motors to gear boxes, and lasers are one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. Adding alignment checks to your routine maintenance schedule can help you reduce costs and increase productivity.

Want to Align Shaft Machine by Laser Shaft Alignment System ...

Reduces Costs

Parts and repair costs can be astronomical on mechanical equipment, especially when you factor in the loss of work which usually accompanies these things. When equipment is not working effectively, your production lines run more slowly, your employees are more likely to be injured on the job and the quality of your products will usually go down. All of this is costing you money, likely more than you would spend on a laser shaft alignment Signal Hill CA service for regular preventative maintenance alignment checks.

Increases Productivity

When equipment breaks down, it costs you in more than just repair costs, you also lose productivity. Some of the indications that you have a misalignment include an increase in noise and vibration, excessive bearing temperature as well as coupling and bearing wear patterns. When you check for alignment on a regular basis, you are avoiding these indications as well as the related repair tasks. This means less down time for your equipment and your employees. Increased noises and vibrations can also be distracting and uncomfortable to deal with leading to nervous workers, reduced productivity and less employee engagement.

There are a couple of methods to check the shaft alignment in mechanical equipment, with laser alignment being the fastest. Adding alignment services to your regular maintenance schedule can reduce overall costs and increase productivity because you will need fewer related repairs.