3 Ways To Keep Your Cooling Tower Working Efficiently

Cooling towers are mainly used in large commercial and industrial buildings for heating, cooling and ventilation. They use evaporation to remove heat from the air. Because they rely on water, it’s easy for systems to wear down or experience contaminant buildup.

Here are three ways to ensure your building’s cooling tower in top condition.

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1. Inspect the System’s Machinery

Look for cracks and holes in the tower casing panels and rust or decay in the casing structure. Ensure all doors close tightly when the tower is running. All cooling towers will experience some buildup, depending on the type of water in your area. Because cooling tower systems are enormous and complex, you’ll want to hire a company specializing in industrial cooling tower services to clean all your equipment.

2. Monitor the System’s Efficiency

Inefficient systems can waste energy and drive up costs. Warmer water temperatures make the chiller work harder, decreasing efficiency and increasing energy bills. Buildup from water scale, dirt and other debris can build up in tubes and prevent the system from running properly. Although building automation systems have higher initial costs, they let you monitor your system easily from a single location.

3. Keep the System Safe From Contaminants

One of the most important things you can do is keep the cooling tower clean and free from bacteria and mineral scale. You’ll want to regularly inspect for limescale deposits and conduct tests for Legionella (the bacteria that leads to Legionnaire disease). Studies have found that 40% to 60% of cooling towers tested contain Legionella. Treat water monthly to inhibit corrosion and bacteria, and deep clean and sanitize the inside of the tower system at least once a year.

Proper cooling tower maintenance, cleaning and safety measures will keep your building working efficiency and employees safe and comfortable.