Keeping Your Condominium Building Secure

When you’re operating a condominium building in a large city that draws a lot of visitors, you have to be particularly conscientious about building security. It’s crucial that you maintain your buildings’ systems in good and working condition and not try to get by with equipment, staffing, or policies that you’re concerned have deficiencies. Here are some key considerations for property managers and board members to evaluate your building’s security plan.

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Is Your Video Surveillance System Functioning and Effective?

Outdated or incomplete security systems leave your building particularly vulnerable to security breaches. Frequently, outdated or broken equipment is to blame. If a system uses an overloaded DVR, you may not be able to save an adequate amount of footage or record at an acceptable resolution. If not all of your systems’ cameras are currently working, you may face a significant liability issue without realizing it. Legal precedent attributes serious liability to property managers’ whose security cameras aren’t operational. For this reason, dummy or decoy cameras are rarely ever used, and it’s legally inadvisable. If you’re looking for video surveillance security systems Fort Myers FL, choose a provider who is experienced in helping to identify and address gaps in buildings’ existing systems.

Is Your Access Control System Well Managed?

Electronic access control systems need to be periodically audited. You need to make sure that all of the fobs currently being used have authorized access. If residents are allowed only a certain number of fobs, you should confirm that all individual units are complying.

Is Your Staff Adequately Trained?

Training initiatives geared towards security are important for all staff working on-site, not just those whose primary function is security related. Ongoing training in addition to clear written policies and guidelines for all staff can help to safeguard your building against unauthorized access or theft.