When To Call for Bail Bonds

Almost everyone knows that if someone is arrested and charged with a crime, you need to post bail or bond to get them out a lot of the time. Sometimes a judge will let them out without one, but it’s not common. What most people don’t know is when to call for a bond if they are going that route to cover the release. This can lead to some frustration and misunderstandings, because many providers of bail bonds Harrisburg PA offer service within hours, but they might not be able to act right away if you call them too early. At the same time, waiting too long could leave you with delays you don’t want just because of the wait.

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Arraignment First

It’s not productive to call for a bond before an amount has been set most of the time, because you don’t know if you will even need one. For a lot of people, lower bail amounts are accessible in cash, so ordering a bond without a value might be counterproductive even if a provider starts the process for you and agrees to add an amount later. It’s faster to handle the whole process at once after you have the amount set. Call as soon as arraignment is done to get the ball rolling quickly.

Jail Operates on Its Own Time

The other important thing to remember is that when you are waiting on a local jail to process paperwork, there’s a lot that isn’t in anyone’s hands. Being responsive and helpful when contacting people to arrange bond and legal representation helps, but some days will just run slow. Your bond service can’t help that, but they can do their best to make sure any delays aren’t caused on their end. After that, patience is the order of the day, because the bureaucracy of the release process can be an unpredictable animal.