Tips for Creating a Positive Employee Break Room

One place employees use every day is the company break room. You’ve probably read about the extravagant break rooms of Fortune 500 companies and while those are amazing, you don’t have to go to quite that extreme to make a relaxing, fun space for your workers.  Here are four ideas to take your break area from mundane to magnificent.

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Add Refreshments

One of the most enjoyable perks of a job are the refreshments. Everybody enjoys coffee and snacks, so select the best food vendors Pittsburgh PA and start stocking your firm’s kitchen with drinks, treats and vending machines. It’ll provide just the perfect get-up and go your employees deserve to get through a tough day.

Get Comfy Chairs

A particularly inviting addition to any break area is the use of comfy chairs or even a sofa. After all, a break room isn’t just for eating. It’s also for taking a few minutes to rest and get a change of scenery. Providing a few cushy seats is just the ticket to a welcoming room. It’s also an ideal place for workers to get together and brainstorm.

Install a TV

A nice distraction to add to your break room is a TV. A wall-mounted set provides background noise and makes a pleasant spot to catch up on some news. It’s also a good conversation starter and gets everyone involved.

Plan an Interactive Area

A break room is an excellent spot to have an interactive area since everyone uses it. Find a corner to put up a couple of bulletin boards. Use them to post company birthdays, news, and sign-up sheets for upcoming events. It’s also an optimal location to hang labor law posters and other important information.

Increasing Morale

Your company break room is the one point where everyone comes together to discuss work, home or just relax. You’ll find that making the area as positive and enjoyable as possible will boost employee morale.