Safety Equipment Every Business Must Have

As a business owner, you know that the safety of your employees is your number one concern should something unexpected happen. However, have you taken the time to make sure your building is up to code, safety equipment is accessible, and escape routes are posted? It may seem more than obvious to you that your employees understand where your protection equipment is and how to use it, but that may not be so. Here are three safety equipment must-haves for every business.

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Fire Extinguishers

There are three types of fire extinguishers, and they are all used to put out small fires. Class C is for chemical or electrical fires, Class A is for common fires, and Class B is for oil fires. Make sure you have regular fire extinguisher inspections NYC to guarantee the unit has sufficient pressure to work efficiently if needed.

Biohazard Bag

Built to fit your company’s needs, the biohazard bag is used to remove or dispose of contagious or dangerous waste during an emergency. The kit can include information on how to remove blood pathogens, fecal matter properties, and chemical spills. Having a semi-annual training meeting on the use of the materials inside the kit is prudent.

First Aid Kit

Although most people have seen a first aid kit many times, there are still some people that have never come in close proximity to one. The kit should be stocked with bandages, ointments, antiseptics, and gauze. There should also be gloves, safety pins, tweezers, and antihistamine tablets. Tape, scissors, skin rash cream, and allergy sprays should also be considered.

Keeping your company employees safe is part of your job description, so teaching them how to be protected is also part of your job. With these three pieces of safety equipment and some training, you can ensure yourself and your employees that they will be able to handle the situtation if a problem occurs. Remember to let your employees know where each of the items is stored so they can easily find the equipment.