The Positive Impacts of Preschool

In recent years, studies have shown that quality preschool programs, also known as pre-kindergarten or pre-k, have beneficial effects on children as they prepare for elementary school. Pre-k uses play and academics to help young children learn the basics of math, reading and science while also improving their social and emotional skills. Florida has many competitive options for preschool education, both public and private, and for those living in the Tampa area, check out the benefits of the current pre-k Tampa programs.

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Pre-K Increases Student Success

A quality preschool program can provide the basic building blocks for kindergarten. With a curriculum focused on the beginnings of letter and number recognition and counting, children in preschool find more success in kindergarten. Preschool graduates tend to test higher on state exams, and these students are also less likely to repeat a grade.

Pre-K Increases Emotional Growth

Emotional growth revolves around skills adults use on a daily basis. Skills such a problem-solving, communication with peers, and the learning of personal boundaries are all things a good preschool program helps nurture in young children. Learning something as simple as how to follow directions not only prepares them for life in kindergarten, but they are also traits necessary to function in the world as an adult.

Pre-K Increases Adult Achievement

Long-term studies have found that students who attended preschool find more success in high school, proven by increased rates of graduation and employment after graduation.  These same young adults have been shown to also earn more income when compared to peers who did not attend preschool.

While the immediate effects of preschool are crucial to childhood success, the ability of these benefits to carry into adolescence and adulthood show the true impact of a quality preschool program. Preschool is a vital step in a child’s development, and a program with a strong curriculum can have a lasting positive impact on a child.