What To Look For In POS Dry Clean Software

To be sure, point of sale software aimed at the dry cleaning industry is probably not at the forefront of the minds of many people. However, to those whose income relies on dry cleaning, it is truly a crucial piece of the puzzle to success which cannot be underestimated. But what does one look for when purchasing dry cleaning pos system? Isn’t it all basically the same? Absolutely not, and the type of software purchased depends completely on the needs of the business. Here, then, are some things to think about and ask yourself before making that big software purchase.

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1. Is the software installed on a centrally based computer like in your work office or is it a cloud-based solution that is accessed via the internet? There are pros and cons to each type of installation and the decision should be weighed heavily before making a commitment.

2. What is the amount of training each employee will need to successfully operate it? Is it essentially “dummy-proof or will the end user need to have prior experience with computers to successfully navigate their way through the system?

3. How many employees will the software be able to accommodate? Does each employee get their own profile or is there a central user account that is accessed by all? What does the business need in regards to this problem?

4. Is the software expandable? By this, it is meant can the software grow as the business grows? Can it scale up or is it in a static state where once it is launched in can only accommodate minor upgrades?

5. What kind of technical support package is included in the purchase price? Is support free or is it charged on a per-case basis? Is help available 24 hours a day or are the hours limited?