3 Facts about the Montessori Method

As a parent, you value the education that your child receives. As demographics have changed, so have the teaching methods used in an effort to get all children on the same page. The Montessori Method is famously known for its approach that centers around the child based on observations of them into adulthood. It has been used for the last century and around the world. montessori sensitive periods , for example, places focus on learning milestones.

Here are three facts about the Montessori Method of teaching.

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Multiage Groupings

The Montessori Method puts children in groups of younger and older students. In this situation, the older students have the opportunity to teach their younger counterparts. The younger students learn as the older ones reinforce their knowledge and skills. It is a teaching method that Montessori schools believe prepares all students for the real world. In the workplace, employees with seniority may be called upon to teach new employees the ropes.

Guided Work Activities

A Montessori classroom is set up to encourage independence among its students. Limits exist, but the children, unknowingly, are preparing themselves for life after they complete their education. The students make individual choices as they use the environment prepared for them to grow. When help is needed, the teacher provides the necessary guidance. The student, however, is encouraged to problem solve.

Windows of Opportunity

The Montessori Method includes montessori sensitive periods . These periods are also known as windows of opportunity. A child from birth to 3 years old is believed to be most receptive to sensory experiences. While from age 3 to 6 years old, they are believed to be the most sensitive to adult influences. A Montessori school aims to capitalize on the list of opportunities in order to maximize a child’s learning capabilities at every milestone.

How a child should be educated is a crowded market, and the Montessori Method offers one approach. It sets forth montessori sensitive periods when it is believed that a child is most receptive to certain lessons at certain stages, among other beliefs and systems.