Tips For Improving Your Semi-Truck’s Fuel Efficiency

Any trucker will tell you that the gas needed to fuel their trucks can really add up. For those that get tired of spending as much in gas as they do, it might be time to look into ways to save a little money when filling up the tank. Below are some great tips for improving the fuel efficiency of your semi-truck.

Watch Your Speed

Even though there are some perks to driving across the country, the day in and day out of driving can take a toll on anyone. For some drivers, the temptation to drive faster and get to the destination quicker is a tempting one. However, there is a huge downside to driving faster for long periods of time. The faster you drive, the more fuel you will end up using. To help use your fuel more efficiently, install a pureflow airdog from The adapter can help lessen the amount of air in your tank and help your truck use less fuel.

Lighten Your Load

Your semi already has to carry thousands of pounds worth of items across the country each day. This takes a toll on your fuel usage. To help manage this, try not to add any unnecessary weight to your truck. Keep in-cab and truck accessories to a minimum if possible. The higher weight your truck is, the more fuel you will waste.

Tire Pressure

It is important to maintain proper air tire pressure on your truck. If your tires are over-inflated or not inflated enough, it can decrease your fuel’s efficiency. Add regular tire pressure checks into your routine to see if they are properly inflated. If you notice a tire that needs to be filled with air frequently, replace that tire as soon as possible.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to increase the fuel efficiency of your semi-truck. These are just a few ways to begin paying less for your diesel fuel over the course of time. Take it easy while driving and you will stay safe and spend less money on your trips.