Is curd really helpful in digestion? Here’s the answer

1. An overview

An overview

Our love affair with curd, a.k.a. ‘dahi’, is not new. It’s just the concerns and questions that have been revamped, doubting its necessity in our daily diet. Thanks to written proofs by the medical science and even Ayurveda, the thick and creamy compound is as clear as it looks when it comes to its effect on the human body. From marination to drinks, we use it everywhere. But the question of concern is, ‘Is curd really helpful in digestion?’ Here’s the answer.

2. What Ayurveda says

According to Ayruveda, the act of eating is life-giving. The digestion process is largely dependent of dosha balance and the most effective means to balanced the digestive agni is ‘curd’. It is always advisable to eat curd or drink fresh yogurt drink called lassi after a meal. It reduces gas and bloating.

3. What medical science says

Even medical science has agreed with the power of pro-biotic elements found in curd. From improving the digestion to treating an upset tummy, the magical white compound with active bacteria is highly effective in improving gut activity in all age groups. It is high in calcium content, that helps in making bones stronger, and supports in better absorption of nutrients.

4. Expert’s call

Niharika Seth, nutritionist, says, “Live and active cultures, referring to the living organisms like Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus, found in curd not only improve the microflora of the human gut, but also reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and lower the chances of ulcer.”

5. It controls blood pressure

According to experts, curd is rich in special proteins, potassium and magnesium that help lowering high blood pressure.

6. Beneficial for the bones

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, curd is low in fat and calories that help maintain bone density and also strengthen them.

7. Healthy and flawless skin

Curd is known for its moisturizing effect on the skin. It is an effective ingredient for face packs, as it works as an exfoliator.

8. Stronger immunity

The live active cultures found in yogurt work as a protective shield that fight against germs and keep the intestinal tract safe.

9. Verdict

Now that you know the magic of curd, we hope you will start including it in your daily diet for a happy tummy. Like we always say, eat healthy, live healthy!