Fiber Optic Cabling in Florida

There are a variety of services that low voltage cabling contractors offer when you are considering getting a fiber optic network. This starts with sales and installation and extends to testing, certifying, and maintaining the networks. A good cabling contracting firm will deliver all documentation that goes with the system as well. This includes floor plans with patch panel records, cable pathways, as-built drawings, and test results. This will aid with additional changes, add-ons, and any future moves.

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Network Options

Reliable companies will inventory and offer a range of the best brands for connectivity. This includes Levinton, Chatsworth, Mid Atlantic, and Panduit network systems and products. Once you choose your preferred brand, the company will perform the system installation for you. This should be done by painstakingly trained installation professionals that specialize in both fiber optic and copper cable solutions. The installations must meet both National and local electrical codes and should be installed with the intention of meeting or beating ANSI/TIA/EIA standards.

Site Survey Performance

The technician should first perform a thorough site survey in the process. This will involve assessing your firm’s wiring and cabling requirements for now and its anticipated networking needs for the future. The technician should go through all of the most current techniques for structured cabling to discuss the design of a system that is affordable, high quality, and appropriate for your specific business needs.

Certified Lan Network Wiring and Cabling Warranty

All of these products include some duration of warranty. This ranges from a single year to as many as 25 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Onsite repair is included in such warranties. Besides this, the installation firm should offer its own product and service warranty. Certification is another important feature that the installation should include. The industry standard for certification is BICSI RCDD for cable and structured wire installations.

It is possible to obtain a structured cable and wiring fiber optic system that exceeds the company needs for VoIP, phone, and networking. High quality does not mean that it must be expensive either. Any good network and installation should also feature some kind of an all-inclusive warranty on both the product and installation job.