Buying or selling of steroids have some legal consequences

People often want to know whether buying or selling steroids are legal? The law regarding legality of steroids varies from country to country. In some countries like the USA, Australia and Canada, steroids can’t be bought from the general market, nor the law allows to sell steroids in the open market. Though steroids are not legal in the US and many other countries, these are available from medicine shops and common people can avail them only if they could show a valid prescription.

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Why Government of a country restricts sale of steroids?

It is known to everyone who regularly use steroids that these are drugs that works just like certain natural hormones in the human body. Thus, just like natural hormones, steroids begun to control how the body works and develops. Anabolic steroids and corticosteroids are the two most popular groups of steroids. It is the anabolic steroids that are very popular and often come in the news, mainly because they are analogous to the male hormone testosterone and these steroids can improve stamina and performance of sports persons specially athletes and body builders. Some people use the anabolic steroids to build muscle or look more ‘manly’. Other people take them to improve their performance in sports like athletics, swimming, long tennis, football and cycling, etc.

So, it is evident that what steroids help to boost muscle, stamina and performance in some artificial ways, which doesn’t seem viable to the authority; hence, they restrict the sale of steroids in the open market.

In which countries steroids are legal?

Actually, steroids are legal in every country, including the USA, if those are sold legally. In the UK, anybody can buy steroids from a drug store without showing any prescription. Same is the situation in many other European countries. In Canada, selling or possessing steroid is illegal, but if someone is caught with steroid, no serious consequence is followed.

Situation in the USA

It is true that steroids are not legal in the US. People who use steroids while exercising or bodybuilding knows that there is a strict rule in the USA, but they are not much concerned about the rules, because they know that unless a person has past criminal records, he will not get any harsh punishment from the authority.

In the international sports arena, use of steroids is so common that competitors fear that they will lose if they can’t use steroids during their practice sessions.

In What Countries deal in steroids in an open market is legal?

Though the USA has a stricter rules regarding the use of steroids, in the neighboring country Mexico, buying steroids is completely legal.

Beyond Mexico, countries like Bulgaria, Columbia, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria and the Ukraine etc. have not imposed any strict rules against Steroids. Thus, sports person in this country can use steroids during their training sessions to enhance their performance.

It is evident that in the countries like the USA, Australia or Canada one can’t use or possesses steroids legally, but as far as sports and entertainment is concerned, authority overlooks the matter if the user doesn’t have any bad intention or any criminal records in the past.