The Various Useful Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is one of the most widely used data recovery software. Everyone knows how important data can be for some individuals, and if it is lost, it can cause quite a lot of problem for them. In order to get out of this difficult situation, EaseUS data recovery software can be used.


The software offers various tools to its users, and has become the choice of several people. It boasts of powerful features, which allows the people to easily recover deleted files. It can recover files of all formats, from all types of storage devices. Some of the features are of the software are mentioned below:

  1. Filter Search

The software gives out the option to filter your search by having you enter the name of the file. If the person does not know the exact name of the file, they can specify the extension of the file. However, if the person does not know either of these, he or she can just select the type of the file and begin search. In case document type files are chosen, the software will search files extensions like .txt, .docx, .doc etc. This boosts the performance of the software, and allows for a faster scan.

  1. Interactive Interface

The software boasts of an interactive and simple interface, which is appealing to the user’s eye. It puts out all the important features in front of the user, right at the beginning of the software. The user does not have to go in deep in order to start the scan, or to find the important options, everything can be done from the same screen.


  1. Recover from all platforms

By using the EaseUS Data recovery software, you can recover data from all sorts of data storage devices, and from almost all sorts of technical failures. Data can be restored from corrupted files, virus attacks, hard disk partition loss, OS failure,sd card recovery, pen drives, external hard drives and more.

  1. Quick & Deep Scan

Two scan modes are offered by the software. The first mode, Quick Scan, allows the users to quickly search through a location, and search out all the files which were deleted normally, or deleted from the recycle bin. The deep scan mode allows the user to recover files, which have been long lost, or permanently deleted. The software does this by going through the memory slowly, which may take some time. This scan mode must be used if the lost file did not show in quick scan mode.

  1. Preview files

After the scanning has ended, all the deleted files are shown on the screen. Content inside these files can then be viewed and restored accordingly. If a person is not sure about the file name of file, they can view the contents of the file before restoring it. This is a simple, yet essential feature of the software.

Only by using the best data recovery software, such as EaseUS Data recovery software will you be able to recover your files without any difficulties.