Make Your S7 the Best in the Galaxy

Considering how important our cellphones are, they’re still incredibly fragile pieces of technology that break or take on major damage at the first signs of danger. A tragic fall, a nasty spill, or a careless drop into a bag can leave behind their marks, absolutely ruining the cool design of the Galaxy S7. Or you could apply a Galaxy S7 skin, protecting your phone from damages and saving you the heartache that comes with knowing you broke your phone.

Skins, also known as wraps or decals, are a thin, flexible, and near weightless alternative to plastic cases. Instead of covering up the best features of the phone, wraps enhance the award-winning design of the Galaxy S7. They do this by providing an unparalleled fit that matches Samsung’s factory dimensions down to the micro-millimeter, accommodating the unique design features of the S7. When every curve, bezel, and button is accounted for, there’s no lack of coverage. Every part of the smartphone is covered – except for the touchscreen, of course!


Superior coverage means more of your phone is protected. Though the Galaxy S7 wrap’s material is thin, it adds a surprising security to your phone. Despite its diminutive size, a decal withstands rough, careless handling that could result in damage. Made tough and durable, it stands up to sharp objects, saving your phone from scratches, scuffs, and dents. While it doesn’t provide enough cushioning to save the S7 from a long fall (other than bubble wrap, what material does?) it does significantly cut down on the chances of your dropping it at all. Its texturized material adds traction to the phone’s Gorilla Glass backing, so you have more to hold on to. Enhancing the S7’s waterproof feature, the S7 decal also keeps grease and oil from collecting on its surface, solving the Galaxy’s very real problem with smudge and grime.

Galaxy S7 skins do more than just cover up the evidence of damage. They also broadcast to the world your distinctive fashion sense. Just like fit, the color and texture of the skin should be worthy of the phone itself. With a huge selection of Galaxy skins available online, you can get one that matches your personal sense of style without hindering Samsung’s award-winning design. Expect the best retailers to provide durable skins that come in metallic, leather, wood, carbon fiber, and matte styles. If a provider can only offer a handle of stock colors that offer no room for customization, you’ve gone to the wrong place.

Go to the right place, and you can have a stylish accessory that upgrades your smartphone from a fragile electronic waiting to be damaged to a well-defended device safe from cosmetic and rather more serious damages. Go online and look for the best selection in colors and design, and save your phone.