Are Your Screenshots Enough

A screenshot is an image of your devices screen. It could be of a chat, or an email, or a webpage. Screenshots are very popular for good reason; they make sharing your experiences much simpler. Before we were able to take screenshots, we only had the option to copy/paste text. Which in most cases is not sufficient to provide a clear understanding of what you are trying to express.

Just like the times where copy/pasting was not enough, sometimes a screenshot is not enough to express or share your thoughts. This is when a screen recording/screen grab comes into play. This is basically a video recording of your screen. This helps you share information that just cannot be shared with a screenshot. This video recording can be used on virtually any thing on your computer, which makes its applications very expansive.

You could do things such as:

  1. Film a tutorial of how to do tasks on your computer to explain to others or just for future reference.
  1. You could save a chat/video call as it happens and review it later on. (This could be especially helpful for business meetings, when there is a lot of information discussed and there is a chance of missing out on details during the actual call itself.)
  1. You can save video clips and other important information that you cannot capture in a screen shot.



The Movavi Screen Capture tool allows you to capture your computers screen, and works across all platforms. So you do not have to worry about your Mac not being supported. Movavi provides an extremely easy to use interface that even the most novice users can operate.

Movavi lets you control the specifics of your screen capture as well. So you can make a very professional looking video if you choose to do so. Generally, a video recorder does not provide audio support, but Movavi does. This is one of the biggest benefits, because without native audio support the process becomes quite difficult. You have to set up independent software’s and mics to capture the audio and then merge the video and audio file. Even after merging this file there is often an issue sync. In the end after working three times as hard you still end up with an amateur quality video.



Movavi not only saves the audio that comes in through your computer, but the input that you give as well. This is a boon for recording skype, facetime, and video chats. You can have the video, incoming audio, and outgoing audio all in one file and in perfect sync. You can also quickly edit and touch up the video before saving the final format. This adds even more convenience and saves you from having to find another software to edit the recording after you are done.

Movavi in essence is a one stop shop. You can use it as video recorder for your screen, and simultaneously capture audio inputs/outputs as well. Then you can edit the screen capture once you are done as well. There may be other software’s out there, but none that are as well rounded as Movavi.