Nintendo Spotlight at E3 2017 Live Stream: How to Watch and What to Expect

The Nintendo event at E3 2017 is called Nintendo Spotlight. Last year saw an emphasis on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This year should see Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and a host of other Nintendo Switch games. Here’s what you need to know.

Nintendo E3 2017 live stream start time and date

The Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 begins at 9pm PDT on June 12 (9:30 am IST on June 13).

Nintendo Spotlight at E3 2017 Live Stream: How to Watch and What to ExpectWhere to watch the Nintendo E3 2017 live stream

There are three places for you to check out all the action:

  • Nintendo’s website
  • The Nintendo Twitch channel
  • The Nintendo YouTube channel

Nintendo E3 2017 live stream – what to expect

Super Mario Odyssey should have an official release date (which, like most things at E3 2017 was leaked alongside a delay for Xenoblade Chronicles 2) as well as additional gameplay information and features. Splatoon 2 may see some more details revealed too. We could also see Nintendo explain plans for its online infrastructure for the Nintendo Switch too. Perhaps Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch could see a release date and Nintendo’s plans for the Virtual Console may be made public as well.

Metroid Prime 4 Announced for the Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017

Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo revealed at E3 2017. The first three games in the series have been widely recognised as classics in the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii libraries respectively. It is unknown at this juncture when the game will be released or which studio is developing it.

Prior entries in the Metroid Prime series were developed by Retro Studios. And while there have been spin-offs such as Metroid Prime: Federation Force, nothing has come close to what the original trilogy delivered.

Metroid Prime 4 Announced for the Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017For the uninitiated, the Metroid trilogy had you in the role of bounty hunter Samus Aran who was tasked with exploring varied, alien landscapes, battling space pirates, and solving puzzles along the way. It differed from earlier Metroid games with its first-person perspective, unique control scheme, and fully-realised 3D environments. Chances are Metroid Prime 4 should have a similar direction with some modern twists to the formula akin to how Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Hopefully more information on Metroid Prime 4 is on the way. It’s not unusual for Nintendo to announce a game so early in development (much like it did with Breath of the Wild) but it does make us curious for what to expect.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced at E3 2017

We got our first look at Super Mario Odyssey since the Nintendo Switch launch event in January 2017, at E3 2017. The Nintendo stream at E3 showed a mix of cinematic and gameplay footage. This focused heavily on Mario’s hat, which he uses to progress in the game. He can throw his hat at some enemies and make them friendly, which seems like a pretty interesting mechanic.

This is because his hat helps him control massive dinosaurs, taxis, and even a whole bunch of goombas at once. Nintendo announced that Super Mario Odyssey is releasing on October 27, 2017, which was a fine way to finish its E3 2017 presentation.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced at E3 2017The footage also showed various worlds in Super Mario Odyssey. There are some levels in the Mushroom Kingdom, while others in proper human cities — as evidenced by the taxi that Mario controls with his hat. While Nintendo had announced that Mario’s hat will play a crucial role, this trailer made it abundantly clear the Super Mario Odyssey’s gameplay revolves entirely around how well you can make use of the hat.

This is a 3D game which has a bit of an isometric feel to it thanks to the camera being diagonally above Mario. You traverse across colourful levels and even control enemies such as the one and only Bullet Bill. The trailer looked a lot of fun, and we definitely have high expectations from this game. October 27 is the perfect time to release this game as it falls in line with the US holiday season.

We suspect that Nintendo may have a Super Mario Odyssey bundle lined up for the Switch as well, in order to boost the console’s sales during the holidays. After all, this is the kind of game that will push people to buy the Nintendo Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch Slated for Holiday 2017 Release

Nintendo at E3 2017 started proceedings with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The open-world Japanese role-playing game is slated for a Holiday 2017 release. This comes days after it was suggested that the game would be delayed to February 2018.

Developer Monolith Soft showed off the game’s character designs which seemed quite similar to what we’ve seen in past games in the series. The cel shaded art-stye seems endearing and the open-world on display appeared substantial. Combat on the other hand did not seem as polished with some slowdowns.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch Slated for Holiday 2017 ReleaseXenoblade Chronicles 2 follows a band of heroes setting out for the land of Elysium. Its protagonists are swordsmen named Rex and Pyra who feature heavily in the trailer.

When it first released on the Nintendo Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles was applauded for being the rare lengthy Japanese role-playing game on the platform. After the New Nintendo 3DS hit the shelves in 2014, a port called Xenoblade Chronicles 3D was made available. Expect more of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 during the year. Unless of course, Nintendo choose to show more of it during the Nintendo Treehouse Livestream that follows its E3 2017 presentation.

A New Pokemon Game for the Nintendo Switch Is Coming in 2018

Developer GameFreak has begun development on a core RPG Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch. This is the first proper Pokemon title under development for the Nintendo Switch. Until now all we got was Pokken Tournament DX (releasing September 22), a fighting game targeted towards competitive players.

This Pokemon game won’t be ready at least till 2018, Nintendo announced at E3 2017. It’s a smart move on Nintendo’s part to keep this game for next year. That is because Pokemon Sun and Moon was released for the Nintendo 3DS only in 2016 and the company has a stellar lineup of games for 2017. These include games such as Arms, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, all releasing this year.

A New Pokemon Game for the Nintendo Switch Is Coming in 2018In case you’re wondering which Pokemon game is going to be developed for the Nintendo Switch, it’s likely to be Pokemon Stars. The final name of the game may vary as the codename for the game under development is Pokemon Stars.

Based on previous rumours we can speculate that the new Pokemon game will feature the same art style, map, routes, and cities as Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon Stars could be the third game in the series that has Pokemon Sun and Moon, which is what allows for a release on a new platform just over a year after the other games were released. An enhanced version of 2016’s games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon for the 3DS was revealed for a November launch this year.

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch Announced With Exclusive Features: Nintendo at E3 2017

Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Developer Psyonix announced this at Nintendo’s E3 2017 event with a Holiday 2017 release date. The game fuses together racing and sports as you chase a football in a rocket-propelled car. It became a runaway success when it initially released in 2015 on Windows PC and PS4. Psyonix detailed what’s new and different this time around.

Rocket League Nintendo Switch exclusives

Specific battle-cars and customisation items such as Mario and Luigi hat toppers would be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch Announced With Exclusive Features: Nintendo at E3 2017Rocket League Nintendo Switch content and features

Psyonix confirmed that all of the content, features, and updates the game has got on other platforms like the PS4, Xbox One, and PC will be available on the Nintendo Switch as well.

Rocket League Nintendo Switch mode support

Rocket League will support all of the Nintendo Switch’s play modes including:

  • TV Mode (docked)
  • Tabletop Mode
  • Handheld Mode
  • Local Multiplayer
  • Online Multiplayer (upto eight players)

Rocket League Nintendo Switch cross-platform play explained

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch will support online multiplayer between Steam and Xbox One versions of the game. Much like Minecraft, PS4 owners will not be able to partake in the fun just yet.

Nintendo at E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey, Rocket League, and The Legend of Zelda DLC

Nintendo’s E3 2017 event was the shortest of the lot, in part because it was a pre-recorded stream. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t enough to be excited about, including a popular third-party title, updates for Nintendo games on the way, and announcements for new games in development. If you don’t have time to watch the half-hour video, here’s a round-up of the biggest news.

Super Mario Odyssey is coming October 27
Though its existence has been known since the start of the year, a new trailer for the exploration-based Super Mario Odyssey shed light on what players can expect from the game: set outside the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario travels to a whole bunch of locations, including lush green tropical forests, deserts with palm trees, mountains, and of course its New York-inspired New Donk City.

While Mario will sport his immediately recognisable red-and-blue jumper for the most part, he’ll don new costumes – such as an all-white three-piece suit among others – during his time in Odyssey. One of the big surprises was the presence of a dinosaur, so there’s no limit to what you can expect from the game.

Super Mario Odyssey will release October 27 for the Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League will have Mario hats and local multiplayer
Since its launch, sport-driving hybrid Rocket League has exploded with the gaming community, being one of the most popular multiplayer titles across Steam and PlayStation at any given time. Now, it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch, where the game will release with exclusive Nintendo-themed items, such as Mario and Luigi hats.

It’ll also support cross-platform play, with players on PC and Xbox One. Much more importantly, Rocket League will have local multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch, which will be unique to that console. It’s great to see Nintendo pushing developers to create LAN multiplayer in their titles, something that has mostly vanished in lieu of online multiplayer.

Rocket League will release during the holiday period for the Switch, so expect it November-December.

Link’s adventures continue with first DLC for The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a launch title for the Switch, and the initial lack of games for the new Nintendo console meant most owners have more or less finished the game. If you’re one of those, you’ll be happy to know that Nintendo has its first DLC on the way. It’s called The Master Trials, and it will send Link on lots of new adventures.

Aside from new quests, The Master Trials will include The Trial of the Sword, Hero’s Path Mode, and Master Mode, as well as new armour and items. There are four new amiibos on the way too, featuring different in-game champions.

You can get the first DLC for The Legend of Zelda by getting the expansion pass for the game, which costs $19.99 (about Rs. 1,300). Master Trails will be available June 30 on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo at E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey, Rocket League, and The Legend of Zelda DLCXenoblade Chronicles 2 will release later this year
An open-world Japanese role-playing game sequel first announced earlier this year, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 kicked off the Nintendo E3 2017 event with a new trailer. The two protagonists are teenagers – a boy and a girl – who will encounter different enemies during their long journey. As expected, the trailer had multiple references to a “blade” – it’s called Xenoblade – but didn’t provide an exact release date.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is sticking to the holiday 2017 release date for the Switch.

Fire Emblem Warriors is out in autumn 2017
Nintendo provided another look at its hack-and-slash addition to the Fire Emblem canon, which will put you in control of multiple characters, including original duo Lian and Zion. Characters will show up from other Fire Emblem games too – Awakening’s Chrom, Shadow Dragon’s prince of Altea Marth, and three from Fates: Ryoma, Xander, and Corrin.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release sometime in the autumn, for the Switch and the New 3DS.

A new Pokemon game, and Metroid Prime 4 are in development
Extremely short on details, but important to players and shareholders, Nintendo announced that a new “Pokemon RPG”, and Metroid Prime 4 are now in development. The first is being made by developer Game Freak, which have crafted every Pokemon game since Pokemon Red and Blue in 1996. Pokemon Company’s Tsunekazu Ishihara said it’s in the early stages, and not to expect release for another year.

The sci-fi exploration-based Metroid Prime 4 got an announcement trailer, on the other hand, which disappointedly featured only the game’s logo. That means the game is early in development, so don’t hold out a release before the end of 2018.

Two working titles called Kirby, and Yoshi
Nintendo showed off a new side-scrolling game called Kirby at its E3 2017 presser, which finds the little pink ball going on adventures with melee weapons, changing its shape, and even being joined by his friends, with up to three other characters. Knowing the Switch, it’s very likely the game will have on-device and/or local multiplayer.

The other working is called Yoshi, which seems to be inspired by Yoshi’s Woolly World. Carrying eggs and collecting coins, it seems to perfectly fit Nintendo’s family-friendly aesthetic and style. The Yoshi game too seems to allow for local multiplayer, with the trailer showing two different-coloured Yoshi characters helping each other complete the courses.

There are no release dates for both titles, except to say they will release sometime in 2018.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Cross-Platform Play Uses Xbox Live Sign In; Could Explain No PS4 Support

According to Mojang CEO Jonas Martensson, to use Minecraft for cross-platform play Xbox Live is required even on the Nintendo Switch. In an interview with translated on popular gaming forum NeoGAF, he stated that Nintendo has agreed to this and have been “pretty pragmatic and understanding.”

“We’re tying everything together with Xbox Live. So you log in with Xbox Live…,” he trailed off, further being pressed by the website if this would include the Nintendo Switch to which he said:

“Yes. That’s pretty unique as well! But everyone that’s in on this, all the platform holders, have been pretty pragmatic and understanding of that what we’re trying to do is create a good experience for the players. We needed a good system to connect everyone, and Xbox Live is a good system.”

Later in the interview he goes on to say that Nintendo has been “very open when it comes to working together” and the process of incorporating Minecraft cross-platform play on the Nintendo Switch has been “very smooth.”

Over the week, Sony has been on the receiving end of criticism for not supporting Minecraft’s cross-platform play functionality. This would have ensured all consoles, mobile devices, VR, and PC can all play together online. If this does require an Xbox Live account to sign in, it would add to Microsoft’s tally of daily active users, essentially driving its business forward.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Cross-Platform Play Uses Xbox Live Sign In; Could Explain No PS4 SupportUnderstandably, Sony wouldn’t be interested in exposing its consumers to Microsoft’s ecosystem, which could explain Sony’s Jim Ryan using a rather flawed defence that essentially harks back to Nintendo’s overprotectiveness in the 1980s and 1990s. Martensson stops short of saying this when asked, rather replying with the more diplomatically acceptable “you’d have to ask them [Sony].”

This isn’t the first time Sony has been unwilling to bring cross-platform play to the PS4 with football meets cars multiplayer title Rocket League not getting the nod for Xbox One versus PS4 play.

“We’ve been doing that with PS3 and PC, PS4 and PC most recently with Street Fighter 5 and Rocket League and other games. That’s nothing new for us, in terms of working with developers and publishers to allow cross-platform play between PC and PS4,” said Sony Worldwide Studios’ Shuhei Yoshida to Eurogamer at the time.

“Because PC is an open platform it’s much more straightforward,” Yoshida continued. “Connecting two different closed networks is much more complicated so we have to work with developers and publishers to understand what it is they are trying to accomplish… We also have to look at the technical aspect – and the technical aspect could be the easiest. We also have to look at policy issues and business issues as well.”

Eventually Rocket League was made playable for PS4 players to play with those on the PC and not against Xbox One owners. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft is open to a similar arrangement for Minecraft.

Nintendo Switch Update Makes It Easier to Find Lost Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo’s Switch console got a substantial software update that literally helps it keep its act together.

The portable console has detachable controllers – Joy-Cons – two adjectives that are essentially code for “easy to lose.” With the new Switch update, users will now be able to use the main console to make the controllers vibrate, letting you know where you left them after that last heated bout of MarioKart. Finding them could save you $80, after all.

The update also makes some additional adjustments to the console, including a smarter storage system that will sense when the console is out of room and will suggest which things you can delete to make the space for whatever you’re downloading.

Nintendo Switch Update Makes It Easier to Find Lost Joy-Con ControllersOn the social side of things, players will also be able to download their friends’ lists from Nintendo’sprevious systems the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. More serious gamers will also be happy to hear they can now use the Switch’s Pro Controller, which looks more like a traditional game controller, while charging.

Of course, this doesn’t fix everything about the Switch. There are plenty of people, for example, who would like to see its battery life extended – or to see more games come to it. Neither of those is something a system software patch can fix.

But, as patches go, this is a pretty good one and can at least spare you a panicked moment or two.

Audience for Nintendo Switch Games at 4K ’Too Limited’: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch is one of the more popular consoles at the moment with demand outstripping supply by a large margin. So much so that Nintendo is contending with Apple for components to make the Switch.

Nonetheless, unlike the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the company isn’t touting content at 4K. According to Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime, this has to do with targeting a larger potential consumer base.

“The Nintendo mission is to reach as many consumers as possible and to have them engage and have fun with our intellectual property. That’s what we try and do. So inherently, we go for a more mainstream audience. Inherently, we want our products to be affordable. We want our products to be easy to pick up and experience, low learning curve. We want our IP to shine as we deliver these experiences,” Fils-Aime said in conversation with The Verge (via Go Nintendo) during E3 2017.

For Nintendo, the audience for 4K content is ‘too limited.’

Audience for Nintendo Switch Games at 4K ’Too Limited’: Nintendo“That’s the way we approach it. And so, what that means is, a sweet spot of $300 for the Nintendo Switch, a platform that has Mario and Zelda and Splatoon. Going against a more limited consumer pool, a higher price point, requiring investments in other ways — 4K TVs, what have you — that is a strategy that for us, candidly, is a bit too limited.”

Furthermore, he also shed light on Nintendo’s approach to online with the Nintendo Switch, comparing it to the delay for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

“The reason we’ve delayed the full paid subscription, is we want to make sure that as we get all of our learnings, and we build all of the elements, that we launch something that is robust for the consumer. And as they consider a $20 price point, they say ‘This is a no-brainer. This is something that I absolutely need to participate in given the full range of features that it provides.’

That’s why we’re delaying it, and it really is consistent with the overall Nintendo development philosophy. We want, when we launch it, for it to be great for the consumer. And not to be something that isn’t fully-featured and fully-capable. That’s why we delayed Breath of the Wild — and look at what we were able to finally launch.”