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With new advances in the technology, the world is changing quickly. Technology is replacing the human labour and increasing the profits by minimizing the time needed, increasing the production and lessens the cost of the product. SuiteCRM software is proved to be a great step in every business field. The work has been automated, eliminates unproductivity and enhances the growth chart.

Here are some points that should be noted before hiring SuiteCRM software

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Make sure to hire the right people

This software is used for bringing efficiency to the work. But it will not be worthwhile until the employees don’t know how to use the software. Usually the executives leaves the liability to IT Department that they do not know how to operate the tools. It is common for executives to turn the responsibility over to their IT department to manage; this is a mistake as they do not apprehend which leads to overloading of work, causing mismanagement in the data flows.  A company needs a dedicated team and a good real estate SuiteCRM Services consultant will be able to deliver free SuiteCRM consultation and training to convey how the software can minimize the workload and the number of members you require in a team.

Is it offers a free demo?
While buying any product in the market we all cross check to test the reliability of the product. What if it is said that you cannot have a glance even if you are planning to buy it? Similarly how can you buy a CRM without having proper knowledge of the system? What if you don’t like its features or maybe it is lacking some of the qualities you want from it. So here is SuiteCRM which is the only company that offers a free demo for  its  clients, without any need of performing sign ups It  enables you to have a clear perception of what a software has to offer.

Free SuiteCRM Consultation and Training

You will not be able to run the software efficiently if you do not have the proper knowledge about its working. SuiteCRM offers free training sessions by experts so that you can gain all the necessary facts about the software and can consult about your doubts.

By using SuiteCRM for real estate industry you can have all your client data and files recorded. You can check all the information about customers in few clicks. You can track all the relevant costs related to converting your new or existing clients through your pipelines. You can identify the clients that are worth spending time on. You can track the properties that are not doing well or attracting potential buyers, attraction toward your new real estate project in potential buyers, number of enquiries made, customer feedbacks, what amenities customers are looking for etc.

While working on such large project, it is really typical for the employees to hold the record with accuracy. One mistake has the power to deteriorate the whole project. Customer management plays a key role in every service. You can experience the strength of SuiteCRM in real estate business, while procuring higher conversion and higher sales. The better the relationship, the easier it is to conduct sale properties and generate revenue. Therefore using technology to improve SuiteCRM makes a good business sense. Beside this, the best SuiteCRM real estate CRM free Demo helps you to test whether it will work with your real estate business or not.

Microsoft is taking Windows 10 testing in a whole new direction

Microsoft is getting serious about testing Windows 10 in a business environment, with the announcement of a new initiative: Windows Insider Program for Business.

Known as WIP4Biz for short, the project was revealed at the Ignite Australia conference, with Bill Karagounis – Director of Program Management OS Fundamentals and Insider Program/Technologies at Microsoft – saying that the broad aim was to make Insider builds a better fit and easier to deploy in corporate environments.

Microsoft believes that IT professionals are a large and critical group when it comes to testing new features for Windows 10, and providing subsequent feedback about the requirements of businesses.

As Neowin reports, the software giant outlined its key goals for the program, which include providing a ‘scalable’ feedback mechanism for testers at all levels, along with the ability to test new commercial features, and “migrate business workflows to pre-release software where appropriate”.

A Reddit-style system of ‘upvoting’ will be put in place so commercial users can highlight the most important issues to be fixed or worked on from their point of view.

  • The Surface Studio could be Microsoft’s crown jewel in terms of hardware

Success stories

The other main point is to push the benefits of new Windows features and make them clear to businesses, sharing success stories and the like.

You can also expect dedicated WIP4Biz blogs and forums, surveys seeking the opinions of IT pros on Windows 10, and plenty of help documentation for when it comes to deploying preview builds of the operating system.

As to when the WIP4Biz program will kick-off, Microsoft says the idea is to gradually roll it out over the coming months, so it shouldn’t be long before we get the first taste of how all this will work.

The company is clearly keen to push businesses to adopt Windows 10, as only last month, a new offer was introduced to allow those who have a Windows subscription with the Cloud Solution Provider scheme to upgrade their Windows 7/8.1 machines to Windows 10 for free.

Are Your Screenshots Enough

A screenshot is an image of your devices screen. It could be of a chat, or an email, or a webpage. Screenshots are very popular for good reason; they make sharing your experiences much simpler. Before we were able to take screenshots, we only had the option to copy/paste text. Which in most cases is not sufficient to provide a clear understanding of what you are trying to express.

Just like the times where copy/pasting was not enough, sometimes a screenshot is not enough to express or share your thoughts. This is when a screen recording/screen grab comes into play. This is basically a video recording of your screen. This helps you share information that just cannot be shared with a screenshot. This video recording can be used on virtually any thing on your computer, which makes its applications very expansive.

You could do things such as:

  1. Film a tutorial of how to do tasks on your computer to explain to others or just for future reference.
  1. You could save a chat/video call as it happens and review it later on. (This could be especially helpful for business meetings, when there is a lot of information discussed and there is a chance of missing out on details during the actual call itself.)
  1. You can save video clips and other important information that you cannot capture in a screen shot.



The Movavi Screen Capture tool allows you to capture your computers screen, and works across all platforms. So you do not have to worry about your Mac not being supported. Movavi provides an extremely easy to use interface that even the most novice users can operate.

Movavi lets you control the specifics of your screen capture as well. So you can make a very professional looking video if you choose to do so. Generally, a video recorder does not provide audio support, but Movavi does. This is one of the biggest benefits, because without native audio support the process becomes quite difficult. You have to set up independent software’s and mics to capture the audio and then merge the video and audio file. Even after merging this file there is often an issue sync. In the end after working three times as hard you still end up with an amateur quality video.



Movavi not only saves the audio that comes in through your computer, but the input that you give as well. This is a boon for recording skype, facetime, and video chats. You can have the video, incoming audio, and outgoing audio all in one file and in perfect sync. You can also quickly edit and touch up the video before saving the final format. This adds even more convenience and saves you from having to find another software to edit the recording after you are done.

Movavi in essence is a one stop shop. You can use it as video recorder for your screen, and simultaneously capture audio inputs/outputs as well. Then you can edit the screen capture once you are done as well. There may be other software’s out there, but none that are as well rounded as Movavi.

Simple Way to Recover Lost Data from Secondary Storage Devices

One of the most vital components of any project in the 21st century is data. Be it a large corporation with thousands of terabytes of information or your simple home or work project with a few gigs, your data is what makes your work stable and progressive. Therefore, may come as a great drawback to people who accidentally lose data vital to their work on account of failing storage.


We have all had at least one horrible experience: if you use Windows, you’re probably familiar with the operating system crashing. Most of us have also experienced faults with trusty hard disks, solid state drives, or even external storage devices such as USB Flash drives or external hard drives. While the advent of the cloud is a welcome way of saving important data securely, it is not always feasible to upload large files to the internet on a slow network. It’s quite understandable that vital data might be lost. Fortunately, there are tools that ensure you have a chance of getting them back. Here are a few ways in which you can lose your data in present times and how the data can be recovered, EaseUS data recovery software being a leading example.


  1. Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft has been offering free upgrades to Windows 10 to all its users since last July. However, people who are not familiar with the concept of an OS upgrade often mistake it for just another of the many updates that Microsoft offers, and they lose their data as the partitions in their secondary memory are modified as a result of the new operating system being installed. If you lose data as a result of a Windows 10 upgrade, chances are that you might be able to recover some of the Windows 10 lost files. Software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, available for free on the internet, can be used to scan available space in your hard disk to find data that is still usable.


  1. Data lost from Flash Drives

While USB drives are typically trustier than hard disks, they too can experience data loss on account of a number of factors. Primarily, it may be because of virus infestations of on account of the computer it is plugged into formatting the device because of tweaks in specific settings. It is not impossible to recover data from USB drives unless the entire drive has been wiped clean in a process that takes considerable amount of time. Multiple software packages on the internet offer flash drive data recovery options that are effective to various degrees. While it may be that very large files such as movies do not get recovered to the exact quality they were in before the formatting of the drive, smaller files, such as document files, are typically recovered to a complete extent with minimal or no loss in formatting.

Even if you have not yet experienced the loss of important data from your hardware storage, it is probably a good idea to have recovery software handy and installed in order to decrease stress in the event of data loss.

EaseUS Partition Master; the best partitioning tool

A computer won’t be able to operate normally without partitioning the system. Being a computer user you must be familiar with partition management and the system partition must be done immediately after the installation of an operating system onto computer’s hard drive. So users may find it time taking and lengthy process, but thanks to the EaseUS partition manager. It’s a power full yet safe partition manager which can resize, create, delete and manages partitions of a hard disk.


What is partition?

Partition is dividing the sectors of hard drive into many sub parts as main partition and extended partition, which can later be divided into several logical partitions. Basically partition refers to the different independent sectors created on the disk which are used to store data and files in a more organized way. By partitioning a drive we ensure and secure the data from being erased because we do not need to format the whole hard disk for a fresh installation of any operating system.  By doing this we use the main partition for booting on to OS and other sections are used for data handling and storage of files.

Why EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS partition master is a partition software commonly used for partitioning the hard drive of a system. One of the most common problems faced by PC users is that the system partition of Windows runs out of space and we need to expand the windows system partition. Most users go for the reinstallation of the operating system in order to expand windows system partition.  Whereas if you are using EaseUS partition master, you can easily overcome this problem and windows system partition can be expanded with ease. You can do so without formatting the system and reinstalling windows.

Furthermore, to make the better use of hard drive capacity, you need to resize partition of a HDD. By doing this you can ensure the overall data security and preferably it will reduce the risk of data losses and increase the overall hard drive speed as well. Any operations over the hard drive of a computer system are critical, so we must prefer the reliability of the partitioning software. EaseUS partition master is integrated with Partition Recovery wizard and the Partition Copy Wizard which ensures the data security.


Basically partitioning is done to preventthe data losses and to increase the system stability.  By using EaseUS partition tool, you can achieve all these, as this partition software is capable of resizing, expanding, deleting, managing and recovering the file systems of a hard drive. EaseUS is the best partitioning software as it ensures 100% data security.

Microsoft's next-generation Web browser

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Microsoft’s faster release schedule for its Windows 10 Technical Preview kicked into high gear yesterday with the release of another build a mere 12 days after 10041. This time, with build 10049, Microsoft has added one of Windows 10’s major new features: its next-generation Web browser.

With the new browser (code-name Project Spartan), Microsoft finally breaks from the need to support even the oldest of Web pages and Web technologies. Instead of incorporating Internet Explorer’s Trident HTML and CSS rendering engine, Project Spartan is built around a new engine that is based on Trident’s HTML5 features (and has been available in previous Windows 10 builds as Internet Explorer’s Edge rendering option). Unlike Trident, the new browser engine is designed to be updated, which allows Microsoft to keep its new browser current in a way that was impossible with IE.

There’s a lot in Microsoft’s new browser and, at least in this build, a lot that’s been left out. You won’t find support for device-to-device synchronization of tabs and browsing history or for the promised new extension model. Other features still to come include a download view, browsing history, a roaming reading list (synced across Windows 10 devices), and offline reading. You won’t get access to all of Internet Explorer’s plug-ins, either. Project Spartan will provide a level of plug-in support similar to Windows 8’s Metro IE browser.

Microsoft Project Spartan Reading View

Project Spartan’s user interface is reminiscent of other modern browsers while still remaining familiar to Internet Explorer users. There’s direct access to Cortana from inside the browser (as demonstrated at Microsoft’s January Windows 10 event in Redmond). Cortana can be activated from the browser’s search bar. Building a search-based agent into a browser makes a lot of sense, especially when it’s able to use the context of your searches and browser history to make inferences about what information you need — initially giving you weather and stock information.

Microsoft Project Spartan Cortana

Another new feature integrates the browser more closely with Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking tool. You’ll be able to annotate pages using ink (a feature that’s focused on Microsoft’s own Surface tablets) or by typing into a Web page, sharing the results as a Web note. You won’t need Project Spartan to see shared Web notes. They can be saved into OneNote as an annotated screenshot of a Web page or emailed to contacts, with the added option of sharing to social networks.

Microsoft Project Spartan annotations

Project Spartan improves on Internet Explorer’s Reading View for viewing page content without distracting graphics or advertising, with a page layout that’s easier to read. Reading View is also integrated with Project Spartan’s Reading List (formerly a separate Windows 8 app). As offline reading won’t arrive until a future build, you’ll have to read saved pages while connected to the Internet. The final version will allow you to share your Reading List across devices, including Windows Phones and small tablets running a mobile version of Project Spartan.

Microsoft is putting Project Spartan front and center in Windows 10, with the new browser pinned to both the Start menu and the Windows task bar. You’ll still be able to find IE, and if you’ve already pinned it, then it won’t be removed. Microsoft recently announced that IE and Project Spartan would have separate rendering engines, and the change has now made its way to Windows with the Edge engine removed from IE in Windows 10 Build 10049. The old IE will remain part of Windows 10 (if only visible from All Apps) for businesses to use with legacy apps.

Web developers will find this build of Windows 10 to be useful for tuning sites and applications in preparation for Windows 10. You won’t find any surprising new HTML or CSS features in this release. Project Spartan is based on the same version of the Edge engine used by IE in build 10041 with some minor additions, among them support for responsive images.

Microsoft Project Spartan tools

But as in IE of the previous build, there’s support for much of ECMAScript 6, as well as Web Audio, CSS Gradient Midpoints, CSS Conditional Rules, and Touch Events. Now that Microsoft has divorced its new rendering engine from IE’s Trident, Project Spartan will be where you’ll find new Web technologies in the future, making it important to add the Windows 10 Technical Preview to Web test suites.

With only a week or so of development time separating this Windows 10 release from build 10041, Project Spartan is not merely the big news but the only news in this release. Apart from the new browser, there are only a handful of bug fixes in build 10049. Still, it’s another step on the road to Windows 10’s promised summer release.