Simple Ways To Make More Creative Design Templates

While many web designers go with the standard two or three column static, one-page site, you may want to spruce your own design template up to make your site stand out from the crowd. Everything from color and typography to grids and free design elements are available to help you create the most impressive design templates with ease. Follow these professional design tips you can easily make your template look better than your competitions without even using much added effort or resources.

Start With a Framework

The simplest way to create a powerful design template for your next website is to start with a robust framework. The best choice for websites on today’s web is a responsive grid framework such as the well-known Bootstrap framework. There are several other popular frameworks to build your website on including Base and Simple Grid. When you choose a great development framework, your design practically creates itself as you can focus on the aesthetics of your project and design for the mobile web.

Make Use of Vectors

Vector images are great for inclusion in any template design. You can save time by downloading free or premium vectors from places like Free Vector. Often times vector images can enhance the overall look and feel of your site while fulfilling essential menu and background and border image needs. Instead of creating your own menu button background image or templates, try using rectangular vector images with embellished borders.

Great Typography for Design Templates

While all of the textual content on your site won’t be included in your template, many aspects can be. These often include header and footer labels, menu buttons, navigation text and other core elements of your site. Try downloading a visually-stunning font to use throughout your template design. Google Fonts has hundreds of choices for web designers that will work well with any web browser. This is a vital tip for designers with WordPress hosting, as the standard fonts accessible through a WordPress install may leave you desiring more options.

Use Well Designed Icons

Many icon sets are available online ranging from free, such as those at Flat Icon, to a few bucks per dozen icons. Depending on your template’s needs you will likely find highly specific icons to match your future site’s content to a tee. Consider packaging a bundle of icons with your template design if you are selling your templates or have WordPress hosting and plan to make several websites. A great tip is to design your templates with room for interchangeable icons and upload customized, compressed icon packages to your host or let users download them as part of your template package file.

Color Blocking and Contrasting

Color blocking is an important part of design. Make sure to check your colors against the Complimentary Color Wheel to ensure the primary and secondary colors of your design match. Consider making multiple color schemes for your template, as users often prefer to have a simple way to test various themes across a single design template. Contrasting colors can draw attention to areas you want readers to focus on while improperly contrasted text can reduce readability on your site. Leave room for plenty of white space between content blocks so that you or future users of your template will have an easier time spacing content.

Professional Template Design Programs

Making your design template in the proper application can make a huge difference in your final product. Some of the most popular programs for designing website and app templates include Adobe Photoshop, Sketch for Mac computers, and illustrator. Fans of open-source design software may prefer GIMP which is a full-featured Photoshop alternative capable of making any desktop or mobile website template. Once you chosen your professional design application, consider downloading some template elements and barebones projects to give you a head start. By starting with a basic background and bordering you will be free to focus on the more important foreground objects in your final template.

There are also plugins and extensions available for each major design application. Try downloading some plugins for Photoshop or Sketch to automate tasks and add filters and features that don’t come standard with the software. Popular examples of these include filters for making retro and vintage designs, plugins to create special camera effects, and colorizing options that can help you bring a uniform design pattern to the photos and images used on your template.

By using these simple ways to enhance your design template and create more unique, inspiring designs, you will get results in terms of impressing visitors and establishing yourself as a master web designer. Make more creative templates simply by following these tips from design experts around the world and turn your website into a hub for creativity. Having a more creative design template will ensure your website and your client’s sites come across as professional and more artisan than the standard cookie-cutter, basic site templates used by many others.

Courier Company with Best Facilities

Technology is on beyond and developing day by day. There are number of services provided for each and every person so that they can make advantage all such services for their beneficial purpose. There will be number of services those will come in near future and many more are here. Some advanced technologies which are emails, e wallets and chats. One of great service is courier and shipping service.

There are number of online e commerce companies who sale their product online and deliver through shipping service. This is the main reason for having shipping and courier service into existence. No one can send product from one place to another via chats or emails. So, shipping and courier service is needed with latest technology. There are huge number of courier and shipping service companies in the market those transport product and items from one place to another. Such companies have their own websites and customers may contact them directly if they have need for courier service. Coposting is one of best shipping and courier Service Company that takes care of all needs of their precious and valuable customer. All online shopping sites completely depend on courier service for delivering their products.

provides this transport facility by train, car, plane, or other travelling way to shipped either a simple document or any product. If you are a person and want to send any gift item or any product to dear ones, then you can also enjoy the service provided by Courier Company. Coposting company is too much customer friendly and reliable to recipients. Price for shipping each and every product is different and depends upon weight of the product to be shipped. Shipping price for product is also depending on distance of the recipients. Coposting understand your need and charges reasonable price for providing you shipping and courier service.  While choosing any company for shipping service, check their previous feedback given by customers. Many advantages for having shipping and courier service through Coposting Service Company are listed here:

Do not take tension about your belongings

Courier companies like Coposting have great option so that recipient will get their product on time or before time scheduled for delivery. Your product will be under guidance of experts and will be reach to you proper care. So, customer will not have any tension and they will feel free from their product.

Shipping facility in both domestic and international area

For transporting product either in same country or in another country, customers do not need to go for different courier and shipping service company. Coposting service company will have such facility and this will save more money for shipping charges.

On time payment different payment option

Customers can choose payment option as per their need. They can do payment on time and also do prior payment. Payment option will be varying as per customer and will be provided by Courier Company. Many companies provide on time payment option to their customers.

Services which are friendly to each customer

Customer does not need to take tension that they have to send product in another country. Such courier company provides this facility and you will get all updates on time like tracking details and other.


How to Best Apply a Clean & Imageless Design to a New Blog Post 

Sometimes you’ll need your blog posts to have a clean, imageless design. This can be to create design unity on a minimalist layout, create an easy to read, printable text or simply to ensure maximum display compatibility. Whatever the reason you’re looking to create imageless blog posts with clean, basic formatting, the technique is a standard simple process. You can create these posts using just basic HTML and CSS on any type of blog. To get started all you need is web hosting that permits HTML and CSS so you can create a basic-style blog.

Image result for How to Best Apply a Clean & Imageless Design to a New Blog Post 
Create the HTML Header

Start your imageless blog post with a basic declarative HTML header. For this you will simply use the HEAD element with a title, after marking your Document type with the DOCTYPE declaration.

For your DOCTYPE element, simply define which version of HTML you’ll want the user’s browser to check your code against. For example, “DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN” lets your user’s device know you’re using HTML version 40.1 and that English should be the default read language.

Follow up the HEAD element with a TITLE element, encompassing a plain text title for your blog post. Close the TITLE and HEAD elements, respectively.

Create your Post’s Body Section

Using the basic HTML element BODY, open a new section under your header. Type a line or two of plain text to serve as a placeholder for your BODY section and for future testing purposes.

To use standard Header sizes to create larger, bolder fonts for your posts title simply use the H1 or H2 tag followed by SPAN to define which text will be enlarged. Type your title in plain text and close the header size and span to prepare your posts text for normal sizing.

Making the Paragraphs and Spacing

Once you’ve got your blog’s first paragraph typed, it’s time to implement the Paragraph (p) tag to make your next paragraph indented. If you want an extra line of space between your blog’s paragraphs then follow the closing “/p” tag with a “b” and “/b” for a line break. Consider using drop caps on your first paragraph for an added decorative effect.

Styling your Blog Post Without Images

You can create stylistic elements and decorate your post without the use of images. For a clean, decorated post try taking advantage of the following HTML and CSS. Insert these tags in the beginning of your BODY section, or wherever you want them to determine how your content displays.

Use font-family to define the font your text should be displayed in. A common font for web blogs is Arial, sans-serif. Your web hosting package may have added capabilities to display Google and other upgraded fonts as well. Define the size of your font with font-size and a numerical value in pixels (px.)

Use the Color tag to define your font’s HTML color, and line-height to further direct the spacing. Margin and Padding tags will allow you to create margins and spaces around your text, separating it from the background or manually centering it in respect to other content on your site.

Set the background color of your blog post with the background: #; tag. Use an HTML color selector to find the value of your desired color. Consider using a white or light background for a cleaner design that makes your font easy to read.

Create the Footer for your Clean, Imageless Blog Post

Footers not only bring a clean-looking close to your blog post, they are practical because they can give your reader useful information. You can use a footer to summarize content, or display your content information. Many blogs use footers for call to action statements, requesting reader comments or emails.

Create a footer for your post by using the Footer tag. After opening the footer, include a paragraph tag and whatever styling you prefer. To post a link where readers can email you, use the A HREF tag for the link formatting and the mailto: tag followed by your email address. Close the link and mailto tags in reverse order.

Add other styling elements to your footer in the same way you added them to the body of your blog post. Make sure to close the tags before closing your footer with the /footer tag.

Consider testing your new blog post by saving it as an HTML file on your local machine and opening it in any web browser, before uploading it to your web hosting package. This will save you the time of having to make multiple uploads or editing your file once it’s already online.

Imageless blog posts are great for fast loading, distraction-free blogs. They display well on mobile devices including e-readers. They also lend themselves for easy translation by text to speech programs and devices like Google Home and Alexa. Now that you’ve created a clean imageless post for your blog, save the basic template you’ve made and use it again to avoid having to do redundant work.

Can you buy Clenbuterol in Australia?

Have you heard about the wide usage and popularity of one of the best dietary supplementation products in town known as Clenbuterol? Well the product was previously used in the traditional medical therapies for treating patients suffering from breathing disorders like bronchospastic problems. The drug served as an efficient bronchodilator or decongestant that helps in promoting smooth flow of air through the respiratory tract without any blockages or hindrances. Later it was found out that Clenbuterol possess qualities of reducing a person’s body weight via the mechanism of thermogenesis, after conducting thousands of experiments and clinical trials on the compound. Due to this positive side of Clenbuterol, it became highly popular in the body building or fitness community since it could render a rapid loss of weight within a short period of administration. But are you completely aware of the locations across the world where Clenbuterol is legally supplied or sold? Read the review below to get an insight on whether Clenbuterol can be legally purchased in Australia.

Image result for Can you buy Clenbuterol in Australia?

Do you need to a prescription to buy Clenbuterol in Australia?

Are you looking for vivid information on whether it is under the law to buy Clenbuterol in Australia or not? Well, here is the information saying that Clenbuterol is not legal Australia since the product is generally used for the purpose of curing people with medical emergencies such as breathing problems like asthma and not for recreational purposes. You will require a valid prescription from your doctor or dietician who looks after your health status and monitors your daily food intake and exercise schedule.

The food and drug authority has not permitted the use of Clenbuterol for any other purposes other than medical treatment of asthma and bronchospastic disorders.  The product has only been legally approved for veterinary use and therapy and banned in the case of humans who wish to maintain their physique or manage their body weight. However this does not mean there are no customers of Clenbuterol in the market as nowadays you can easily order the product online and wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep without any trouble.

What are the plus points of using Clenbuterol?

Since the substance is a sympathomimetic amine, the working action is mainly by stimulating the central nervous system or CNS for bringing out desired effects. Proper dosage regulation of Clenbuterol gives you the following benefits:

  1. Your cardiac output gets increased to a great extent. This means the heart becomes highly capable and efficient in pumping more amount of oxygenated blood per beat.
  2. The inner smooth muscle tissues in the bronchial or respiratory tract and lungs relax largely, promoting easy diffusion of oxygen into the blood stream.
  3. Muscular strength and power is improved greatly since more and more oxygen and protein production is facilitated in the myocytes ever minute.
  4. Overall increase in the blood pressure level.
  5. High thermogenic effects on cells facilitating rapid burning of fats and complex lipids stored within adipocytes.

Before you decide on buying, remember that Clenbuterol is not legal Australia and so you need to be extra careful while making an authentic transaction.

Kevin Rose is going back to Cali — and joining True Ventures as a venture partner

Entrepreneur-investor Kevin Rose is relinquishing his role as CEO of Hodinkee, a New York-based site for wristwatch enthusiasts, and moving back to California.

According to a newly published Medium post, Rose will work as a venture partner at the early-stage venture firm True Ventures.

Rose was famously the co-founder of Digg, the once-popular link-sharing message board that was later sold to Betaworks for not much. By the time of its 2012 sale, Rose had already formed and sold his own startup incubator, Milk, to Google in an apparent acqui-hire, and was working for its venture arm, now called GV.

Rose later started another incubator, North Technologies, creating a news aggregation app focused on wristwatches that he merged with Hodinkee. He moved to Manhattan after that.

Now, Hodinkee founder Benjamin Clymer is returning to his former role of CEO, and Rose is off to the Bay Area offices of True Ventures, which, not coincidentally, is Hodinkee’s largest outside shareholder.

 Indeed, it’s the firm’s “strong core values” and “approach to supporting founders” that’s drawing Rose there, he said in his Medium post.

Rose said he also plans to continue “creating products that improve people’s lives.”

Presumably, some of that work will center on his newest app, Zero, which aims to help people who are fasting from food. Rose announced the app to the world in late December.

Regular Sleeping As a Preventive Act For Early Aging

Humans must satisfy his needs to survive his life. To satisfy his needs, he has to work. Unfortunately, if you are tired of working, you usually work at night and noon. Indeed, you get to be workaholic, so you overlook a meaningful thing for your health, which is taking a rest or dozing. In fact, less dozing will cause a negative impact for management of patients, in both here and now and long term.

Image result for Regular Sleeping As a Preventive Act For Early Aging


Dozing is an important procedure for human because there is convalescence in this activity. Resting is a procedure that is valuable to carry back the condition of someone. In this way, by this activity, you can revive your drained body. If this procedure is exasperates, your body won’t work maximally. As the outcome, individuals who rest less will be drained fast and will encounter the decay of concentration. In addition, less resting will cause the aging procedure to be faster.

Somatropin Hormone

Somatropin hormone is a hormone that has a major part in constraining the aging procedure. This hormone is created when dozing and works for cell regeneration. However, when you’re resting time is exasperates, your body cannot create this hormone well. As the outcome, the cell regeneration will be exasperates. In the other hand, without cell regeneration, the dead cells will be irreplaceable. If the cell activity is irritated, the body metabolism won’t last well. Along these lines, individuals who rest less will be old sooner. As the outcome, there is function decadence to a few organs of their body and finally they lean to get a few diseases easily.

Resting Quality

You ought to also pay attention to your resting quality. Obviously, the quality of resting does not rely on upon quantity, but rather it relies on upon the satisfaction of your body to rest. It is realized that everyone needs the different resting time. There are individuals who need to rest for 10 hours, yet there are also individuals who only need to rest for 6 hours. To put it plainly, the length of dozing time relies on upon an individual. Be that as it may, according to a health govern, the resting requirement for youngsters is for 8 up to 10 hours, while the dozing requirement for adult is for 6 up to 8 hours. The indicator that you’re dozing time is adequate is the condition of your body when waking up. If you fondle crisp after waking, it means that you’re dozing is adequate. On the contrary, if despite everything you grope exhausted when waking, it means that you’re dozing is less.

That is the reason, it is important for you to satisfy your dozing need. Absolutely never cut your resting time with any reason. You ought to organize your daily resting time to get adequate dozing time. If regardless you restless, you ought to consume antioxidant. It is helpful to constrain the aging procedure and increase the stamina. A healthy and new body is the desirability of everyone. That is the reason, it is important for you to maintain your resting every day. With a new condition, you can improve.

WayUp gets $18.5 million more to help college grads find jobs

Recent college grads need a better way to search for jobs. Or at least, that’s the thesis of New York-based WayUp, which recently raised $18.5 million in Series B funding to execute on this vision.

Trinity Ventures, which led the investment, is also gaining a board seat via partner Karan Mehandru. Existing investors, including General Catalyst, Lerer-Hippeau Ventures and SV Angel also participated in the funding round.

Originally an internship and job board for college students, WayUp now additionally targets the entry level workforce, a market that they believe is underrepresented. LinkedIn’s job search platform and sites like Indeed are geared towards every career stage.

“LinkedIn is built for a much older generation,” according to Liz Wessel, WayUp’s co-founder and CEO. She feels that WayUp makes it easier to search and apply for jobs via their smartphone and touted the site’s efforts to reach job seekers via text message.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Mehandru said Trinity invested because they “believe employers and candidates deserve a modern, mobile first platform.” Mehandru feels “Wayup has the potential to surpass LinkedIn over time as the dominant next generation platform that becomes the online resume for the next generation and connects employers with candidates to get them hired. ”

Wessel emphasized the “personalized” aspects of their platform with its custom user profiles, and claims that WayUp makes it easier for companies to find the candidates they are looking for, because of its tailored search preferences. Like many startups these days, they are investing in machine learning to build better algorithms.

 They’ve found that employers are willing to pay for WayUp, with some spending as little as $75 for a basic plan and others spending over $500,000 to utilize all the potential features on the platform. Because their site targets recent graduates, businesses are able to isolate for criteria like major and G.P.A.

Companies are even able to search by gender and race (if the job seeker opts in). It is not legal for U.S. employers to specify that they are looking for these qualities, but they are able to peruse the candidates. Wessel likens it to attending a job fair at a predominantly female or black school. (Hopefully this will result in inclusion, not exclusion).

Currently the team has over 50 employees and they plan to use the funding to build out their engineering and product teams. They may even use it to make more acquisitions.

The company has raised $27.5 million in capital since it was founded in July 2014. Previous investors include RRE Ventures, Y Combinator and Eniac Ventures.

When asked about future plans, Wessel said she “would love to go public one day, but it’s a little early to be planning.”

Ripcord gets $9.5 million Series A for its corporate file digitization service

The way Ripcord CEO Alex Fielding discusses chief competitor Iron Mountain, the record keeping company sounds like it runs the warehouse from the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The startup comes out of stealth this week with the announcement of $9.5 million in funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers for its goal of taking corporate records paperless through its industrial paper digitizing robots.

Ripcord has been kicking around in stealth mode for a while, mostly picking up clients through word of mouth recommendations. In that time it’s apparently managed to get some high profile clients on board, though Fielding wasn’t open to mentioning any when we sat down for a conversation last week. The company’s technologies have also scored the company the aforementioned Series A, which also includes funding from Steve Wozniak.

Fielding, a former Apple engineer himself, says he founded the company after hearing horror stories about one of his future competitors. Ripcord has since built a ground, up solution for fully digitizing paper records, including a series of robotic digitizers capable of doing their work in “a tenth of the time and a tenth of what the competition charges.”


 The company runs a facility in Hayward, California that receives paper files by the boxful. The sides of the boxes are scanned and placed into the machines by employees, who are largely tasked with a “curatorial” role, according to Fielding. It sounds nice, but it seems to largely consist of helping the robots troubleshoot. “People really suck at scanning paper,” says Fielding. “Nobody grew up dreaming of being a human staple remover. We still use people to operate the machines. but that piece of the process is really letting machines do what they do best and let people do what they do best.”

The machines are capable of a number of things the competition hasn’t quite mastered yet, like removing staplers and a number of different fasteners. They scan a wide variety of different size paper, from an index card to legal size and work to categories files using contextual clues.

All in all, the company claims its process is 10-times faster than human-based scanning, with plans to digitize around 2.5 million files a day at its Hayward local. That number will apparently jump to 50 million a day by the end of 2018. One a file is digitized, it’s shredded and the copy is stored on AWS, with access fees for files amounting to $0.004 a page.

Why elastic search training is grabbing popularity these days?

The employment and job dynamics have change these days and it becomes difficult to retain in the competitive market until and unless you keep yourself updated with upcoming technology. You may be an engineer, IT professional or a business analyst; elastic search engine is redefining the way how the work is getting done. Elastic search training will help you increase your efficiency, improve your output and no wonder you will; be able do work wonders with data. Virtual classroom, expert teachers will all make the learning process easier for you. It will proffer you with the skill that you need for the growth of your career.

Image result for Why elastic search training is grabbing popularity these days?

We are living in the world where processing speeds matter the most. We switch to a different website if it takes time to open. To provide users with swift accesses, Elastic search is the key. It takes less than Nano seconds to access large amount of data. It is grabbing popularity these days because of its fast gaining acceptance. It has been regarded as one of the most reliable and durable search engine application. By learning elastic search training you will be able to manage your massive clusters along with full security tour networks. Plus, it ensures automatic node recovery that goes a long way in any search engine.

When you undergo Elastic search training you come to know the basics of the Elastic search. You will be able to the fundamentals of the course that pros helpful to your career field. The trained teachers will help you with workshops based on practical understanding. Your doubts and queries are rightly met by the expert instructors. They will provide you with all the helpful assistance that you need toexcel in your work. As it is based upon giving instant results, it is becoming popular amongst the users. The concepts that are taught at the training supports you in real life and you come to know about its multiple advantages.

The training includes a clear concept of how to analyze, visualize and search the data. It willassist in searching and filtering of data? Full text search, mapping features and indexes are just few to name that you learn through this training. Moreover, you get to know how to install and implement the search engine. Big data professionals and aspiring DBA’s are the best gainers from the course. It helps them with easy access of the huge amount of data and that too at a high speed. It helps in keeping record of data. Its high processing speed, flexibility and robustness have made it popular. Data analysis is the most trending profession these days and those, who are looking at this profession with high hopes should not miss the opportunity of learning this course from Elastic Search Training in Houston. Grab your dream profession and head towards prosperity.

How much value does PMI PBA carries

Professional courses are coming up every next year. In order to go ahead in your career, it is necessary that you go through some of these training, but still evaluation of its value is essential. PMI PBA is one such training, which is suggested for all the business analysts. Now your point is whether that is more effective than that of the normal BA training? This is a real valid question from your side. Here are the few things that will make the thing clear for you. After you go through the analysis, you have the option open to go for the Pmi Pba Training.

Image result for How much value does PMI PBA carries

What after BA

Business analyst holds the typical task to evaluate the position of a Business. While making out the same, he or she will have to go through the valid points, that will evaluate the same. For that there is need to get data about the past business conditions, analyze the position of business firms in similar trade and many more things. In one sense, job of a business analyst is to plot the future of a business, plotted down from the past and present market condition. The product owner will get the overview from there and will imply the same in his or her future work plans.


These fellows, on the other side, deals with the same figures, but draws some of the figures and graphs that are inaccessible to others, even the product owners. While dealing the same, his job is to frame the statements that are ready to nourish a business in order to make it bigger. Thus, the job of a PMI PBA is even more cut short than that of a BA. While BA will be framing the data and then making the analysis, PBA will be doing the same, leaving the data collection part. Hence, it will be a smart move to be a PBA, although those who are trained with Pmi Pba Training In London, often go for the BA training. To them, BA is much more complete than all these.

Vast Field work

There is another thing that makes a basic difference between the two professionals. BA people will be solely concentrating on the costing part. Their job area can reach the maximum area of scheduling, but not more than that. On the other end, PBA will be nurturing with complete set of data and thus is much more effective than a BA to a business. One of thing that BA gets edge over PBA is the time constrain. There is no time constrain in case of PBA. Hence many of their assumptions and analysis are moved from target, when they get published. BA will be working with time constrains. Hence chances of suitability of project is more here.

So, if you compare the two professional studies and network, both of them gets an edge somewhere or other. That is why, people try to get certificate in both the sectors. Now, it is up to you, whether you want the PBA training solely or a BA training along with that.