Airtel Monsoon Surprise Offer Now Live: Here's How Postpaid Users Can Get Up to 30GB 4G Data

The Airtel Monsoon Surprise Offer that was launched last week, has now been made live, and all postpaid users can avail up to 30GB of free additional 4G data for three months (i.e., 10GB per month). If you’re a postpaid user, you can avail this free data by downloading the My Airtel app from Google Play or the App Store.

To avail this offer, download the My Airtel app, and click on the Monsoon offer that is seen on the top banner. The app will ask you to download the Airtel TV app onto your smartphone. After the download and installation process is complete, you can now claim the free data for your Airtel number. Clicking on Claim free data in the My Airtel app will now unlock 30GB of free data for your number which will be credited into your account within 24 hours.

Airtel Monsoon Surprise Offer Now Live: Here's How Postpaid Users Can Get Up to 30GB 4G DataThe data will arrive with a cap of 10GB per month for three consecutive billing cycles, and is available only for Airtel postpaid users for now. Once the service is activated, you should receive a message from Airtel confirming the same.

“Now as the monsoons approach, we are sending another shower of data your way. I am delighted to share that we are extending the data surprise by another 3 months. Now you get the extra data for 3 more billing cycles. All you need to do is claim your surprise on My Airtel app after July 1, 2017. So, go ahead and share those fun moments freely with friends and family as you enjoy the monsoons. This is our way of saying thank you for being part of the Airtel family and forhaving trusted us and believed in us over the years,” CEO, Bharti Mittal, Gopal Vittal said in an email.

This offer, and many others, have been released by Airtel to combat Reliance Jiocompetition that is regularly rolling out lucrative offers for its subscribers.

Amazon to Face US Antitrust Crackdown? Not So Far

US antitrust regulators have shown little sympathy thus far for the plight of brick-and-mortar retailers attempting to merge as a way to survive, as Amazonand e-commerce roils the world of shopping.

The Federal Trade Commission last year blocked Staples’ attempt to buy rival Office Depot, rejecting the stationary chains’ arguments that they were fighting for survival against a growing set of competitors, including Amazon.

The FTC also balked at Walgreens Boots Alliance’ attempted $17.2 billion acquisition of rival Rite Aid, even after revisions. In the end, the companies on Thursday spiked the merger in favor of a pared-down transaction.

But regulators have shown little appetite for taking on Amazon as it has expanded from an online bookseller into a marketplace for everything from household cleaners to fancy electronics, as well as a purveyor of critically-acclaimed and hit movies and television series.

Some are calling for tougher action from President Donald Trump, who said during the presidential campaign that Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos has a “huge antitrust problem.”

Last week, Trump issued a cryptic tweet that appeared to question whether Amazon was paying enough taxes. Trump has also taken issue with the Bezos-owned Washington Post, which has aggressively covered the White House.

Estimates vary sharply as to Amazon’s exact share on e-commerce. Some reports have said Amazon’s share of the online market is as high as 50 percent, but others put the figures much lower. Critics say Amazon should be required to disclose more detail about its sales.

Dominant player online
Barry Lynn a leading authority on competition policy, at the Washington-based New American Foundation think tank, has called for an antitrust investigation into Amazon’s $13.7 billion Whole Foods takeover announced in June.

“They dominate retail online,” Lynn said. “That’s huge power across the part of the economy where all the future growth will be.”

And longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader said, “With every move of this Goliath, Amazon is inviting a thorough antitrust investigation.”

“This company is breaking records for destroying Main Street and hollowing out communities through such mechanisms as predatory pricing, and for many years in the past, avoiding state sales taxes.”

Yet some experts are skeptical of an antitrust case against Amazon.

“It’s not an antitrust violation just to be dominant. You have to perpetuate or attain your dominance through anticompetitive means,” said Daniel Crane, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School specializing in antitrust.

“Under current US antitrust principals it’s hard to see how anything Amazon is doing really is a violation of antitrust law. It’s not obvious to me.”

Regulators thus far have focused on antitrust in terms of competition between goods, but whether that focus should shift to competition between “ecosystems” like Amazon’s is a “really important unanswered question so far,” Crane said.

Amazon to Face US Antitrust Crackdown? Not So FarAttorneys representing Staples and Office Depot said the plight of the companies resembled “penguins on a melting iceberg” as they faced the looming threat that “Amazon Business” poses as competitor in business-to-business office goods sales.

But US District Judge Emmet Sullivan sided with the FTC, ruling in May 2016 that there was not enough evidence that Amazon “is likely to restore lost competition in the business-to-business space in a timely and sufficient manner.”

While Amazon enjoyed “several undisputed strengths,” including brand recognition, cutting edge innovation and global reach, it has “several weaknesses” in entering the market, including that it has not made many bids in the market and had yet to win a primary vendor contract.

On Wednesday, Staples agreed to be bought by private equity firm Sycamore Partners for $6.9 billion.

Whither Whole Foods deal?
The FTC also set up roadblocks to the Walgreens-Rite Aid, resulting in numerous delays. The pharmacies had emphasized growing competition from supermarkets and discount chains like Wal-Mart, as well as the increased presence of mail-order drugs.

The FTC said Thursday it would review the revised transaction, under which Walgreens Boots will buy about half the Rite Aid stores (2,186) for $5.2 billion.

But Walgreens chief executive Stefano Pessina downplayed speculation Amazon will become a dominant player in pharmacies, suggesting some commentators are overreacting to its entree into brick-and-mortar retail with Whole Foods.

“I have found this reaction, as I said, emotional and with all due respect, not rational,” Pessina said in a conference call with analysts Thursday.

“Because if you analyze this coldly, you will see that this is not the best opportunity for Amazon.”

While the Whole Foods deal has amplified calls for tougher scrutiny, Pessina said it is just another example of how the market changes.

And analysts are skeptical the deal will be blocked.

“Whole Foods has less than a two percent share of grocery and Amazon is really a non-player in grocery, so there’s really no case to answer,” said Neil Saunders managing director of GlobalData Retail, a consultancy.

20 Top Examples of Transparency in Web Design

Using transparency is a great way to create a unique design. It blends in the multiple elements of a web design and enhances the website presentation. It’s easy to pull off transparency. Just login to your web hosting control panel and access the CSS files. Then, change the opacity parameter to control the transparency of the element. You can skip the web hosting control panel if you’re using a CMS and go straight into editing the CSS file. Here are some top examples you can use to model your own transparency design on.

Image result for 20 Top Examples of Transparency in Web Design
1. He and She Photo

This freelancing photography site uses transparency in the navigation page with great effect. It doesn’t take away from the photo and adds to the user experience by being engaging.

2. Joy Lab

Joy Lab uses transparent rotating hero images over their main headline. It’s a great way to give their clients an idea of the services they offer without using the standard carousel.

3. Bouquet Restaurant

As a restaurant, you want to be able to highlight your food. Bouquet does this by using transparent images over a call to action designed to get their visitors to reserve a table.

4. Mint

Mint uses a simple transparent hero image with their headline over it. This simple approach adds the visual effect but maintains attention on the text.

5. Kidwell

Kidwell uses transparency in an interesting way. They use it to put focus on different elements of their site such as the navigation, videos and company locations. This helps distinguish these elements from the main content.

6. Greats

Rather than using transparency as a visual presentation, Greats uses it to help guide their users. Images that are clickable become transparent when the user mouses over them.

7. Desktime App

Desktop App is a clean and organized site that uses a transparent header. The transparent header provides a rotating gallery of offices that people can rent which is the perfect way to visually describe their services.

8. Suavia

Suavia uses beautiful photography that is just slightly transparent. Then, the site uses a transparent content box to describe the photos. It’s a small nuance that allows you to highlight photography and add the right context with your copy.

9. Untorock

Untorock makes their whole background transparent. It adds an exciting effect that plays into the idea of a live concert experience.

10. Christine Galvin

This a very simple transparent effect used by a designer. The transparency is set very high so that it can be used as a background for the main content.

11. Koko Digital

This is one of the most visually stunning transparent designs examples you can find. The site uses animated design with parallax across a transparent moving background. This is a great example of what can be possible when you combine transparency and other types of design.

12. Web Media

Web Media uses many transparent effects on their site. Their mouseover on images, hero image and layered background all help create this effect. The thing is that you’re never over-inundated with it because it’s balanced with plenty of white space and content.

13. Explovent

This website uses transparent images as art. It creates a very atmospheric feel that adds to the content and helps describes their product.

14. Tapparatus

Tapparatus uses a single color transparent background to make the text stand out. Because of the transparency, the lighting effects and colors stand out more than usual.

15. Envato

Envato uses a full page transparent hero image with two call to actions that engage visitors upon landing on the site. It’s a simple design that works and can be applied to almost any site.

16. Bulls and Arrows

Bulls and Arrows uses a rotating video as their background. What’s unique about it is that they’ve made it transparent which adds a cinematic preview effect that makes you want to click to find out more.

17. Carbon Made

By blending similar colors with a transparent background, Carbon Made creates a 3-D like effect. They use flat animations and icons to complete the look. The result is a unique and engaging presentation.

18. 4Mula Designs

4Mula uses a background color to add transparency. They intersperse die-cut effects and icons that blend in with the background to play into the transparency.

19. Agence Logo

This is a beautiful example of transparency done right. The transparency is very high on this site and it’s for good reason. The grayed out transparent images are filled with its normal colors when moused over. This effect makes you want to mouseover all the different images to see their natural colors.

20. Post Box 

Postbox is another example of a rotating video that is transparent. It’s featured as the hero image and invites you to click to play the actual video. Here, transparency is used to create curiosity and get the user to engage.

Those are some of the best examples of transparency used in web design. The simplest way to use transparency is to apply it to a hero image. But don’t just stop there. These examples prove that you can use transparency to engage your users to take action, wow your audience and create a truly unique presentation.

Google claims Levandowski launched competing projects long before Otto

Newly-released documents from Google’s October arbitration against Anthony Levandowski, one of the leads of its self-driving car project who abruptly left to launch his own startup Otto in January last year, allege that the talented engineer worked on competing projects for years before leaving Google.

Google also brought arbitration against another Otto co-founder who, like Levandowski, is accused of poaching Google employees in a violation of his employment contract. The documents redact the name of the co-founder, but the work history they describe matches that of Otto co-founder Lior Ron, including his expertise in mapping technology. Ron has not yet returned a request for comment about the arbitration and we will update this story if he does. The arbitration appears to allege that Ron participated in Levandowski’s efforts to recruit Google employees using confidential information about Google’ salaries and compensation.

Google’s employment contracts forbid its employees from recruiting their co-workers immediately after leaving the company. Google, which later spun out its self-driving car unit into its own company, Waymo, is currently suing Uber over claims that it used trade secrets and patented technology in its self-driving cars. Google alleges that Levandowski downloaded thousands of confidential documents just prior to his departure from Google and used them to develop self-driving tech for Uber. Uber argues that Google’s complaints should be settled in its arbitration proceeding with Levandowski rather than in court, although it has agreed to litigate Google’s claims that relate to patents.

Google caught wind of Levandowski’s recruitment efforts as early as summer 2015 and attempted to fire him, the arbitration says, but could not confirm the details and did not move forward with the termination. “Levandowski made concerted and repeated efforts to solicit most, if not all, of his direct reports to leave Google,” the document alleges.

The recruitment happened in meetings on Google’s campus as well as at his home. The home meetings were led by Levandowski and his co-founder, according to the arbitration. The pair encouraged employees from Google’s LiDAR team to quit en masse. Google alleges that Otto was only able to progress so quickly and achieve such a high acquisition price from Uber because it had poached many of Google’s employees.

Levandowski was able to collect more than $120 million in incentive pay from Google, the complaint says, “all while he was breaching his obligations to Google and building a company that would compete with Google.”

 The arbitration also claims that Levandowski worked on competing projects long before his departure from Google in January 2016. Google claims he operated two side businesses, Odin Wave and Tyto Lidar.

In July 2013, a supplier who worked with Google contacted the company to report they had received an order from Odin Wave for a custom part that closely resembled a part Google used. Google questioned Levandowski about his connection to Odin Wave, which was registered to an address he owns in Berkeley, but Levandowski denied any connection. Odin later merged with Tyto to create LiDAR modules for self-driving cars.

Tyto was owned by a friend of Levandowski’s, Ognen Stojanovski. In the spring of 2015, Google says it considered acquiring Tyto and visited its headquarters. Levandowski participated in Google’s investigation of Tyto’s technology, Google claims, but never disclosed his relationship to Stojanovski. Google alleges that Levandowski’s startup Otto later acquired Tyto in May 2016.

Google says it is seeking damages related to what is calls breaches of contract by Levandowski.

Google goes after Slack and splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet

Google’s messaging strategy can be confusing, but if there’s one thing that’s clear after today’s Cloud Next keynote, it’s that the company is doubling down on the idea that Hangouts is its enterprise product and Allo/Duo are its consumer communications apps.

But now there are a couple of new wrinkles in the Hangouts story. Google is splitting Hangouts into two: Hangouts Chat, which is clearly gunning for Slack, and Hangouts Meet, which is all about video and audio communications. Those two are basically the enterprise counterparts to Allo and Duo.

Meet is now generally available. Hangout Chat is going into Google’s early access program.

The current Hangouts app isn’t going away just yet, but it won’t last forever, either.

Hangouts Chat

The new Hangouts Chat then is all about team messaging. That means the application, which will be available on Android, iOS and the web, will offer rooms (yep — just like Slack).

It’ll also offer threaded conversations, something that’s a bit of a holy grail inside chat apps and that Slack hasn’t quite perfected yet, either. Those threaded conversations, Google’s director of product management for Drive Scott Johnston told me, are the reason why launching this new Hangouts chat experience took so long. “We learned a lot from threading Gmail,” he told me. “But it’s also a constant tuning because everyone is just so trained in iMessage and the flat ones. That makes sense in lightweight chat, but when you need to be able to drill in, it breaks down.”

Google’s own services are, of course, deeply integrated into the service, too. When you share a file with a room, all of the members automatically get access to it, for example. But Google is also bringing in third-party services, as well, and launching the Hangouts platform that will allow developers to bring in bots and lightweight scripts (based on Google Apps script) to perform different tasks. There will also be advanced bots from the likes of Asana, Box, Zendesk and ProsperWork at launch, with more coming in the future.

Google itself is launching a bot that makes it easier to find meeting times to showcase what these integrations can look like.

In addition to all of these new features, Hangouts Chat is also getting advanced search and the ability to filter conversations by file types.

Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet, which made a brief appearance in the Google Play store last month, is all about making meetings easier. “One of the biggest things talking to our G Suite customers about Hangouts meetings is just how people are spending so much time on getting into the meetings,” Johnston said. “We’re a big supporter of automating the full meeting life cycle from agenda to follow-ups. But meeting value today is destroyed by time-to-start. It takes so long to simply get started.”

Unsurprisingly, Meet then tries to make getting into a meeting as easy as possible. Ideally, it’ll just take one click and you’re in your meeting, whether that’s a video or audio one.

It’s a full rewrite of the Hangouts meeting experience and will work without any plug-ins (and Google also promises that it will be lighter on the processor, too, and won’t eat into your battery life or make your laptop’s fans spin at full speed). The team also cut down on the code size and promises that meetings will load “instantly.”

There are also a few new features in Meet, including recording, for example, and the maximum number of participants is now 30. The service is also integrated with Google’s Chromebox for Meetings.

By default, every Meet meeting will also come with a dial-in number — and that number has the PIN code attached to it, so you only have to click on the number to dial in and it’ll handle the PIN code for you automatically.

But why?

So why split Hangouts into two? “What we found in talking to our enterprise customers, they really thought of two key entry points,” Johnston said. “One is: just get me into the meeting — I want to jump on and have a conversation. And they want to respond quickly to conversations that are going on within their team. So there are two app entry points, but they are the same family.” Over time, though, Chat and Meet will supersede Hangouts.

While Chat and Meet are focused on business users, Johnston acknowledged that there is always an overlap between consumers and business users. Regular Gmail users often want to be productive, too, after all. “We know people use Hangouts for work in the consumer space, so it’ll be offered for them,” Johnston said.

Uber, Ola Striking Drivers in Bengaluru Asked to Move Labour Court by Government

Karnataka government on Thursday asked the striking drivers attached to cab aggregators Uber and Ola to approach the Labour Court, as their strike with charter of demands entered the second day.

Uber, Ola Striking Drivers in Bengaluru Asked to Move Labour Court by Government

“It doesn’t come under our purview…government doesn’t have anything to do with the contract signed between the Ola, Uber, cab drivers and owners,” Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy told reporters in Bengaluru.

He said “As they approached us I had asked the Commissioner (Transport) to conduct meetings. Five meetings were held, Ola and Uber did not agree…so our Commissioner has advised them (drivers) to approach the Labour Court.”

Over one lakh drivers attached to two cab aggregators began an indefinite strike in Bengaluru yesterday, demanding better incentives and stopping attachment of new cabs which they said affects their bookings.

ALSO SEEUber, Ola Drivers’ Strike in Delhi Called Off After ‘Some’ Demands Are Met
Hitting back at Reddy, Uber, TaxiForSure and Ola (UTO) Drivers and Owners Association President Tanveer Pasha said “If the Minister is not aware of his responsibility and that of the departments that come under him, he should resign.”

Stating that 95 percent of the the vehicles have stopped operating, he said just about five percent were not taking part in the strike and are continuing to operate, without proper information.

Incidents of striking drivers obstructing other drivers from operating and thereby causing inconvenience to passengers have also been reported from different parts of the city.

Uber in a statement said “We’re sorry that our service has been disrupted in Bangalore. We’re aware of isolated reports of threats and intimidation from a small group of people. We again call on the authorities to put an end to this illegal behaviour”.

“We are committed to ensuring that drivers who wish to work are able to do so, and riders can get from A to B conveniently, reliably and safely,” it said.

Uber Staff Still Stalking Customers, Claims Suit

The controversy over Uber staff using the company’s tech to track people’s movements was reignited this week when information in a pending lawsuit began circulating in the tech press.

Uber employees can pull customer data at will, alleged Ward Spangenberg, the company’s former forensic investigator, in a court declaration filed earlier this fall as part of his bid to prevent the firm from forcing his case into arbitration.

Uber staffers have been able to track high-profile politicians, celebrities and ex-significant others, Spangenberg said.

His original complaint, filed in the Superior Court of California in San Francisco, centers on his dismissal from the company.

Uber continues to allow broad access to users’ trip information, five security professionals formerly employed at the company told Reveal.

That has been going on, they said, in spite of Uber’s assertions two years ago that it had policies prohibiting such actions, following news that executives were taking advantage of its “God View” feature to track customers in real time without their permission.


Uber’s Side of the Story

“It’s absolutely untrue that ‘all’ or ‘nearly all’ employees have access to customer data, with or without approval,” maintained Uber spokesperson Sophie Schmidt.

“We have built entire systems to implement technical and administrative controls to limit access to customer data to employees who require it to perform their jobs,” she told TechNewsWorld. “This could include multiple steps of approval — by managers and the legal team — to ensure there is a legitimate business case for providing access.”

Access is granted “to specific types of data based on an employee’s role,” Schmidt asserted. All data access is logged and routinely audited, and all potential violators are “quickly and thoroughly investigated.”

Uber employees must acknowledge and agree to the company’s data access policy, CIO John Flynn emphasized in a memo sent earlier this week.

Violators have been terminated, he reminded them.

“We want our security and privacy practices and technology to be world-class, and we’re moving quickly toward that goal,” Flynn said. It’s “the responsibility of each and every one of us to protect” customer and driver data.

However, Uber’s defense in the Spangenberg case relies mainly on procedural issues.

“It’s not logical for any company to proclaim that they are secure because they sent an email telling employees what to do,” remarked John Gunn, VP of communications at Vasco Data Security.

“In the real IT world you don’t need these types of emails, because you’ve implemented limitations on access to sensitive data [that] you monitor and enforce,” he told TechNewsWorld.

The Need for Privacy

The latest revelation follows news that Uber has tracked customers even after they left its vehicles.

Uber “needs to come clean on whether [the privacy violations] occurred … and needs to have full disclosure of how it uses customer data,” said Michael Jude, a program manager at Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan.

Frost’s research “indicates that people take personal security very seriously,” he told TechNewsWorld.

On the other hand, “consumers are becoming less concerned about exposing details about their personal information,” noted Michael Patterson, CEO ofPlixer.

“They don’t like the invasion, but they like the services and appear to be willing to compromise,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Still, high-profile Uber customers, including celebrities, could be at risk, suggested Csaba Krasznay, product manager at Balabit, pointing to Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris in October as an example.

“We can protect ourselves by not letting Uber and other apps use our smartphone’s GPS data,” Krasznay told TechNewsWorld. “It only takes one click.”

Or consumers can decline to install the Uber app, use a VPN from their smartphone to a company in-house phone system to call Uber, or use a company credit card under someone else’s name, Plixer’s Patterson suggested.

Ultimately, responsibility for this problem rests on the CEO’s shoulders,” said Frost’s Jude, and the CEO “should take personal responsibility for fixing it.”

Google Chrome to Soon Integrate Progressive Web Apps Deeply Into Android

Google updated its Chrome browser with the ability to pin shortcuts to users’ preferred sites directly to the home screen back in 2015 but the search giant is now planning to make these Web apps more integrated with Android than ever before. Google has announced that in “next few weeks” it will be releasing a new version of this feature, starting first with Chrome 57 beta.

Google Chrome to Soon Integrate Progressive Web Apps Deeply Into Android

With the new version, once users add a Progressive Web App to their home screen, they will appear in the app drawer section of the launcher and in the Android Settings, and will also be able to receive incoming intents from other apps, Google said in a Chromium blog post. Further, the search giant says that a long press on the notifications from these apps will show “normal Android notification management controls” rather than the controls for Chrome.

The Web apps currently don’t show up in the same manner as installed native apps and Google says that developers have asked for their apps to show up in app drawer section of the launcher. “These differences can be confusing for users and prevent the experience from feeling as cohesive as it could,” it added.

The new Add to Home Screen option will help transition the gap between native apps and Web apps, the company said in its blog, adding that similar functionality will be available from other browsers too, “This new Add to Home screen feature is one more step in our journey to empower developers to build the best possible experience for their users, and we are committed to ensuring the same mechanisms for installing Progressive Web Apps are available to all browsers on Android.”

Notably, this new feature will be applicable only for Progressive Web Apps, which are required to follow certain guidelines. In the description for this particular type of apps, Google says, “Progressive Web Apps are installable and live on the users’ home screen, without the need for an app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience with help from a web app manifest file and can even re-engage users with web push notifications.”

In order to try the new feature, users will have to install Chrome Canary from Google Play and then open “chrome://flags” inside it, as pointed out in a report by AndroidPolice. Then they have to select Find in page option from the Chrome menu and search for #enable-improved-a2hs. Then users need to switch the option to Enabled, and restart their browser.

Browserling Review – Valuable Features for Browser Testing

If you’re serious about your web business, then browser testing is a must for your web site. Conducting multiple browser tests is extremely difficult and tedious. Cross browser testing makes it easy for web designers and developers to make sure that the created website or application operates perfectly on different browsers and mobile platforms.

Today, users have many options for website browsing on different devices and operating systems, so these tests become more and more intricate, besides dozens of popular browser versions, which may not render CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in the same way.


Browserling is the best browser testing solution available. It is entirely programmed in HTML5 and JavaScript, and doesn’t require any additional installations. Today, professional web developers use it to create high quality websites.

Browserling supports popular as well as modern browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. All Microsoft Operating Systems like Vista, XP, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 can be accessed as well, including mobile operating systems, such as Android Marshmallow, KitKat and Lollipop. OSX, iOS and Linux platforms are coming soon.

How Browserling works?

  • Go to
  • Enter your website address
  • Choose Browser/OS combo
  • Click ‘Test now’ button
  • In 5 seconds, you will get live interactive browser

Just a few clicks and your testing gets started without a delay. There is no need for registration, installation, or credit card. The best part is that it is simple and works awesomely.

Browserling is a company that has more than 15,000 users. You can certainly give it a try.

Valuable features of Browserling

Live interactive sessions – You don’t get just screenshots, but can interact with browsers lively.

Real browsers run on your computers – Emulators or fake simulations are not used instead they are run from real browser that run on actual Browserling computers. Therefore the results are very accurate.

Access to latest browsers – As soon as a new browser gets launched Browserling installs it, so users get access instantly.

Screen shots – Screen shots of your web pages can be captured, saved, edited and sent from various browsers.

No Java, Flash or plug-in is needed – Browserling is power-driven using Javascript and HTML5, so there is no need to set up any other plug-ins or language.

Bug Hunter – It helps to identify design issues and website bugs instantly. With just a click you can create bug reports for your team.

SSH for local testing – Your local server can be reversed-proxy into Browserling employing the provided SSH tunnels.

Browse safely – Different browsers run on the infrastructure of Browserling, therefore users need not be concerned about Trojan and virus attack.

Secure and unidentified browsing – All the connections between Browserling and you are SSL encrypted. Thus provides totally unidentified browsing.

Live API – Browsers can be embedded in your own app on demand and automate them with API.

Extension for quick testing – With just a click Browserlings extension lets you conduct cross-browser test of your website.

Bookmarkets for quick testing – Bookmarklet allows bookmarking your preferred browsers and testing in them in one click.


  • Possibility of free trial for three minutes
  • Test five most popular browsers quickly
  • Supports hundreds of browser versions
  • Interactive, not just screenshots
  • Suitable for instant testing – get a browser in 5 seconds!

Browserling is the best browser testing solution for desktop. The free versions is good for quick 3 minute testing and the paid versions of Browseling are very affordable. Its monthly single developer price is very low $19 and team plan starting at $29. Try Browserling now !

Six Internet Marketing Services That Can Help Build Your Medical Brand Online

These days, the Internet is big business. And as more and more business owners within the medical and dental sectors recognize this factor, they want to learn how they can build their brand in the digital age. Luckily, hiring a skilled team of digital experts can grant you access to a wide range of internet marketing services that can help you optimize visibility and conversion online. Here are just six online advertising services a digital firm can offer:

1. Web Design And Development.

A company’s website functions as its online store. This is the sphere through which prospective clients will learn more about the products and services that your dental practice has to offer. As such, you want to ensure that your website form and content is as appealing as possible. Digital firms such as Solution21 offer clients a wide range of web design and development services to ensure that the business owner’s site is highly functional, aesthetically appealing, and contemporary. Some of the resources and tools that a digital firm might use to optimize a site include:

• responsive web design
• strategic graphic design
• Share Buttons
• compelling calls to action

2. Content Marketing.

Another internet advertising tool that can help build your medical brand online is content marketing. This service is all about ensuring that the blog posts, web articles, and videos used to advertise your company are as cutting edge and creative as possible. Digital firms will often employ an experienced, skilled team of writers and video producers to put this process in motion. There are numerous techniques that can be used to optimize your content, such as using scannability elements like headers and bullet points to make your text more readable. Digital experts also conduct extensive target market research to ensure that the content they create will appeal to your audience.

3. Social Media Optimization (SMO). 

In addition to offering cutting edge content marketing services, digital firms can provide clients with great social media optimization (SMO) services. These services help build the dental brand through popular channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. There are several SMO techniques that a digital firm can employ to accomplish this objective, such as tweeting information regarding dental service discounts to your target market. SMO can also be used to tweet links to your latest and greatest website content.

4. Online Reputation Management (ORM). 

Another internet marketing strategy that an online advertising firm can use to help build your medical business is online reputation management (ORM). These services help ensure that the medical brand is not adversely impacted by negative reviews and other forms of online commentary. A customized, contemporary ORM strategy will help ensure that your medical or dental brand retains a positive, powerful online presence that helps accelerate the conversion process.

5. Public Relations.

PR has become an increasingly integral component of the digital services provided by online advertising companies. The best digital firms will be able to offer diverse, dynamic PR services like:

• crisis communications
• strategy development
• implementation
• change management
• e-newsletters
• blogger
• media relations
• brand management

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

One final internet marketing service that digital firms can use to help your medical brand blossom online is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a technique used to help optimize the dental company’s ranking in major engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Some of the SEO techniques a digital firm may use to accomplish this objective include:

• link building
• target market research
• keyword analysis

How To Find The Ideal Digital Firm

Upon recognizing all of the wonderful, brand-building services that a digital firm can offer, you may be ready to find the ideal team today. There are a variety of attributes you should look for in an online advertising agency, some of which include:

-industry experience (at least 5 years)
-qualifications and credentials (education, experience, awards)
-an A rating or higher from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
-a proven track record
-positive feedback from current and former customers
-excellent customer service
-fair prices

Summing It All Up

If you’re serious about making your medical or dental brand as successful as possible, now is the time to tap into the power of online marketing. There are several internet advertising techniques a digital firm can use to get your brand growing in the online sector, and some of them include web design and development, content marketing, social media optimization, online reputation management, public relations, and search engine optimization. Find the ideal digital advertising team now so you can get your company on the road to perpetual expansion!