7 Modern Saree Blouse Designs Women should have in Wardrobe

Saree is one of the most wonderful and expressive costumes of woman’s femininity. No matter how gorgeous your saree is, only when you team it up with a designer blouse, your apparel will look glamorous. To look ultra-stylish, women today are opting for innovative, contemporary and fashionable blouses which not only define their style, but also induce confidence and comfort-ability. Here are few saree blouse designs we believe every woman should have in her wardrobe:

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High Neck Blouse

High neck blouses look classy and add a charm to your sarees. They are very well in fashion today with women of all age groups. In addition to this design, you can add several patterns such as high neck net blouse, backless high neck blouse, full sleeves high neck, designer high neck, and halter high neck blouse. If you love to flaunt your glamorous saree or designer dresses online for girls, do it so with high neck type blouses since it defines elegance.

Backless Blouse

If you want to try out a sensuous look, then you must go for backless blouses. The backless blouses are really stylish and can make one look alluring. It even makes you flaunt your skin. A combination of neck style and back pattern will give you a perfect look. You have different patterns in addition to backless blouse to select from such as lace backless blouse design, beads backless blouse design and the high neck backless blouse designs.

Boat Neck Blouse

Boat neck blouse designs are one of the latest in the market which gives you an extraordinary and sophisticated look. The neck portion and the back portion of the blouse have the same cut. You can either team up a simple saree or a party-wear saree with a boat neck blouse. It can be worn by anyone irrespective of age or body type. You can add several designs to your boat neck blouse to make them look classier such as full work boat neck, cut work, off shoulder boat neck with full sleeves, etc.

Tie-Up Blouse

Tie-up blouse back neck designs give a very attractive look and let you flaunt your sexy back. This tie-up pattern gives you a perfect fit as you can either loosen it or tighten it as per your convenience. The different patterns such as the square back tie-up pattern, the U- shaped back blouse tie-up pattern, the high neck tie-up blouse, princess cut neck blouse tie-up pattern, and boat neck tie-up pattern. All these can be added to your design.

Halter Neck Blouses

Halter neck blouses are the best blouses to team up with your sarees which can enhance your saree’s appearance and give you an elegant look. It embellishes your look to give you a new fashion sense. There are designs such as half puff sleeved halter neck, backless tie-up halter neck, and the net fabric halter design that you can try out.

Designer Blouses with Artistic Sleeves Patterns

With various combinations of blouses trending remarkably, blouses with artistic sleeves has made its way to popularity. There are a variety of designs with artistic sleeves you can choose from such as cap sleeve designer blouse, jacket style sleeves, black transparent net sleeves, and mirror work embroidered sleeves.

Mirror Work Blouse Design

The mirror work design is gaining back reputation by combining the traditional culture with the modern chic fashion. Design it up with full sleeve mirror-work blouses, all over mirror-work sleeveless blouse or high neck light-work blouse and people will notice your elegance.

Final Say

A blouse should not only complement your saree but also your personality. With so many blouse designs available, it is very important that you select the one that suits your body type. Always go for the design which also enhances your look.

How to choose the right Men's Clothing Store

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Be beautiful inside out!!

We all are so conscious about the way we look & appear. Definitely our outer appearance is the first thing which people look at before they really understand us after spending enough time with us. People make so many judgements at the first look itself which may or may not hold true going forward. And we more often than not are stuck & dependent on the opinions given by people. They affect our mind so much & consequently impact our confidence & hinder our growth. Should we base our self/value our self on others opinions & comments? Is the question to ponder upon.

It is the presence which matters, more than how we look physically. Many of you must have noticed, suddenly the room’s aura changes & one feels so amazing when this person enters the room. This happens solely because of the “presence” of that person. It is the lightness, love & joyfulness which make their presence so charming & alluring. It is the inner joy & love which reflects outside, shines forth & makes all the difference. Thus the key to have a charming personality is being joyful & full of love from within.

That said, one for sure cannot ignore the importance of eating right & leading a healthy lifestyle which adds to building such a persona. A hindi proverb says- “jaisaannvaisamann”, you are what you eat & so does science & Ayurveda validate that. Food plays a major role in developing our strength, body & mind constitution. It also affects the way we feel & think! If can set our food right a lot of things can fall into place. It is our commitment which is required to stick to a disciplined food routine. Coupled with food, the most important aspect is to exercise, do yoga or some sort of physical activity. That gives new vigour & lots of energy. A fitter body can sustain all kinds of challenges & one can sail through them smoothly.

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Buying the right shirts

Our mothers used to take pains to drape a saree and look their best. However, we don’t have the time to do so. The constant race between work and personal life often makes it difficult for many of us to actually spare the time to get ready in complete finery. Instead a more comfortable and obviously better choice are the ladies casual shirts, women shirts, etc.


Pair it with your rugged denims or simply go out of the league by pairing it with your informal capris, these lovely shirts make you look nothing less than superbly sexy. However, buying formal shirts for women or picking up that casual tee is not as easy as it sounds. This is simply because shirts come in various colours, interesting prints and a whole lot of other details that need to be considered before making the right choice.

Now that we have introduced you to the awesomeness of casual and formal shirts for ladies, let’s check out some of the most happening trends in terms of designer shirts and T-shirts. While you can buy shoes online women prefer to go the traditional way when it comes to buying such accessories.

Apparels on the other hand are an exception to this rule. With the dawn of online shopping, women find it easier to buy their favourite apparels online.

Floral prints

There is nothing more intoxicating than the lively floral prints. Yes! Look for inspiration in the bright colours of nature, the beautiful spreads and of course the enterprising contrast. The end results, we are sure will make you happy.

Bold is beautiful

Your apparel is actually one of the biggest contributors to your overall fashion statement. Use this notion to pick designs that are impressively bold and yet superbly fashionable. From deep neck cuts to bold prints, there are various options in this category. However, remember that your attempt to look bold should not end up looking vulgar. The line of difference is extremely fine and you need to be careful not to make an unwanted cross over.

Pick the fit

A good shirt obviously has to fit well. But, at the same time you must ensure that the fit goes well with your body shape. For instance, if you are bulky, don’t opt for something too tight. Else you could end up looking pathetic with fat bulging from all corners.

Formal vs. casual

When it comes to choosing formal shirts, the options are pretty clear. You have to be stylish but you surely can’t afford to be over the board. In case of casual tees, the choice is always going to be dependent on the occasion. For instance, those going for a casual get together with friends, choose designs that are more on the brighter side.

Lastly, remember that each of us have a unique style. So, even if you see something unique, rejecting it outright is not going to help. Instead, take time to choose sexy tees that best define your style statement.

You can also buy shoes online women.

Irina Shayk is all white at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris with dramatic eyes as she walks for Givenchy

Irina Shayk put on a stylish show in Paris tonight as she walked for Givenchy with Naomi Campbell and Kendall Jenner.

The Russian beauty wore an all white jumpsuit as she arrived at the Givenchy Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 show as part of the Paris Fashion Week on Friday, and was seen keeping herself hydrated on water as she prepared for the show to kick off.

Irina, who was recently seen kissing Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, wore her hair straight back with a black head band which highlighted her dramatic eye makeup.

Irina Shayk attends the Givenchy Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 show

The brunette beauty, wore a simple white jumpsuit with a pair of nude sandals as she left the fashion show and took selfies with fans.

On Thursday, upon her arrival in Paris, Irina thanked Donatella Versace and Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci for the gifts that they lavished on the star.

Earlier this month, the Sports Illustrated favourite attacked her ex Cristiano Ronaldoin an explosive interview with Spanish magazine Hola.

The Russian beauty laid into the striker by admitting: “Of course I prefer to be with someone, but with the right someone” when asked if she preferred to have a partner or be alone.

Irina Shayk attends the Givenchy Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 show

In a thinly-veiled confirmation of reports she dumped the footballer after finding a string of messages from women on his mobile phone, she added: “It’s very simple. You have to be faithful to your other half and not have secrets. That’s my rule.”

Asked to define her perfect partner, she said: “He’s got to be kind, amusing and honest and he’s got to know how to treat a woman. And he’s also got to be faithful.”

The model’s hard-hitting statements are the closest she has come yet to confirming Cristiano cheated on her.

Irina Shayk attends the Givenchy Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 show

A newspaper claimed recently she confronted the footballer in a furious row over Christmas after finding inappropriate text messages on his phone.

Irina, 29, fuelled rumours of alleged infidelities by Cristiano by describing her perfect man as “faithful and honest” earlier this year.

She told Hola in a previous interview: “My ideal man is faithful, honest and a gentleman who knows how to treat women.

“I don’t believe in men who make us feel unhappy, because they’re boys not men.

“I thought I had once found the ideal man but it didn’t turn out that way.”

She added: “I think a woman feels ugly when she’s got the wrong man at her side. I’ve felt ugly and insecure.”

Claiming it was best to end a relationship unless it was going well, the Victoria’s Secret beauty told the magazine: “Relationships are hard so you have to know what type of man you want by your side and what their values are, what is important in his life.

“If you stay with someone it’s because you’re walking in the same direction and you’re both looking for the same thing.

“Both should share the same concept of what a relationship means and the same energy to believe in a monogamous relationship.”

Monsoon fashion must-haves

While the season wants us to make the most of the brightest and vibrant outfits, there are certain fashion staples then cannot be given be a miss during monsoon. So here are certain monsoon fashion must haves.

1. Big bright umbrellas: Not only does these umbrellas go out of style, but these umbrellas are extremely helpful to save you from rains. The bigger the umbrella the more it will help you from rains. A bright colour with quirky prints will add on the fun quotient.

2. Shorts and culottes: Not only are shorts, skrits or culottes easily manageable, there are many patterns, colours and lengths which can be adjusted as per your need. For office wear, midi-skirts or culottes can make a manageable and an easy option.

3. Tanks and loose tees: Sleeves tank tops and loose t-shirts sure are the most sort after options during rains. Shorts with tank tops or skirts with tank tops makes for a great rainy day ensemble choice.

4. Opt for cotton: Cotton as a fabric is easily manageable during such a climate. Not only is this fabric very comfortable, but can be easily washed and dried, which is one of the main concerns during monsoons.

5. Sneakers, flip-flops: Nothing brightens up a dull day like a funky and colourful pair of sneakers or flip-flops. Also these shoes are easy to put on, remove and dries up fast during this weather.

New documentary on hip-hop fashion looks at the evolution of dopeness


Hip-hop style has fully invaded fashion, and it is glorious.

Kanye West, purveyor of all things cool, fashion icon, proud father of a fashion icon who happens to be a hip-hop star, showcased his collaboration with Adidas during New York Fashion Week this past February.

While it may seem like a seamless transition — a rapper turned fashion designer — it’s a mark of a sharp turn in cultural history. The front row of fashion week now consists of hip-hop royalty, whose presence at the temples of fashion would have seemed implausible decades earlier. Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay Z — they all rub elbows with Anna Wintour, the powerful editor of Vogue.

That’s progress, but it’s also enlightened self-interest. Vogue may need Kanye more than Kanye needs Vogue. Today, hip-hop has become one of the biggest influences in runway trends. High fashion has been channeling street culture even more rapidly than usual, from high-end streetwear seen in Givenchy’s 2012 collection with its 40 oz stars to the renaissance of sneaker brands like Adidas as chic wardrobe staples.

Kanye West Adidas Fall 2015]

A new documentary, Fresh Dressed, reveals the history of hip-hop culture’s expansion through the lens of its fashion choices and influences. Spanning ages, races and generations, it includes Marc Ecko, experts like André Leon Talley, and rappers like Kanye.

The film’s director, Sacha Jenkins, decided to explore the culture through a sartorial lens.

“Fashion was never used as a medium to talk about [the history of hip-hop], Jenkins toldMashable.

Hip-hop fashion today, according to Jenkins, is “what it has always been: An attitude.”

“Hip-hop is the spirit of something that speaks to a lot of people who have a similar mindset. It’s really about the energy, the internet has made the world small, hip-hop has always been about sampling. It’s how it’s worn as opposed to a particular item of clothing. Guys like Kanye and Pharrell and Jay Z are still very inspired by the energy of hip-hop,” he says.

The documentary traces hip-hop to its inception — the Bronx in the seventies, when DJ Kool Herc began rapping and a cultural movement was ignited. Rapping developed as a direct response to what was occurring in society.

“Fashion is a reflection of the environment that created hip-hop,” says Jenkins. “Inspired by biker culture, films, inspired by Hell’s Angels and other motorcycle groups. The folks…what they wore was a reflection and a reaction to the tough and rugged environment they lived in.”

As seen in the film, there was a lot of emphasis on clothes as a tribal signifier throughout New York City. In addition to being based on gangs, “it was strictly drug culture,” ’80’s hip-hop designer Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day tells Mashable. Street culture began to develop along with New York City communities. Men from Brooklyn dressed a certain way to mark them as separate from people who lived in Harlem. Fashion was, in other words, a utility.

“In the inner city, fashion isn’t really a privilege,” Jenkins says.


Day was one of the first people to make designer clothing available to those on the streets. He would illegally put well known logos onto clothing items as a means of replicating counterfeit goods. Dapper Dan made highly desirable items an option to those that otherwise couldn’t afford it.

“It sent me down a bad road, doing things I shouldn’t have been to get the clothes,” he says. “Until I said, why do I not just sell clothes, and let the end meet itself.”

Besides its extensive popularity, there was something different about hip-hop culture that attracted designers.

“There is a certain energy, a certain looseness, a sort of disinterest of how things are supposed to go that comes from hip-hop,” Jenkins says. “There is so much creative energy that comes from the street or inner city. Some designers and other folks in the media or popular culture have a real admiration from the artists who come from that and a place of struggle. Struggle is universal and people are so enamored with the way African Americans used their creativity to challenge adversity and to maintain this level of pride and dignity.


The growing hip-hop population became a target audience for mainstream designers, thanks to the rise of celebrity rappers.

Run DMC [was] the first black group to cross over and have this mainstream success. [They] dressed like all the kids in their neighborhood.

Run DMC [was] the first black group to cross over and have this mainstream success. [They] dressed like all the kids in their neighborhood. Once Run DMC had this global platform, we started to see the influence of hip-hop fashion,” Jenkins explains.This then caused designers to market their clothing towards prominent rappers and hip-hop artists. The documentary discusses how everyone from Tupac to Nas were sporting well-known designers in ad campaigns.


Hip-hop culture sparked a streetwear movement, first seen in the brand, Stussy, which took luxury brands like Chanel, and played on their logos to create a new way of dress. Today, the Stussy brand, along with other streetwear brands like The Hundreds, Sumpreme, among other, still take cultural references to current events and explores them through apparel.

Then there was hip-hop stars who expanded into the mainstream, like Sean “Diddy” Combs and his Sean John fashion line. It was one of the first times that a rapper successfully transitioned from musician to mainstream designer. a signal that hip-hop was more than just for African Americans, a major coup for music genre, one that would open doors for others, like Kanye West.

“The more risks you take, the more respect you get,” Diddy says in the documentary.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2003 Collections - Sean John - Runway

Kanye West created a line with Adidas, Jay Z is the cofounder of Rocawear, and Pharrell has become a fashion icon.

Over the years, hip-hop has managed to bring people together and Jenkins hope that understanding the creation of hip-hop culture and fashion will positively influence those who view his documentary.

CNN Films: Fresh Dressed- Sacha Jenkins; Director Of Fresh Dressed

“It will help us address a lot of issue that we are still facing today,” he says.

“I felt like fashion would be a great way to tell the hip-hop story, and help people understand where hip-hop came from and hopefully that understanding will cross over to where we are now and hopefully these discussions that come out of the film will help people get to a better place and get us to a place where can not continue to make the same mistakes that were made 40 years ago.”

“Hip-hop influence on fashion is not going anywhere anytime soon.”

His bespoke suits reflect Michael Nguyen’s love of fashion

Michael Nguyen is framed by a selection from his Garrison line of tuxedo jackets, in the Holt Renfrew, Yorkdale Mall location. Nguyen has come full circle, for as a fashion-obsessed young stock boy he folded cashmere sweaters at Holt Renfrew. The upscale retailer now carries his expanding bespoke formal wear line.

As a fashion-obsessed preteen, Michael Nguyen worked as a Holt Renfrew stockboy, folding cashmere sweaters at the Yorkdale store. Two decades later the upscale retailer is hosting a pop-up shop of curated formal wear from the designer’s Garrison Bespoke line.

It’s an apt homecoming for the sartorial savant whose passion for fashion began in Grade 2 with the pristine white outfit he donned for first communion.
“In my tux coming down the stairs, I remember everyone telling me how good I looked, how great a guy I was; that day I actually felt like I was somebody,” the 33-year-old recalled in an interview.
“That probably was the defining moment of the importance of the way you dress.”
Nguyen turned that feeling into the pursuit of menswear expertise. The second-last of five children, he learned the art of fit by altering his older sisters’ hand-me-downs to pad his meagre wardrobe. There were two more stints at Holt, as well as on the sales floors of Harry Rosen and Grafton & Co. He studied fashion design at George Brown College after completing a parents’-mandated accounting degree at York University, and worked briefly in audit at KPMG prior to launching his own tailoring shop in 2007.
Headquartered at Wellington-Yonge Sts. with a staff of 35, Garrison has built an enviable business. It dresses Bay Street heavyweights, television characters and A-listers such as, rapper Drake, NBA star LeBron James, actor Ryan Gosling and music producer David Foster.
The owner’s family history and upbringing are stamped on the company: Garrison’s fabric suppliers include French mill Dormeuil for whom Nguyen’s grandfather worked in Vietnam; and his determination to create a nurturing environment and experience for clients comes from watching his late mother toil at home as a remarkable yet unsung seamstress.
While the flagship store has a covert, men’s club feel, Garrison Weddings at the King Edward Hotel location — dedicated uniquely to dressing grooms and groomsmen — is marble-accented and couple-friendly. The Holt extension is an airy, female-welcoming site with shaves and shoe shines available in the store’s adjacent men’s lounge.
Recently launched at Holt, Garrison’s Celebration Collection starts at $2,800 and aims to simplify the made-to-measure experience by giving men six styles to choose from for any formal occasion.
Garrison, which suited men for more than 300 weddings last year, has developed a niche within the bespoke industry by engineering formal wear that they say photographs better because it’s heavier, more padded and darker than off-the-rack suits.
“I learned it from my work on (TV programs) Hannibal and Suits,” said Nguyen. “On both shows the actors are fluctuating like crazy in weight and they need to look very clean and crisp on television.”
With the television work and high-profile collaborations with the Toronto FC and the Toronto Raptors, it’s little wonder Garrison doesn’t advertise. The clothier also generated a lot of international buzz with a lightweight bulletproof suit developed in 2013.
“We actually haven’t figured how to scale it,” said Nguyen of the ensemble which starts at $20,000.
“It’s six weeks of one person’s time to make it. Then have testing and you still have to ensure with the client that it’s bulletproof because you don’t want to not deliver on your promise.”
At Garrison where a jacket typically takes 25-35 hours to construct and is worked on by up to eight tailors, word-of-mouth and long-term relationships are key.
“We’re in a business where people are very busy; they have a lot of priorities,” said Nguyen. “If we give them a level of experience and level of product where they going to recommend us to friends and colleagues, then we’re succeeding.
“The philosophy around bespoke is we create long-term relationships with clients and over time we get this roster where we don’t have to get new clients.”
Hanging out at the Yorkdale store where his sister worked got Nguyen that initial holiday job at Holt and stoked his fashion sense, but his parents never wanted him to make a career of tailoring.
“As Asian parents they wanted their kids to work in professional services,” he recalled. “Even today, my dad is kind of cool with what I do, but still is of the inclination that his friend’s son who is an engineer is in a better business.
“There are a lot of really valuable tools you can learn in retail and fashion. Maybe you’re not going to work in it forever, but you can learn how to sell, interact with people and customer service. There is just as much value in working here as there is in working at a law firm or an accounting firm in the summer. Parents and mentors should recognize that.”

Shelly Corkery: Fashion in her blood

For every applicant for a shop floor job in Brown Thomas, there are hundreds who want to skate straight in as a fashion buyer. Ideally in a flippy skater skirt by Alaia.

Shelly Corkery is wearing one. It’s black, worn with a St Laurent tuxedo, a white Balenciaga T-shirt and little gold-studded ankle boots by St Laurent. The wallet is a black Hermes “Constance”. The metal- strapped watch tapping phone alerts to her wrist is an iWatch.

At full retail prices, the lot combined could probably pay for a decent car.

So you could deliver a treatise on the transience of fashion and its skewed values. Or feel impelled to run up your own tuxedo for a tenner just to show them. Or since you’re here anyway, in a dimly lit, Diptyque-scented marketing office, you could just surrender to the pleasure of looking at Shelly Corkery.

There are very few people who would put a T-shirt with a tuxedo and a sticky-out skirt and pull off a look that is cool and beautiful, playful and businesslike, the polar opposite of the perma-tanned bling queen style. There is art in that. And there is art in the individual pieces: perfect examples of form and function, down to the plain T-shirt with the just-so neckline and fabric weight.

Anyway, the point is that it’s a plain old Thursday afternoon, Corkery is going nowhere special, and she’s still dressed like that because it’s her job. And she has nice, stylish assistants looking out for her, putting deferential heads around the door to offer coffee and reschedule appointments and lining up her diary so she gets back from Milan in time for a Sardinian holiday with her partner, Paul Kelly – chief executive of Selfridges of London, overlord of the Weston retail fashion empire (which includes Brown Thomas) – and their 13- year-old daughter, Cameron.

So, naturally, everyone wants Corkery’s job. With one hand hovering about an inch above the table to indicate the tiny pile of applications for the shop floor, and the other about four feet higher indicating the buyer hopefuls, she explains why the applicants in the high pile have it all wrong.

You have to be humble. “You cannot buy unless you know the business,” Corkery says. “You cannot understand the business unless you work on the floor for a couple of years at least”. Forget the courses and the year of study. “Get on the floor. Learn everything. Suck it all up. Talk to all the buying teams. Then apply for a job.”

When Corkery arrived in Brown Thomas, she had already been a highly respected, innovative buyer in the Design Centre for more than 10 year. But even she had to start again on the floor, shifting furniture like everyone else. “I would do anything. I wanted to know everything. And in this business, you haveto know everything”.

Galen Weston, the Weston patriarch, told her she needed to understand just one thing about the job. “You’re going to buy – and you’re going to sell”. Simple, but not easy. The Weston family did not get rich by running businesses at a loss. And Corkery wasn’t employed just to look good.

At 8am every Monday, she is in the store studying the previous week’s sales, before tackling all the figures at a trade meeting.

“I would really have a problem with something not selling,” she says. “Say we didn’t sell something in Alaia or Victoria Beckham one week. That would be a massive problem. Because with such a brilliant brand, it has to mean that there was either no staff on the floor, or they closed the department, or the stock was all hanging off the rail, filthy dirty, all torn with the buttons hanging off . . . ”

How would she deal with that? “I’d say ‘did you close the department? Have you pulled down the shutters?’ They just laugh.” But? “But they’re on it.” I bet they are.

“The bottom line is you want to get your sell-through. That means say, if we spend €10,000 on a brand which has a retail of €26,000, we need to sell over half of that to get a good sell-through. You only get your money back if you sell half.”

To illustrate, she points to an orange coat on an autumn/winter 2015 mood board. “I would buy it off the designer for say, €500. Then you mark it up, sell it, for maybe €1,500. It’s that simple”.

Simple, yes, but only if the fashion director gets it right in the first place and women learn to want a very expensive orange coat (which is another story).

Shelly Corkery is clearly besotted with fashion. Equally, her singular position in this country’s fashion constellation owes as much to her tenacious, disciplined, commercially driven brain.

On buying trips for 16 weeks a year, Corkery takes big, daily gambles. “It’s a very high-risk business because you’re buying top-end fashion, top-end trend, at top-end prices. I’d have to know what is happening and have it before anyone else is thinking about it.”

And that’s a whole other skill. Staying in cool, boutique hotels such as New York’s Soho Grand and dining in ABC Kitchen, where there will be hugs from Victoria Beckham (the Beckhams dine en famille in ABC on launch nights), are the sweet downtimes after the 3.45am starts, red-eye flights and frantic gallop around the shows.

The shows are long, rushed days of sniffing out the fashion shifts, chatting with other buyers (when a hot new designer such as Beckham swims onto her radar, Corkery will chase her relentlessly) and conducting a sweep of “every single department store” in New York City.

And she does it all in heels: Louboutin Pigalles, six inches of stiletto and a pointy toe. “You’re mixing with all the other teams and directors of all the stores in the world and you don’t want to look casual.” Corkery calls today’s 2-inch ankle boots “flats”.

As a fashion director in Dublin, her job has a personal side to it. It’s what differentiates the Brown Thomas customer base from say, Selfridges’. In London, ready- to-wear is hugely tourist-driven; in Dublin, it’s almost entirely local.

“We know who we’re buying for,” she says. That means Corkery has seen a lot of individuals rise and fall, close-up. She recalls when people were buying four handbags at a time.

“Then developers, car garages, people like that were hit very badly . . . We had to plan our budgets accordingly. We couldn’t buy eight Celine coats at €4,000 or whatever they were anymore because we couldn’t sell them, so we went go from buying eight to three or six to two”.

For those who still had the money but were afraid to flaunt it, the whispering discretion of the store’s personal shopping service was a godsend.

“Anyone seen on our floor was obviously shopping for luxury goods,” Corkery says, “so personal shopping became really strong. People are not seen, they don’t have to take any bags with them, and it’s all done behind closed doors. After the Celtic Tiger, a lot of people didn’t have it anymore and a lot of people put it away. That’s the way the world is . . . ”

That continued buoyancy is partly why, four years ago in the depths of the downturn, she and the general manager, Stephen Sealy, Paul O’Connor andCathy Murray in beauty had the vision and courage to push for the €9 million transformation of the accessories and beauty floor. That’s complete now. Chanelis busily upgrading and Hermes will soon be doing the same.

For most people, those brand names define a parallel universe of ease and luxury to which they can never aspire. Corkery’s job it is to wear, buy and promote her employer’s luxury goods, and she is upfront about her own love of luxury. But she talks with feeling about the lessons of the crash, especially for those now in the 30 to 40 age group. Does she think people have changed?

“I hope to God they’ve learned,” she says, and seems to mean it. “I do think people are more savvy. No one is coming in and buying four bags now. They’re buying the bag they love and being more intelligent about what they’re buying.

“The price point isn’t the issue for us. It’s more buy what you love. Invest in one beautiful coat rather than three cheaper ones.”

Corkery’s current focus is on young Irish designers. The project (there is always a project) is to find them, support them and keep them at home. Expect to see the windows full of them come July 6th, when “Create” kicks off and the names of 50 Corkery-picked Irish designers are carried throughout the store, including collections from veterans Mariad Whisker and Vivienne Walsh.

In a sense, it takes her back to the old days in the Design Centre, when John Rocha,Michael Mortell and Quinn & Donnelly were the brilliant newcomers, and further back to her own childhood in Cork city, one of five children of a “fashion addict” mother who ran her own successful fashion shop . That was before her father lost patience with his wife’s absences on buying trips and the shop had to go.

Corkery reckons she inherited her decisiveness and straight-talking style (there is not a hint of pretentious fashion luvvie in her machine-gun delivery ) from her father, an electrical engineer. He was only 66 when he died, in mid-conversation with Shelly at the Curragh racecourse. Her mother died the same year, of pancreatic cancer and a broken heart.

Now Corkery has a daughter to steer through the slalom of entitlement that befell many a sullen teenager in the bubble, the kind seen pouting in BT cafes, armed with their own credit cards and a slew of designer bags.

“I’m very lucky to have so many nice things because it’s part of my job,” she says. “But my daughter doesn’t. She has three pairs of jeans from Bonpoint that we do in the store, and will probably be moving on soon, down the Abercrombie or Hollister route. But she’s a very unassuming child and has a very happy disposition, is totally focused on her schoolwork and her sports. So I’m very lucky, touch wood.”

While Cameron’s mother ploughs her own furrow, her father works five days in London and comes back for weekends. Venus, their live-in child carer, moves out at the weekend and the three live a quiet life, which, Corkery claims, never includes office talk. It’s been like that for 13 of the couple’s 15 years together.

Is a two-in-seven-day relationship hard to sustain? “It’s the best”, she whoops. “You have so much to talk about at the weekend.”

Now it’s off for a meeting about the Marvel Room (another baby of hers), a meeting “to put Create to bed”, a travel planning meeting with the buyers, and another about Milan.

And then the holidays: “Vegetating in Sardinia in a beautiful hotel,” Corkery says happily.

Though there is talk of gym and tennis, of course. And if people want to ring her about work, that’s no problem at all.