20 Top Examples of Transparency in Web Design

Using transparency is a great way to create a unique design. It blends in the multiple elements of a web design and enhances the website presentation. It’s easy to pull off transparency. Just login to your web hosting control panel and access the CSS files. Then, change the opacity parameter to control the transparency of the element. You can skip the web hosting control panel if you’re using a CMS and go straight into editing the CSS file. Here are some top examples you can use to model your own transparency design on.

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1. He and She Photo

This freelancing photography site uses transparency in the navigation page with great effect. It doesn’t take away from the photo and adds to the user experience by being engaging.

2. Joy Lab

Joy Lab uses transparent rotating hero images over their main headline. It’s a great way to give their clients an idea of the services they offer without using the standard carousel.

3. Bouquet Restaurant

As a restaurant, you want to be able to highlight your food. Bouquet does this by using transparent images over a call to action designed to get their visitors to reserve a table.

4. Mint

Mint uses a simple transparent hero image with their headline over it. This simple approach adds the visual effect but maintains attention on the text.

5. Kidwell

Kidwell uses transparency in an interesting way. They use it to put focus on different elements of their site such as the navigation, videos and company locations. This helps distinguish these elements from the main content.

6. Greats

Rather than using transparency as a visual presentation, Greats uses it to help guide their users. Images that are clickable become transparent when the user mouses over them.

7. Desktime App

Desktop App is a clean and organized site that uses a transparent header. The transparent header provides a rotating gallery of offices that people can rent which is the perfect way to visually describe their services.

8. Suavia

Suavia uses beautiful photography that is just slightly transparent. Then, the site uses a transparent content box to describe the photos. It’s a small nuance that allows you to highlight photography and add the right context with your copy.

9. Untorock

Untorock makes their whole background transparent. It adds an exciting effect that plays into the idea of a live concert experience.

10. Christine Galvin

This a very simple transparent effect used by a designer. The transparency is set very high so that it can be used as a background for the main content.

11. Koko Digital

This is one of the most visually stunning transparent designs examples you can find. The site uses animated design with parallax across a transparent moving background. This is a great example of what can be possible when you combine transparency and other types of design.

12. Web Media

Web Media uses many transparent effects on their site. Their mouseover on images, hero image and layered background all help create this effect. The thing is that you’re never over-inundated with it because it’s balanced with plenty of white space and content.

13. Explovent

This website uses transparent images as art. It creates a very atmospheric feel that adds to the content and helps describes their product.

14. Tapparatus

Tapparatus uses a single color transparent background to make the text stand out. Because of the transparency, the lighting effects and colors stand out more than usual.

15. Envato

Envato uses a full page transparent hero image with two call to actions that engage visitors upon landing on the site. It’s a simple design that works and can be applied to almost any site.

16. Bulls and Arrows

Bulls and Arrows uses a rotating video as their background. What’s unique about it is that they’ve made it transparent which adds a cinematic preview effect that makes you want to click to find out more.

17. Carbon Made

By blending similar colors with a transparent background, Carbon Made creates a 3-D like effect. They use flat animations and icons to complete the look. The result is a unique and engaging presentation.

18. 4Mula Designs

4Mula uses a background color to add transparency. They intersperse die-cut effects and icons that blend in with the background to play into the transparency.

19. Agence Logo

This is a beautiful example of transparency done right. The transparency is very high on this site and it’s for good reason. The grayed out transparent images are filled with its normal colors when moused over. This effect makes you want to mouseover all the different images to see their natural colors.

20. Post Box 

Postbox is another example of a rotating video that is transparent. It’s featured as the hero image and invites you to click to play the actual video. Here, transparency is used to create curiosity and get the user to engage.

Those are some of the best examples of transparency used in web design. The simplest way to use transparency is to apply it to a hero image. But don’t just stop there. These examples prove that you can use transparency to engage your users to take action, wow your audience and create a truly unique presentation.

The Role ofHuman Growth Hormone onthe Body

Human growth hormone has been one of the most potent hormones required for the normal growth of the body. The hormone has been modulated for commercial use to trigger the growth of the muscles. The drug is designed for the initial purpose to treat medical conditions, but it is also used for bodybuilding purposes. The hormone, as well as the associated products, have been largely used by athletes and bodybuilders for their purpose of bulking up and give it a chiseled shape.

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In a normal person, the HGH is secreted from the pituitary gland as a response to the signal from the hypothalamus. It depends on the age of the person and related conditions of the body. The natural decrease of HGH occurs as the person ages. However, the hormone level in the body might also decrease due to some diseases. It might occur as a response to some external conditions. It can also result from genetic reasons. To look into the details about the hormone, let us go into the following topics one by one.

Mechanism of HGH production

As stated earlier, HGH is produced by the pituitary gland. The organ is located near the base of the brain and receives direct instructions and signals from the hypothalamus to increase or decrease the secretion of the hormone. The hypothalamus is widely considered as the thermostat of the body. It functions in the maintenance of a series of autonomic functions including body temperature, heart rate, fluid rate, secretions, and also influences sleep, appetite and additional psychological and physiological functions.

Upon reception of the stimulus, the hypothalamus secretes the growth hormone releasing-hormone which binds to its cognate receptor on the pituitary gland. Upon reception of the stimulus, the pituitary gland secretes the HGH hormone.

When the level of the HGH hormone reaches the adequate level, the hypothalamus sends inhibitory signals to the pituitary gland to decrease its production. The inhibitory signal, in this case, is somatostatin.

Effect of Growth hormone on the body

Once released into the blood, the growth hormone initiates the synthesis of IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor-1) and triggers its secretion into the bloodstream. This hormone has been instrumental in the initiation of several processes like cellular growth and replication, repair and rejuvenation of the tissues like muscles. The growth hormone also functions in the growth and elongation of long bones of the body. All these effects culminate in the overall growth of the body.

Why is HGH sale restricted?

There are several associated problems involving HGH. It might result in the damage of the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus resulting from trauma or disease. Some of the side effects on the body include muscle pain, nerve and joint pain, changes in blood sugar level, increased cholesterol levels, edema, and unnatural sensations on the skin as well as muscle weaknesses.

HGH injections have been deemed illegal by all the athletic and sporting organizations in the world. It is always advisable to take the drug when you experience a natural decrease in HGH. Therefore, if you wish to take this drug, consult your physician and get a valid prescription so that you do not get entangled in any sort of legal procedures.