Tips for Success When Taking Online Courses

Online courses have helped individuals in a wide variety of circumstances get training needed to either improve in their current job or to qualify for a better paying job. Busy moms and dads can take online courses at night or during a convenient time when they have fewer family responsibilities. Professionals can take online courses in order to get certification or a degree to continue on in their career, like going to hazmat school for example. No matter the reason why you are taking an online course, the following tips can help.

It is likely that you are going to take online courses from the comfort of your home or your office. It can be very easy for you to get distracted in these settings. So you need to have good time management skills. You need to avoid getting distracted, particularly with television and with your phone or tablet. Do not allow distractions in your home or office surroundings to stop you from succeeding.


Many have been successful by starting out part time. This can help them to get used to an even more hectic schedule. Start out by maybe taking five or six hours of study time each week. Eventually, you can increase the amount of hours that you spend studying. If you start out slow and get used to the routine, you’re more likely to stick with it over the long haul.


Make a list of your goals and dreams. When you see these down in writing and you look at them often, it will help you to remember why you are taking an online college course. Put them in a place that is visible to you, like on the refrigerator or taped to your computer monitor. Every time you encounter an obstacle, you will be reminded of your goal. This will give you the desire to stick to your goal and see it through to the end.


Establish a time that you are going to dedicate to studying. Some individuals do better when they take two solid hours out of their schedule every day to study. Others do better by breaking up the study sessions into shorter periods of time. No matter what option is better for you, choose a study time and then stick to it. Never skip one of your study sessions. When you have a regular schedule, you will not procrastinate.

How to Best Apply a Clean & Imageless Design to a New Blog Post 

Sometimes you’ll need your blog posts to have a clean, imageless design. This can be to create design unity on a minimalist layout, create an easy to read, printable text or simply to ensure maximum display compatibility. Whatever the reason you’re looking to create imageless blog posts with clean, basic formatting, the technique is a standard simple process. You can create these posts using just basic HTML and CSS on any type of blog. To get started all you need is web hosting that permits HTML and CSS so you can create a basic-style blog.

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Create the HTML Header

Start your imageless blog post with a basic declarative HTML header. For this you will simply use the HEAD element with a title, after marking your Document type with the DOCTYPE declaration.

For your DOCTYPE element, simply define which version of HTML you’ll want the user’s browser to check your code against. For example, “DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN” lets your user’s device know you’re using HTML version 40.1 and that English should be the default read language.

Follow up the HEAD element with a TITLE element, encompassing a plain text title for your blog post. Close the TITLE and HEAD elements, respectively.

Create your Post’s Body Section

Using the basic HTML element BODY, open a new section under your header. Type a line or two of plain text to serve as a placeholder for your BODY section and for future testing purposes.

To use standard Header sizes to create larger, bolder fonts for your posts title simply use the H1 or H2 tag followed by SPAN to define which text will be enlarged. Type your title in plain text and close the header size and span to prepare your posts text for normal sizing.

Making the Paragraphs and Spacing

Once you’ve got your blog’s first paragraph typed, it’s time to implement the Paragraph (p) tag to make your next paragraph indented. If you want an extra line of space between your blog’s paragraphs then follow the closing “/p” tag with a “b” and “/b” for a line break. Consider using drop caps on your first paragraph for an added decorative effect.

Styling your Blog Post Without Images

You can create stylistic elements and decorate your post without the use of images. For a clean, decorated post try taking advantage of the following HTML and CSS. Insert these tags in the beginning of your BODY section, or wherever you want them to determine how your content displays.

Use font-family to define the font your text should be displayed in. A common font for web blogs is Arial, sans-serif. Your web hosting package may have added capabilities to display Google and other upgraded fonts as well. Define the size of your font with font-size and a numerical value in pixels (px.)

Use the Color tag to define your font’s HTML color, and line-height to further direct the spacing. Margin and Padding tags will allow you to create margins and spaces around your text, separating it from the background or manually centering it in respect to other content on your site.

Set the background color of your blog post with the background: #; tag. Use an HTML color selector to find the value of your desired color. Consider using a white or light background for a cleaner design that makes your font easy to read.

Create the Footer for your Clean, Imageless Blog Post

Footers not only bring a clean-looking close to your blog post, they are practical because they can give your reader useful information. You can use a footer to summarize content, or display your content information. Many blogs use footers for call to action statements, requesting reader comments or emails.

Create a footer for your post by using the Footer tag. After opening the footer, include a paragraph tag and whatever styling you prefer. To post a link where readers can email you, use the A HREF tag for the link formatting and the mailto: tag followed by your email address. Close the link and mailto tags in reverse order.

Add other styling elements to your footer in the same way you added them to the body of your blog post. Make sure to close the tags before closing your footer with the /footer tag.

Consider testing your new blog post by saving it as an HTML file on your local machine and opening it in any web browser, before uploading it to your web hosting package. This will save you the time of having to make multiple uploads or editing your file once it’s already online.

Imageless blog posts are great for fast loading, distraction-free blogs. They display well on mobile devices including e-readers. They also lend themselves for easy translation by text to speech programs and devices like Google Home and Alexa. Now that you’ve created a clean imageless post for your blog, save the basic template you’ve made and use it again to avoid having to do redundant work.

Can you buy Clenbuterol in Australia?

Have you heard about the wide usage and popularity of one of the best dietary supplementation products in town known as Clenbuterol? Well the product was previously used in the traditional medical therapies for treating patients suffering from breathing disorders like bronchospastic problems. The drug served as an efficient bronchodilator or decongestant that helps in promoting smooth flow of air through the respiratory tract without any blockages or hindrances. Later it was found out that Clenbuterol possess qualities of reducing a person’s body weight via the mechanism of thermogenesis, after conducting thousands of experiments and clinical trials on the compound. Due to this positive side of Clenbuterol, it became highly popular in the body building or fitness community since it could render a rapid loss of weight within a short period of administration. But are you completely aware of the locations across the world where Clenbuterol is legally supplied or sold? Read the review below to get an insight on whether Clenbuterol can be legally purchased in Australia.

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Do you need to a prescription to buy Clenbuterol in Australia?

Are you looking for vivid information on whether it is under the law to buy Clenbuterol in Australia or not? Well, here is the information saying that Clenbuterol is not legal Australia since the product is generally used for the purpose of curing people with medical emergencies such as breathing problems like asthma and not for recreational purposes. You will require a valid prescription from your doctor or dietician who looks after your health status and monitors your daily food intake and exercise schedule.

The food and drug authority has not permitted the use of Clenbuterol for any other purposes other than medical treatment of asthma and bronchospastic disorders.  The product has only been legally approved for veterinary use and therapy and banned in the case of humans who wish to maintain their physique or manage their body weight. However this does not mean there are no customers of Clenbuterol in the market as nowadays you can easily order the product online and wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep without any trouble.

What are the plus points of using Clenbuterol?

Since the substance is a sympathomimetic amine, the working action is mainly by stimulating the central nervous system or CNS for bringing out desired effects. Proper dosage regulation of Clenbuterol gives you the following benefits:

  1. Your cardiac output gets increased to a great extent. This means the heart becomes highly capable and efficient in pumping more amount of oxygenated blood per beat.
  2. The inner smooth muscle tissues in the bronchial or respiratory tract and lungs relax largely, promoting easy diffusion of oxygen into the blood stream.
  3. Muscular strength and power is improved greatly since more and more oxygen and protein production is facilitated in the myocytes ever minute.
  4. Overall increase in the blood pressure level.
  5. High thermogenic effects on cells facilitating rapid burning of fats and complex lipids stored within adipocytes.

Before you decide on buying, remember that Clenbuterol is not legal Australia and so you need to be extra careful while making an authentic transaction.

Kevin Rose is going back to Cali — and joining True Ventures as a venture partner

Entrepreneur-investor Kevin Rose is relinquishing his role as CEO of Hodinkee, a New York-based site for wristwatch enthusiasts, and moving back to California.

According to a newly published Medium post, Rose will work as a venture partner at the early-stage venture firm True Ventures.

Rose was famously the co-founder of Digg, the once-popular link-sharing message board that was later sold to Betaworks for not much. By the time of its 2012 sale, Rose had already formed and sold his own startup incubator, Milk, to Google in an apparent acqui-hire, and was working for its venture arm, now called GV.

Rose later started another incubator, North Technologies, creating a news aggregation app focused on wristwatches that he merged with Hodinkee. He moved to Manhattan after that.

Now, Hodinkee founder Benjamin Clymer is returning to his former role of CEO, and Rose is off to the Bay Area offices of True Ventures, which, not coincidentally, is Hodinkee’s largest outside shareholder.

 Indeed, it’s the firm’s “strong core values” and “approach to supporting founders” that’s drawing Rose there, he said in his Medium post.

Rose said he also plans to continue “creating products that improve people’s lives.”

Presumably, some of that work will center on his newest app, Zero, which aims to help people who are fasting from food. Rose announced the app to the world in late December.

Google claims Levandowski launched competing projects long before Otto

Newly-released documents from Google’s October arbitration against Anthony Levandowski, one of the leads of its self-driving car project who abruptly left to launch his own startup Otto in January last year, allege that the talented engineer worked on competing projects for years before leaving Google.

Google also brought arbitration against another Otto co-founder who, like Levandowski, is accused of poaching Google employees in a violation of his employment contract. The documents redact the name of the co-founder, but the work history they describe matches that of Otto co-founder Lior Ron, including his expertise in mapping technology. Ron has not yet returned a request for comment about the arbitration and we will update this story if he does. The arbitration appears to allege that Ron participated in Levandowski’s efforts to recruit Google employees using confidential information about Google’ salaries and compensation.

Google’s employment contracts forbid its employees from recruiting their co-workers immediately after leaving the company. Google, which later spun out its self-driving car unit into its own company, Waymo, is currently suing Uber over claims that it used trade secrets and patented technology in its self-driving cars. Google alleges that Levandowski downloaded thousands of confidential documents just prior to his departure from Google and used them to develop self-driving tech for Uber. Uber argues that Google’s complaints should be settled in its arbitration proceeding with Levandowski rather than in court, although it has agreed to litigate Google’s claims that relate to patents.

Google caught wind of Levandowski’s recruitment efforts as early as summer 2015 and attempted to fire him, the arbitration says, but could not confirm the details and did not move forward with the termination. “Levandowski made concerted and repeated efforts to solicit most, if not all, of his direct reports to leave Google,” the document alleges.

The recruitment happened in meetings on Google’s campus as well as at his home. The home meetings were led by Levandowski and his co-founder, according to the arbitration. The pair encouraged employees from Google’s LiDAR team to quit en masse. Google alleges that Otto was only able to progress so quickly and achieve such a high acquisition price from Uber because it had poached many of Google’s employees.

Levandowski was able to collect more than $120 million in incentive pay from Google, the complaint says, “all while he was breaching his obligations to Google and building a company that would compete with Google.”

 The arbitration also claims that Levandowski worked on competing projects long before his departure from Google in January 2016. Google claims he operated two side businesses, Odin Wave and Tyto Lidar.

In July 2013, a supplier who worked with Google contacted the company to report they had received an order from Odin Wave for a custom part that closely resembled a part Google used. Google questioned Levandowski about his connection to Odin Wave, which was registered to an address he owns in Berkeley, but Levandowski denied any connection. Odin later merged with Tyto to create LiDAR modules for self-driving cars.

Tyto was owned by a friend of Levandowski’s, Ognen Stojanovski. In the spring of 2015, Google says it considered acquiring Tyto and visited its headquarters. Levandowski participated in Google’s investigation of Tyto’s technology, Google claims, but never disclosed his relationship to Stojanovski. Google alleges that Levandowski’s startup Otto later acquired Tyto in May 2016.

Google says it is seeking damages related to what is calls breaches of contract by Levandowski.

Regular Sleeping As a Preventive Act For Early Aging

Humans must satisfy his needs to survive his life. To satisfy his needs, he has to work. Unfortunately, if you are tired of working, you usually work at night and noon. Indeed, you get to be workaholic, so you overlook a meaningful thing for your health, which is taking a rest or dozing. In fact, less dozing will cause a negative impact for management of patients, in both here and now and long term.

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Dozing is an important procedure for human because there is convalescence in this activity. Resting is a procedure that is valuable to carry back the condition of someone. In this way, by this activity, you can revive your drained body. If this procedure is exasperates, your body won’t work maximally. As the outcome, individuals who rest less will be drained fast and will encounter the decay of concentration. In addition, less resting will cause the aging procedure to be faster.

Somatropin Hormone

Somatropin hormone is a hormone that has a major part in constraining the aging procedure. This hormone is created when dozing and works for cell regeneration. However, when you’re resting time is exasperates, your body cannot create this hormone well. As the outcome, the cell regeneration will be exasperates. In the other hand, without cell regeneration, the dead cells will be irreplaceable. If the cell activity is irritated, the body metabolism won’t last well. Along these lines, individuals who rest less will be old sooner. As the outcome, there is function decadence to a few organs of their body and finally they lean to get a few diseases easily.

Resting Quality

You ought to also pay attention to your resting quality. Obviously, the quality of resting does not rely on upon quantity, but rather it relies on upon the satisfaction of your body to rest. It is realized that everyone needs the different resting time. There are individuals who need to rest for 10 hours, yet there are also individuals who only need to rest for 6 hours. To put it plainly, the length of dozing time relies on upon an individual. Be that as it may, according to a health govern, the resting requirement for youngsters is for 8 up to 10 hours, while the dozing requirement for adult is for 6 up to 8 hours. The indicator that you’re dozing time is adequate is the condition of your body when waking up. If you fondle crisp after waking, it means that you’re dozing is adequate. On the contrary, if despite everything you grope exhausted when waking, it means that you’re dozing is less.

That is the reason, it is important for you to satisfy your dozing need. Absolutely never cut your resting time with any reason. You ought to organize your daily resting time to get adequate dozing time. If regardless you restless, you ought to consume antioxidant. It is helpful to constrain the aging procedure and increase the stamina. A healthy and new body is the desirability of everyone. That is the reason, it is important for you to maintain your resting every day. With a new condition, you can improve.

Learn the Truth aboutthe Efficacy of Human Growth Hormone Treatment in Children

Is HGH essential for human growth? To some extent…Yes! But if you have very high expectations, then you might be disappointed. Of course, HGH is essential for children and teenagers who need help to boost up growth. However, very few tend to know about the right thing to expect while administering HGH injections.

Artificially created growth hormones, after all, have certain limitations. Such shortcomings become particularly prominent when they are administered to different patients. Owing to factors like any pre-existing health conditions, genetic deformities and inappropriate nutrition, the results might vary from one person to the other.

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HGH and Your Height

The tiny pituitary gland, which is located deep down the base of your brain, secretes growth hormones. HGH helps your bones to grow. This apart, it performs a number of important functions. This includes creation and development of cellular constructions (think of your cells, tissue, organs and brain). It also plays a vital role in the metabolism of fats and sugars in your body.

A Special Thing about It

If the pituitary gland does an individual malfunction for some reason, doctors recommend artificial growth hormone treatment. This retarded growth can be caused owing to various reasons, such as an external injury, radiation therapy, genetic complications or other malaises. However, in the case of treating children, doctors prefer conducting a number of radiological and biological tests. They use the proceedings of the tests to determine whether the child concerned is really suffering from retarded growth conditions. Even when the treatment is on, parents need to be realistic about the results. Anyone suffering from genetic disorders will not get taller using HGH. Also, the whole therapy is time-consuming. So it is important to keep patience.

How Tall Can Your Child Get?

Just as you have been told, even the most sophisticated Growth Hormone supplements have their share of shortcomings. As the studies conducted in different laboratories suggest, a child receiving such a therapy might not grow beyond three inches. This is just an average estimation. In many cases, patients grew just about an inch, or so. Of course, this is not a standard estimation. Results vary from one person to the other. And apart from the time factor, this therapy can be quite expensive. To begin with, your child might need an injection on daily basis. This would approximately continue for the first six months of your treatment. Do remember that even the finest of the growth hormone supplements or no drug can counter nature. Your diet, genetics, inheritance, family history among other factors plays vital roles in overall growth and wellbeing in any individual.

Studies Regarding HGH Benefits

It goes without saying that growth hormone, be it in any form will do its bit to promote overall growth. Nevertheless, it is ideal to acknowledge its shortcomings. Also, injudicious intake can be extremely harmful to overall health. Anybody taking them without proper administration will not get taller using HGH.  Various clinical studies have been done in this regard. In fact, a number of studies have already been conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Brand including Genotropin, Jintropin, Norditropin, Nutropin and Protropin has been used in the studies. However, experts are yet to conclude the long term effects of these components.