The Benefits Of Working With A PGP Encryption Vendor

PGP encryption is expanding as a market in the telecommunications world as individuals and organizations come to realize that their communication practices are no longer secure. Email is one of the technologies most vulnerable to hacking, malware, cybercriminals, and spying, which is why there has been a significant shift toward more secure technology. If you want to start providing that solution, it’s important that you work with the right kind of vendor. Below are some of the benefits of working with a vendor who makes it easy to expand your business.

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Provide your customers with end-to-end encryption – PGP encryption is technically an open source technology, which means that “anyone can do it.” Try looking it up and you will quickly discover that not only is it a lengthy, tedious process, end users are still vulnerable if their devices are infected with malware (and it’s estimated that a whopping 88% of all devices are). That makes a difference because even if you are sending your emails with encryption, the right malware program can still read your plain text emails before they are encrypted. End-to-end BlackBerry PGP encryption, offered by companies like Myntex, means that a device is protected from malware and that encryption cannot be bypassed through any backdoors. High-security devices will be stripped of web browsers, apps such as any social media, and even text messaging, voice calling, cameras, and microphones, in order to create a completely secure communications device. BlackBerry is chosen by many PGP encryption companies as they already make devices that are the industry standard for users concerned with privacy, and PGP encryption is easily integrated with the core operating system.

Manage your clients through a portal – Besides high-end technology, some vendors also make it easier for you to manage your white label service. An enterprise portal recently launched by vendor Myntex makes it simple for resellers to manage their clients and sub-resellers, in addition to submitting payments and collecting from customers.

Find a one stop supplier for PGP encryption and SIM cards – Another advantage of using the same supplier for SIM cards is guaranteed compatibility, as sometimes using SIM cards from another supplier won’t always work with the technology. It makes it easier to for customers to activate their SIM cards when they make their purchase, without having to wait longer than a few minutes. You can also buy the cards in bulk at a discount, ready to go for your customers.

Partner with a vendor who cooperates with global resellers on online leads – A better vendor is one that cooperates with its resellers and an effective, profitable way to do so is by passing along online leads generated through their own website to resellers in the prospective customer’s region.

Partner with a reputable that never blacklists its competitors – Certain “cloak-and-dagger” vendors sometimes play games with their competitors, blacklisting them so that users cannot communicate withdevices that use a competing service. More trustworthy, long-standing companies, for example, Calgary-based Myntex, use a whitelist of legitimate encryption companies to protect users from DDOS attacks without interfering with communications.

Once you’ve decided to get into the business of PGP encryption, it’s important that you find a partner who will not just supply the technology, but also invest in the success of your business.

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