WayUp gets $18.5 million more to help college grads find jobs

Recent college grads need a better way to search for jobs. Or at least, that’s the thesis of New York-based WayUp, which recently raised $18.5 million in Series B funding to execute on this vision.

Trinity Ventures, which led the investment, is also gaining a board seat via partner Karan Mehandru. Existing investors, including General Catalyst, Lerer-Hippeau Ventures and SV Angel also participated in the funding round.

Originally an internship and job board for college students, WayUp now additionally targets the entry level workforce, a market that they believe is underrepresented. LinkedIn’s job search platform and sites like Indeed are geared towards every career stage.

“LinkedIn is built for a much older generation,” according to Liz Wessel, WayUp’s co-founder and CEO. She feels that WayUp makes it easier to search and apply for jobs via their smartphone and touted the site’s efforts to reach job seekers via text message.

Echoing a similar sentiment, Mehandru said Trinity invested because they “believe employers and candidates deserve a modern, mobile first platform.” Mehandru feels “Wayup has the potential to surpass LinkedIn over time as the dominant next generation platform that becomes the online resume for the next generation and connects employers with candidates to get them hired. ”

Wessel emphasized the “personalized” aspects of their platform with its custom user profiles, and claims that WayUp makes it easier for companies to find the candidates they are looking for, because of its tailored search preferences. Like many startups these days, they are investing in machine learning to build better algorithms.

 They’ve found that employers are willing to pay for WayUp, with some spending as little as $75 for a basic plan and others spending over $500,000 to utilize all the potential features on the platform. Because their site targets recent graduates, businesses are able to isolate for criteria like major and G.P.A.

Companies are even able to search by gender and race (if the job seeker opts in). It is not legal for U.S. employers to specify that they are looking for these qualities, but they are able to peruse the candidates. Wessel likens it to attending a job fair at a predominantly female or black school. (Hopefully this will result in inclusion, not exclusion).

Currently the team has over 50 employees and they plan to use the funding to build out their engineering and product teams. They may even use it to make more acquisitions.

The company has raised $27.5 million in capital since it was founded in July 2014. Previous investors include RRE Ventures, Y Combinator and Eniac Ventures.

When asked about future plans, Wessel said she “would love to go public one day, but it’s a little early to be planning.”

Ripcord gets $9.5 million Series A for its corporate file digitization service

The way Ripcord CEO Alex Fielding discusses chief competitor Iron Mountain, the record keeping company sounds like it runs the warehouse from the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The startup comes out of stealth this week with the announcement of $9.5 million in funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers for its goal of taking corporate records paperless through its industrial paper digitizing robots.

Ripcord has been kicking around in stealth mode for a while, mostly picking up clients through word of mouth recommendations. In that time it’s apparently managed to get some high profile clients on board, though Fielding wasn’t open to mentioning any when we sat down for a conversation last week. The company’s technologies have also scored the company the aforementioned Series A, which also includes funding from Steve Wozniak.

Fielding, a former Apple engineer himself, says he founded the company after hearing horror stories about one of his future competitors. Ripcord has since built a ground, up solution for fully digitizing paper records, including a series of robotic digitizers capable of doing their work in “a tenth of the time and a tenth of what the competition charges.”


 The company runs a facility in Hayward, California that receives paper files by the boxful. The sides of the boxes are scanned and placed into the machines by employees, who are largely tasked with a “curatorial” role, according to Fielding. It sounds nice, but it seems to largely consist of helping the robots troubleshoot. “People really suck at scanning paper,” says Fielding. “Nobody grew up dreaming of being a human staple remover. We still use people to operate the machines. but that piece of the process is really letting machines do what they do best and let people do what they do best.”

The machines are capable of a number of things the competition hasn’t quite mastered yet, like removing staplers and a number of different fasteners. They scan a wide variety of different size paper, from an index card to legal size and work to categories files using contextual clues.

All in all, the company claims its process is 10-times faster than human-based scanning, with plans to digitize around 2.5 million files a day at its Hayward local. That number will apparently jump to 50 million a day by the end of 2018. One a file is digitized, it’s shredded and the copy is stored on AWS, with access fees for files amounting to $0.004 a page.

Nintendo could double production of the Switch

If you launch a new console with a massively successful game like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s not that hard to sell your console. This is exactly what is happening with the Nintendo Switch as Nintendo is ramping up production for the next 12 months.

Nintendo already said that the company was planning to sell 2 million consoles for the month of March. According to SuperData, the company has already sold 1.5 million units with a couple of weeks to spare. It looks like Nintendo will easily beat its launch target.

In fact, it has become quite hard to buy a Switch. Many stores are waiting for the next batch as they already sold everything. You can still buy it in France on Amazon, but it seems like an exception.

According to the WSJ, Nintendo is going to produce 16 million units over the next 12 months. The company previously expected to produce 8 million Switches.

It doesn’t mean that Nintendo is going to sell them all, but it’s a positive sign. The company only sold 13.56 million Wii U units in more than four years.

 The Switch has a bright future, and it shows that having a successful launch is key when it comes to putting a new console on the market. If you manage to sell a good amount of consoles in the first few months, then third-party developers invest in the platform and release new games.

It then becomes a virtuous circle, attracting more buyers. Nintendo shares are currently up 4 percent compared to yesterday’s closing price.

As Nintendo chose to launch the Switch in March, the company should have ironed out everything that is slowing down production for the holiday season. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Switch ends up being one of the most popular gifts for the end of 2017.

GameStop will have more Nintendo Switch systems for sale starting March 22

Nintendo Switch is in short supply – which is good news for Nintendo, but not so great news for customers looking to get their hands on one of the new consoles. They’ve been hard to find since launch, and Nintendo announced it’s ramping production which should help, but now GameStop says it’ll have new units on Wednesday, March 22 so eager gamers can set their alarms.

The GameStop orders start at the usual price of $299.99, which is far less than the re-sale rate on eBay right now, where even low bids are hovering around $400. The new allotment will also arrive at local stores at different times, GameStop says, so that March 22 second date is the “as early as” slot to mark on your calendar – call your store to check and make sure they got theirs in before heading down, unless you think that by doing so you’ll miss your chance in which case line up right now. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

 GameStop says it’s locking down new systems “as fast as [it] can,” which is to say not fast enough. But hopefully Nintendo’s production boost will help make sure more people can dive into the wonderful world of Zelda on the go-anywhere hybrid console very soon.

Why elastic search training is grabbing popularity these days?

The employment and job dynamics have change these days and it becomes difficult to retain in the competitive market until and unless you keep yourself updated with upcoming technology. You may be an engineer, IT professional or a business analyst; elastic search engine is redefining the way how the work is getting done. Elastic search training will help you increase your efficiency, improve your output and no wonder you will; be able do work wonders with data. Virtual classroom, expert teachers will all make the learning process easier for you. It will proffer you with the skill that you need for the growth of your career.

Image result for Why elastic search training is grabbing popularity these days?

We are living in the world where processing speeds matter the most. We switch to a different website if it takes time to open. To provide users with swift accesses, Elastic search is the key. It takes less than Nano seconds to access large amount of data. It is grabbing popularity these days because of its fast gaining acceptance. It has been regarded as one of the most reliable and durable search engine application. By learning elastic search training you will be able to manage your massive clusters along with full security tour networks. Plus, it ensures automatic node recovery that goes a long way in any search engine.

When you undergo Elastic search training you come to know the basics of the Elastic search. You will be able to the fundamentals of the course that pros helpful to your career field. The trained teachers will help you with workshops based on practical understanding. Your doubts and queries are rightly met by the expert instructors. They will provide you with all the helpful assistance that you need toexcel in your work. As it is based upon giving instant results, it is becoming popular amongst the users. The concepts that are taught at the training supports you in real life and you come to know about its multiple advantages.

The training includes a clear concept of how to analyze, visualize and search the data. It willassist in searching and filtering of data? Full text search, mapping features and indexes are just few to name that you learn through this training. Moreover, you get to know how to install and implement the search engine. Big data professionals and aspiring DBA’s are the best gainers from the course. It helps them with easy access of the huge amount of data and that too at a high speed. It helps in keeping record of data. Its high processing speed, flexibility and robustness have made it popular. Data analysis is the most trending profession these days and those, who are looking at this profession with high hopes should not miss the opportunity of learning this course from Elastic Search Training in Houston. Grab your dream profession and head towards prosperity.

How much value does PMI PBA carries

Professional courses are coming up every next year. In order to go ahead in your career, it is necessary that you go through some of these training, but still evaluation of its value is essential. PMI PBA is one such training, which is suggested for all the business analysts. Now your point is whether that is more effective than that of the normal BA training? This is a real valid question from your side. Here are the few things that will make the thing clear for you. After you go through the analysis, you have the option open to go for the Pmi Pba Training.

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What after BA

Business analyst holds the typical task to evaluate the position of a Business. While making out the same, he or she will have to go through the valid points, that will evaluate the same. For that there is need to get data about the past business conditions, analyze the position of business firms in similar trade and many more things. In one sense, job of a business analyst is to plot the future of a business, plotted down from the past and present market condition. The product owner will get the overview from there and will imply the same in his or her future work plans.


These fellows, on the other side, deals with the same figures, but draws some of the figures and graphs that are inaccessible to others, even the product owners. While dealing the same, his job is to frame the statements that are ready to nourish a business in order to make it bigger. Thus, the job of a PMI PBA is even more cut short than that of a BA. While BA will be framing the data and then making the analysis, PBA will be doing the same, leaving the data collection part. Hence, it will be a smart move to be a PBA, although those who are trained with Pmi Pba Training In London, often go for the BA training. To them, BA is much more complete than all these.

Vast Field work

There is another thing that makes a basic difference between the two professionals. BA people will be solely concentrating on the costing part. Their job area can reach the maximum area of scheduling, but not more than that. On the other end, PBA will be nurturing with complete set of data and thus is much more effective than a BA to a business. One of thing that BA gets edge over PBA is the time constrain. There is no time constrain in case of PBA. Hence many of their assumptions and analysis are moved from target, when they get published. BA will be working with time constrains. Hence chances of suitability of project is more here.

So, if you compare the two professional studies and network, both of them gets an edge somewhere or other. That is why, people try to get certificate in both the sectors. Now, it is up to you, whether you want the PBA training solely or a BA training along with that.

What are Mailbox Services?

Mailbox services provide individuals and businesses with an actual address – not a post office box – to receive their mail. For convenience, the mail can be picked up or forwarded to their real address. The services are used by many people for a variety of reasons including privacy.

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Mailbox Services for Business

Legitimate online businesses may want an address in a particular city to help them look more sophisticated especially if they are targeting an elite clientele. A street address makes a better impression than a post office box. Many fly-by-night companies rent post office boxes to keep their actual address private. The use of a mailbox service lends credibility to your business while providing a permanent address. If traveling is part of your business, it is difficult to keep up with mail when you are constantly on the move. The service can help your business to appear to be based locally rather than in another city, state, or country. Letterheads with your “virtual” address are offered by many of the mailbox rental services and are a nice touch.

Mailbox Services for Personal Use

If you want a more distinguished address for any reason, mailbox services is an option. This is why services such as Mailbox Rentals USA offer people a mailbox NYC. Today more people are choosing to keep their home address private. If you have a typical mailbox without a lock, it can be easily accessed by thieves looking for your personal information. This makes it easier for them to steal your identity. All they have to do is come by when you are not home. If you are a student or you move a lot, you may get tired of constantly having to put in a change of address. A mailbox service will save you time and the aggravation. All of your mail will continue to go to the address at the service so it can easily be retrieved.

Personal and Business

Many people today have home-based businesses. Depending on your type of business, you may receive packages. Instead of the packages being left on the doorstep for anyone to pick up when you are not home, they are safe and secure. A mailbox service can help your home-based business to look more professional, and it keeps people from having access to your personal address. You really do not want everyone having your home address. Protecting your family as well as yourself is very important.

Many mailbox rental services also provide fulfillment to customers and clients if your home or internet business requires this service. Mailbox rentals have come a long way since the first ones that were just a box number. Today they are virtually indistinguishable from actual physical addresses.

Corporate Housing for Tech Employees

The demand for well-qualified tech employees has grown by a large margin in recent years. However, with this demand at high levels, some employers struggle to fill their positions and make sure their new hires or temporary workers have housing. Short term furnished housing can help fill this gap very easily, at a lower cost.

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A Better Option

Short-term housing is often a better option than lodging in hotels or trying to find an apartment community that doesn’t require longer leases. When an employee has just taken on a new position, the last thing they want to have concerns about is finding economical housing. Having recourse to a short-term option gives employees the time they need to seek more permanent housing options.

All Necessary Conveniences Included

Because staying in short-term housing offers many of the comforts of home, you can feel more relaxed as you go about your business. Corporate housing has gated access, ensuring greater safety during your stay. You can park your car inside a garage, as well as have access to the staff in the management office whenever you have any need, and maid service helps keep everything neat.

A Good Business Environment

Corporate housing features business centers with conference rooms, giving you greater access to technology beyond your personal computer. There are clubhouses with kitchens that if perfect if you’re inviting people over to your apartment during your stay. Fitness centers and pools also help you feel right at home and have plenty to do.

Comfort for Groups, Too

Sometimes employees might share space in corporate housing to help keep the costs down. With a choice of options between one and three bedrooms, everyone will have enough space to feel comfortable. Expanded cable options and TVs with DVD players will help ensure you have a lot to watch. With furnished balconies, you can enjoy nice weather outside anytime you want.

Other Advantages

There are some other helpful advantages that come with staying in corporate housing. One of the benefits is having a washer and dryer to save you trips to an outside laundromat. You will also be able to prepare food in a full kitchen, making your stay much easier.

Google goes after Slack and splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet

Google’s messaging strategy can be confusing, but if there’s one thing that’s clear after today’s Cloud Next keynote, it’s that the company is doubling down on the idea that Hangouts is its enterprise product and Allo/Duo are its consumer communications apps.

But now there are a couple of new wrinkles in the Hangouts story. Google is splitting Hangouts into two: Hangouts Chat, which is clearly gunning for Slack, and Hangouts Meet, which is all about video and audio communications. Those two are basically the enterprise counterparts to Allo and Duo.

Meet is now generally available. Hangout Chat is going into Google’s early access program.

The current Hangouts app isn’t going away just yet, but it won’t last forever, either.

Hangouts Chat

The new Hangouts Chat then is all about team messaging. That means the application, which will be available on Android, iOS and the web, will offer rooms (yep — just like Slack).

It’ll also offer threaded conversations, something that’s a bit of a holy grail inside chat apps and that Slack hasn’t quite perfected yet, either. Those threaded conversations, Google’s director of product management for Drive Scott Johnston told me, are the reason why launching this new Hangouts chat experience took so long. “We learned a lot from threading Gmail,” he told me. “But it’s also a constant tuning because everyone is just so trained in iMessage and the flat ones. That makes sense in lightweight chat, but when you need to be able to drill in, it breaks down.”

Google’s own services are, of course, deeply integrated into the service, too. When you share a file with a room, all of the members automatically get access to it, for example. But Google is also bringing in third-party services, as well, and launching the Hangouts platform that will allow developers to bring in bots and lightweight scripts (based on Google Apps script) to perform different tasks. There will also be advanced bots from the likes of Asana, Box, Zendesk and ProsperWork at launch, with more coming in the future.

Google itself is launching a bot that makes it easier to find meeting times to showcase what these integrations can look like.

In addition to all of these new features, Hangouts Chat is also getting advanced search and the ability to filter conversations by file types.

Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet, which made a brief appearance in the Google Play store last month, is all about making meetings easier. “One of the biggest things talking to our G Suite customers about Hangouts meetings is just how people are spending so much time on getting into the meetings,” Johnston said. “We’re a big supporter of automating the full meeting life cycle from agenda to follow-ups. But meeting value today is destroyed by time-to-start. It takes so long to simply get started.”

Unsurprisingly, Meet then tries to make getting into a meeting as easy as possible. Ideally, it’ll just take one click and you’re in your meeting, whether that’s a video or audio one.

It’s a full rewrite of the Hangouts meeting experience and will work without any plug-ins (and Google also promises that it will be lighter on the processor, too, and won’t eat into your battery life or make your laptop’s fans spin at full speed). The team also cut down on the code size and promises that meetings will load “instantly.”

There are also a few new features in Meet, including recording, for example, and the maximum number of participants is now 30. The service is also integrated with Google’s Chromebox for Meetings.

By default, every Meet meeting will also come with a dial-in number — and that number has the PIN code attached to it, so you only have to click on the number to dial in and it’ll handle the PIN code for you automatically.

But why?

So why split Hangouts into two? “What we found in talking to our enterprise customers, they really thought of two key entry points,” Johnston said. “One is: just get me into the meeting — I want to jump on and have a conversation. And they want to respond quickly to conversations that are going on within their team. So there are two app entry points, but they are the same family.” Over time, though, Chat and Meet will supersede Hangouts.

While Chat and Meet are focused on business users, Johnston acknowledged that there is always an overlap between consumers and business users. Regular Gmail users often want to be productive, too, after all. “We know people use Hangouts for work in the consumer space, so it’ll be offered for them,” Johnston said.

Simplifeye gets $3 million to make wearables part of your doctor’s workflow

New York-based Simplifeye thinks it can improve the productivity of the people who work in your doctor’s or dentist’s office by making patient information more easily available. The twist? It’s doing so by putting that information on wearables like the Apple Watch.

The company was founded by cousins Zach and Ryan Hungate. Ryan spent some time working on Apple Retail’s personal shopping initiative before going back to school to become a dentist. After seeing how inefficient the workflow is in a given dentist’s office, he teamed up with Zach — who has a background in finance and venture — to build a system to improve communication and collaboration in medical and dental offices.

The main problem, as Zach described it to me, was the way in which records are accessed and relayed to staff for each patient. Doctors, medical assistants, dentists and hygienists bounce between patients and administrative staff to get updated on the status of each individual who comes in.

All of that results in a lot of downtime as they shuffle between patients getting up to speed, which leads to longer wait times for patients. Sessions typically start 15-20 minutes late, due in part to inefficiencies in just how information is relayed.

With Simplifeye, the cousins decided to take advantage of new wearable devices like the Apple Watch, which would give staff instant access to the information they’d need right on their wrists. And rather than being overly reliant on walkie talkies, buzzers or even just running around trying to find the right person to see a patient, staff can now be alerted when their next patient is ready and available to be seen.

By plugging into existing patient record systems, Simplifeye makes data more accessible without doctors or dentists needing to log into a desktop application.

 While it started on the Apple Watch, the company has mobile applications for those who aren’t into the whole wearable thing, and also has created a web-based dashboard to foster better communication between teams. In all cases, the company hopes to surface critical information more easily — as Zach Hungate described to me, info that might have taken multiple right clicks to access is now a tap away on the Apple Watch or mobile application.

Simplifeye, which graduated from AngelPad in late 2015, has raised $3 million in funding from investors that include SoftTech VC, First Round Capital and Felicis Ventures, as well as Semil Shah’s Haystack Fund, Joe Montana’s Liquid 2 Ventures and angels Wiley Cerilli and Ariel Poler.

With that funding, the company is going to step up its sales and marketing. It recently struck a deal with Henry Schein, a major distributor of healthcare products and services. Simplifeye is one of the first products to be accepted as part of the company’s Global Innovation Center, and has struck a rev share agreement whereby Henry Schein will market Simplifeye to its network of customers.

With its funding and that strategic partnership, Simplifeye is poised to sell into the thousands of private practices that are looking for ways to better serve their patients.