OkCupid for undesirable culmination and veg: tech joins the combat towards meals waste

While Zoe Wong moved to the San Francisco Bay location 3 years ago, she fell in love with the clean and considerable produce from surrounding farmers’ markets. Wong grew up in Hong Kong, wherein culmination and veggies were scarce and imported. After attending college in upstate ny, she moved to California, the most important agricultural nation inside the usa.

quickly, though, Wong observed something become off. “on the market, I’d see farmers getting ready to throw out boxes and boxes of fruit and greens they couldn’t sell,” she says. “i was greatly surprised.”

To keep as a whole lot of the undesirable produce as possible, she launched a jam company referred to as Revive meals. but one year in, she found out she was spending a first rate deal of electricity finding the produce and making sure it were given used in time. What the place wished, she determined, become a marketplace to enable dozens of small businesses to turn a surplus bounty into jam, juice, infant food and other products.

The end result, Cerplus, which launched in January with the goal of reducing the hundreds of thousands of lots of undesirable fruits and veggies from farms and outlets nationwide. Unsold produce from supermarkets bills for about $15bn each 12 months, in step with the usa department of Agriculture.

Cerplus buyers join up to get a daily e mail or textual content alert about surplus produce offers which are usually round 30% off the standard wholesale price. Cerplus arranges for shipping and takes a small cut. thus far, Wong says the business enterprise has moved greater than 11,000 lbs of produce from 20 farms and bring distributors inside California.

This nascent attempt isn’t specific. in the course of Silicon Valley, and past, era companies are operating to keep meals out of landfills. And, like Cerplus, many of them are tackling meals restoration – diverting imperfect or greater food to make sure it receives eaten – via web and cell services.

The newly launched San Francisco-based Souper Seconds focuses on selling natural blemished and overstock produce from farms to wholesellers. Washington DC-based totally food Cowboy and Berkeley-based Copia both control and supply meals donations. within the Boston area, graduate college students from the Massachusetts Institute of generation are building Spoiler Alert to assist corporations meet one-of-a-kind food waste discount dreams. the first a part of Spoiler Alert is a unfastened on-line market that lets in corporations, which includes farms, to sell or donate surplus food to starvation alleviation agencies via apps, texts or emails. 0 percent has an app that offers a comparable provider in Chicago. Leftover switch allows phone users change or provide away their leftover meals.

“food waste happens no longer due to the fact groups intend to waste the meals however due to the fact they’re often disconnected from one another and lack a actual-time solution,” says Ricky Ashenfelter, co-founder and CEO of Spoiler Alert.

hunger comfort businesses also are turning to generation to help control donations. Feeding america, the kingdom’s largest hunger remedy organisation, is building an internet portal to fit meals donors with food banks and other community meal service companies national. groups that donate may want to benefit from a federal legislation surpassed closing December, which permits more businesses to get tax deductions for donating food.

growing generation only solves part of the trouble, however. Attracting dependable customers is the important thing. “The challenge these businesses all have is achieving a essential mass. Craigslist is handiest precious due to the fact everyone’s on it,” says Dana Gunders, senior scientist at herbal assets defense Council (NRDC).

whilst salvaging surplus meals is a superb strategy for solving the countrywide meals waste trouble, preventing it from materializing inside the first place have to be a concern, in step with the usa Environmental safety enterprise (EPA)’s guideline on reducing meals waste. reducing the want to grow, ship and buy meals results in a far large reduction in greenhouse gasses and greater financial savings.

Prevention is one of the desires of LeanPath, based in 2004 to develop software for kitchens in colleges, hospitals, company eating facilities, hotels and navy bases. Overstocking food is a not unusual exercise because of concerns approximately jogging out of elements and retaining show instances stuffed, says Andrew Shakman, LeanPath’s CEO.

Kitchen crews don’t typically do not forget the myriad of economic and environmental expenses of trashing unused elements or uneaten dishes. in the event that they do, then they’re in all likelihood to be more conscious of buying and cooking best enough to fulfill call for.

each LeanPath machine comes with scales, a digicam and a digital terminal for the kitchen people to weigh what they plan to toss away and enter facts approximately the factor kinds and portions.

“even as you record [what you’re getting rid of], we’re telling you what it’s really worth in dollars, the environmental implications, the fee, how many vehicles on the street it represents. trying to make it vivid and alive for humans,” Shakman says.

The university of California in San Francisco has been using LeanPath for two years. The generation enables the kitchen managers at considered one of its hospitals to pinpoint problems and solutions, consistent with Dan Henroid, the college’s director of vitamins and meals services. The gadget has already changed the kitchen personnel’s food instruction practices, cut the amount of waste by way of 34.5% and saved almost $60,000 in the beyond years, Henroid says. as an instance, the cooks now make certain they use all of the beef they buy, such as using leftovers to make new dishes.

“when we started we have been seeing loads of wasted protein,” Henroid recalls. considering the excessive carbon footprint of meat production, he maintains: “If we’re going to come to a decision to purchase meat, we better use it to our quality capability and now not be throwing it out.” figuring out new uses for other extra ingredients, along with cooked vegetables, rice and scrambled eggs, can prove extra difficult.

but, whilst prevention is effective, it may be less gratifying, Shakman says. “food carrier employees without a doubt like donation as it’s a danger for them to be philanthropic. We simply don’t need to see extra production get institutionalized with the intention to donate as it’s a pretty inefficient manner to get meals to human beings in want.”

To maintain the philanthropic possibility, Shakman recommends that groups set apart a part of the cash they save from decreasing food waste and donate it to those in need. in the meantime, Cerplus is calling at expanding its offerings to sell prevention. Wong says she would love to assist farmers cozy purchase contracts before each harvest season begins.

in the end, Gunders says, removing food waste is ready converting our cultural practices. She factors to an example in South Korea, where a enterprise has constructed scales and sensors into trash packing containers to measure the quantity of meals waste tossed away by using their clients, who need to experiment their identity cards to apply the bins. An operator then collects the facts and bills humans for exceeding what they’re allowed to throw away.

“behavior is the sort of core thing of stopping meals waste,” Gunders says. “with out that we’re kind of dancing at the precipice.”

The Importance Of Timesheet Software

Many budding businesses may not recognize the need for reliable timesheet software, but the need is very real. The old ways of manual wall clock punching on physical paper card sheets just does not cut it in today’s business environment.

Why Do I Need Timesheet Software?

Web-based timesheet software is a real time saver when it comes to tracking employee hours and attendance. It dispels with the need to have to keep track of each individual employee separately on sloppy Excel spreadsheets. Many of the top software solutions today offer a common space where employees track their time themselves. This relieves managers of the duty of trying to decipher illegible handwriting and piecing together different forms from various departments.

What If My Business Is Just Me?

Timesheet software is still a great solution even if your company is a one-person organization. Nothing wastes money like poor time management skills. Utilizing software to track how you spend your time can help to streamline your day so that not a minute is wasted. It can also advise you on how to minimize downtime and increase productivity because, as we all know, time is money.

Stop The Slow Bleed

Businesses sometimes do not realize just how much money is wasted by the traditional timekeeping practices of rounding to the nearest quarter-hour or even just by the time it takes to collect and compile all the paperwork, not to mention the data entry required. Web-based software is accessible from any device with a browser so that your employees who travel frequently can log-in and keep track of their time while on the road.

A Solid Solution To Keep Your Business Solid

All in all, upgrading your current manual or low-tech timekeeping methods to a more advanced web-based system is highly suggested. It is more conducive to precision time management environments and can literally save you thousands of dollars per year over the method you may be currently using. Click to visit one of the leading timesheet software companies in the field today and learn what they can do for you.

CLAT way to a glorious career

CLAT is the common law admission test which is conducted every year for the students who aspiring a career in law. CLAT holds as many seats as 2300 for five years integrated law programmes which includes degrees like BA LLB, B.COM LLB and B.Sc. LLB. This entrance exam is conducted every year by National law University (NLU) for admission into NLUs all across India. CLAT 2016 is being conducted by Rajiv Gaandhi NLU, Punjab.


Colleges under CLAT

CLAT is conducted every year by National Law Universities of India. There are a number of colleges which consider CLAT score for admission. Colleges which come under CLAT are National Law University of Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhopal,Patna,Bangalore, Lucknow, Raipur, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Gandhinagar,Cuttack, Patiala, Vishakapattanam, Kochi, Ranchi, Tiruchirappali, and Mumbai.

Apart from all the seventeen NLUs there are a number of non-participating member colleges which does not conduct CLAT but consider CLAT score for admission. Those colleges are:

1.Department of Laws, Punjab University, Chandigarh

  1. Government Law College, Mumbai
  2. National Law University, New Delhi
  3. Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University
  4. Faculty of law, JamiaMiliaIslamia
  5. Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat
  6. ICFAI Law School, Derhadun
  7. Symbiosis Law School, Pune
  8. ILS Law College, Pune
  9. IndraPrastha University, New Delhi
  10. Amity Law School, New Delhi
  11. Faculty of Law, Lucknow
  12. Faculty of Law, Allahabad University
  13. Jodhpur National University, Jodhpur
  14. Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun
  15. SOA National Institute of Law, Bhubaneswar

These colleges are the most reputed colleges of India for pursuing Law degree. CLAT has been the prime source of admission to these colleges. The respected lawyers we see today have once been a part of any of the above universities. Indeed, CLAT is a remarkable way to your glorious future towards law profession.

How to crack CLAT

You will million tips in various websites talking about how to crack CLAT. But the best tip is you, yourself. No one can ever teach you how to crack a test. However there are some basic necessities which you need to follow in order to keep yourself in track during the preparation and this will be your only tip to crack CLAT.

1. Basic Know-how of the syllabus

Unless and until you know what they are going to ask you to become a lawyer you cannot crack CLAT. First of all, get to know the entire syllabus for CLAT. Download the entire syllabus available at CLAT website and start your preparation. Take care of your strong points and your weak point.

2. Maintain a proper time table

If you want to crack CLAT 2016 and get into some best law school of the country, schedule yourself. Make yourself a proper time table according to your convenience. Do not forget to divide your study time between ample amounts of breaks which will help you to keep your concentration intact.

3. Solve previous papers

Once you are done preparing once the entire syllabus now it is your time to test yourself. Best way to test yourself is to solve previous year question papers. Solve previous question papers. Apart from it, also take online CLAT series tests to know better what kind of questions they will ask you.

4. Know current affairs

If you want to crack CLAT, it is important that you know the current affairs and everything going around the world. Read newspapers regularly. For better current affair know how you can refer Times of India and Economic times. Also refer different news channel.

Taking a crash course is not a bad idea. However, the process will become little hectic with you board preparation.

Final Say

CLAT is a common admission test taken by thousands of law aspirants every year. All reputed colleges of India consider CLAT score for admissions. Unless you score well in CLAT, you won’t be able to get admission in a good law school. To become a good lawyer, it is important you start from the roots and only these reputed colleges will help you start from the roots. Along with it, you will also get exposure to the legal world in terms of time which will be fruitful for your upcoming career.

Using the Services of an Ecommerce Web Design Company

There are still lots of people today who underestimate the importance of having a website that is stylish as well as effective. An ecommerce web design company can be just as important as a company that focuses more on the technical aspects of Internet business and websites today. Any article about ecommerce platforms will usually touch on the importance of good web design under these circumstances, and that the aesthetic aspects of an ecommerce platform can make or break a business.

When it comes to conversions, the look of a website and online business really does make all the difference in the world for a number of reasons. For one thing, people expect websites to look good now and expect that all people who have web presences make sure that they maintain those web presences correctly. The people who do not meet those fairly low standards are going to be suspicious and they’re going to fall below their competition very quickly.

People have a huge abundance of choice on the Internet. Taking one’s business elsewhere on the Internet means spending a few additional seconds searching for a different business online, which doesn’t really represent much of a deterrent. Many people actually think that it’s a good idea to search for lots of different businesses online anyway, since they think that they’re fully researching all of their different options in the process. Giving people any reason to take their business elsewhere online is terrible when it comes to the future of one’s conversions, or even the future of one’s traffic after enough time has gone by online.


Businesses that are working in any sort of vertical market are going to have to work even harder at establishing good website conversions. Vertical markets are targeted at niche customers. It is possible to make a lot of money even in highly niche markets online today, but making a good enough impression on potential customers is that much more important as a result.

The programmers who create the sites in the first place need to make them easy to navigate, especially when it comes to preparing the websites for a mobile platform. However, people can’t just rely on programmers to help them with this part of the process. Programmers are typically people who are concerned with how well a website functions, but many of them couldn’t care less about the look or the feel of a website, and they’re not interested in how outside people are going to react to a given website.

Business owners are going to need to hire people who specialize in making sure that websites actually work well. Any ecommerce web design company is going to have plenty of people who have been doing this sort of thing for years and years and through several different developments in Internet web design. People who hire ecommerce web design companies are going to be able to increase their web conversions immediately.

A visually appealing website is sometimes going to manage to draw people in without even making it clear what the website is about, since many people are simply going to be pulled in by the appealing graphics or layout. In the culture of the Internet today, it is easy to find websites that look painfully generic, which makes the websites that have actually been professionally designed stand out even more. This is the era of free web design software, where people have made it possible for everyone who wants a website to make a website.

People who want their own stores online have lots of different ecommerce platforms that will give them the opportunity to make their own stores, and all of those stores are going to look the same to the people who have spent enough time on the Internet after a while. It’s more important to create a website that looks good and a website that looks different in a world in which having a website or even having an online business is very easy. The ecommerce web design companies that people will hire can give them the conversions that they have always wanted, since people are going to be that much more motivated to sample their products due to the manner in which the products are presented.

A Look at Email Marketing Through GetResponse

GetResponse is touted to be one of the best email marketing services in the Internet pool. Its user-friendly interface, multitude of tools and attractive pricing for designing and initiating e-newsletters to customers is commendable and we would shed some light on its key features and the related usability.



One of the best features of GetResponse has been the Autoresponders. These are automated newsletters that are sent to subscribers based on a specific time slot the user sets to its mailing list. Things like “Welcome message”, “Happy birthday” are a few examples of how autoresponders help in communicating to subscribers. Furthermore, GetResponse classifies its autoresponders into time-based and action-based messages. Time-based are purely based on the instant at which the message should be sent whereas action-based messages focus on triggers on part of the user like clicks, completed transactions, profile editing etc. We believe that it is a very formidable USP of the service.


A brilliant landing page creator!

Many email-marketing services do not offer this feature hence it is definitely one of the strong points of GetResponse. The landing pages help in visually attracting subscribers to one’s website and generating more leads as compared to posting simple, banal links. However, few limitations like inability to do A/B testing and the limit of displaying the landing page for only 1000 times a month might not go down that well for users.


Add those analytics!

GetResponse has some really cool features when it comes to integrating analytics with email marketing. Features like segmenting subscribers based on whether they engaged with the email or not and sending them different versions overtime to boost click-through rate are pretty convenient, we would say. One can also track when subscribers respond to the e-newsletters and thus use autoresponders feature to coordinate the dispatch of emails to boost conversion rates. It also boasts of a good “Split Testing” functionality that many of its competitors do not provide.


The 30-day free trial

The 30-day free trial is pretty attractive for anyone to get his or her hands dirty. Moreover one doesn’t even need to provide credit card details. Just use the service to your heart’s content for a month and discover its comprehensive features!



It is definitely priced at the lower end when compared to its competitors and has a host of features. The email templates are aplenty and one can tweak them to one’s will. The emails can be responsive and one can separately create mobile versions of e-newsletters also. The landing page creator is one key USP, very distinct from what others have to offer. The best part is all this can be discovered by using the service for a month for free without the hassle of entering credit card details! And if there’s any problem, their customer support is comprehensively covered; with the presence of email, live chat and a support helpline.