How do we integrate Bulk SMS API into your application using PHP Language

HTTP API is most popular API. It is allows you to integrate SMS services into your own System/application for better functionality required by you.

Benefits of using Bulk SMS Gateway / HTTP API:

Bulk SMS Gateway India / HTTP API can send more than 100 messages at a time via any kind of application/portal.

You can check the balance of your account with expiry date via your application/portal.

You can check the Delivery status of your single or group SMS everything in a single places without login your web interface.

Unicode API allows you to send SMS in different languages (Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Guajarati, and Marathi).


How does it work?

A request to the Bulk SMS API is done by calling a URL with some required parameters (User Name, Password, Sender ID, Mobile Number, Message).When a request is made, the API along with all the parameters send to SMS Gateway server and SMS Gateway server process the request and generate response for the particular request immediately.

KAPSYSTEM provides the Bulk SMS Gateway  with HTTP API(HTTP) to be integrated in different programming language, php, Java

Sample code for php:




$Message=”Test Message via http api”;


$sms_url=sprintf(“”, $workingkey, $dest_MobileNo,$SenderID, urlencode($Message));






curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);


curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, ’3′);  $content = trim(curl_exec($ch));  curl_close($ch);



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Distance MBA the new way to learn MBA

If you have been working and joining a regular MBA program is not feasible to you, you can roll into the MBA distance education program by registering on the Onlinepondiuni portal. Learn distance MBA through the online courses while still keeping your job. This is for any individual who is not in a position to pursue on-campus training. You can sit at the comfort of your home, turn on your computer, connect it to the internet and learn from these online training programs. You will be attending the virtual classes that train you in all the subjects that are mentioned in the syllabus of your prescribed MBA program.

Most of these online MBA programs are also affiliated to international universities and you are likely to get the best training while sitting at your home or office and listening to these training programs. You can also ask questions and get your doubts cleared in a live environment, during the ongoing online training class. Live feed of the MBA classes will be provided to you. You only have to turn on your computer and connect it to the internet to be able to participate in these programs.

The fee structure is usually onetime payment. You can register online enroll into a MBA in marketing course. This course will include subjects like, consumer behavior, advertising and marketing techniques, social media marketing, business communication etc. When you join this marketing program provided by Onlinepondiuni, you can turn your creative ideas into a fully-fledged business using the marketing and promotion strategies taught in this course.

You could choose any discipline when you take an online MBA program through distance education. You could do an MBA in marketing, finance, retail management, international business, tourism, logistics and supply chain management, hospital management etc. Many universities too are adopting the distance education programs options, so that more and more individuals interested to enhance their skill can join this program.

You will be trained by scholars, experienced guides and mentors in the field of marketing, finance, HR, and any discipline that you choose for this program. Online MBA in India has become a fast tract option to complete post graduation education, especially, for individuals who cannot take the conventional root. A few programs, however, give you the facility of paying your course fee in two to three installments. You have to submit all the documents, like all your previous certificates, memorandum of marks, provisional certificate, address proof, along with the application form. You can scan these original documents and mail them to the university to which you are applying.

An online MBA program is most suitable for executives, and also for people who are housewives, self employed, and students who are not able to take up a regular MBA program for any other reason. Only when there is a yearly exam, you will be given a physical examination center in your respective city where you can go and write the exam. These exams are not conducted online, yet. Only training for the course is provided online. You are also required to take practical exams and viva in the physical centers assigned to you.

CBSE Sample Papers Class 12

We all know how difficult it is when are kids have just stepped into the class 12 and is getting ready to write their board exams. Not only is it the most crucial exam that your kids attempt during schools but it also paves the path for life as based on the scores of the board exams your kids can then apply for the colleges they want to. Not only that but many entrance exams also consider the 12th scores to take admits into their institutions. The CBSE board syllabus is extremely vast and takes a lot of time to cover and understand each and every concept. As such it is really important that your kids go through the CBSE sample papers for class 12before actually attempting to write the examination. This will help your kid in understanding what type of questions are expected in the board exams. This will further help your kid to understand which topics are more important and what are the question patterns expected so that he can prepare for his examinations accordingly. CBSE sample papers class 12 are also useful because each and every subject is very different. As such the questions that are asked from each and every subject will also have different patterns. As such your kid should be familiarized with all the different subject papers so that on the day of the actual exam he is much more confident and knows exactly what to expect.

The sample papers for class 12 also familiarize your kids with the duration and marks of the examination. Your kid gets a clear idea of the various sections in the exam paper and how much time he or she has to attempt each and every section. This year onwards the CBSE exam pattern has also changed. Previously questions used to be asked directly from the book. But nowadays the focus has completely changed. Only 30 percent of the questions asked this year was directly from the book. The rest of the 70 percent of the questions which forms the major chunk of the questions was purely application based. Students were not used to application based questions and took a lot of time in understanding each and every question. As such it was very difficult to attempt all the questions. This also led to lower marks in the CBSE board exams. To prevent any sort of mishap as this you should ensure that your kids have gone through the CBSE sample papers for class 12.

Byju’s classes provides you with comprehensive solutions for all the CBSE sample papers class 12. This ensures that your child is prepared for the exams and does not get a shock on the day he steps to write his board exams. These exams are after all a gateway to all college admissions and hence you should ensure that your child is fully prepared to score good marks in these examinations.

Stay safe with tampered glass screen protector

You might have heard about tampered glasses or may have used them for your mobile phone, today I am going to tell you guys about one of the best screen protector available for users like you and me which I am currently using for my iPad 5.

To begin with I would first like to tell you guys about a screen protector, basically a screen protector is one which protects your screen from any kind of damages, they may be dents, scratches or water, ink or any other spills. They simply act as a vaccine for your tablet.

When you will open your packaging you will find the tempered glass film, a dust absorber, a screen wipe towel ere, while taking the contents out I request you to be carefully and then only try and install the guard on your phone or let someone experienced do the needful.

Talking about the product its dam light as it should be, a thickness of 0.3 mm and a surface hardness of 9H, the screen protector is a toughen glass which has high transparency and it has quite stable colors, the surrounding part of the protector is extremely smooth and prevents and damages done to the screen.

The pollution free glass has high hardness which prevents easy scratches and that is what it has better when compared with other glasses as well, there are various coatings done which indulge anti fingerprint, anti oil, anti acid and anti alkali, to be frank the best part which I like about the product is the high touch sensitivity which makes it more comfortable to use. You can explore iPhone-6s-screen-protector for you iPhone here.

The glass is prepared with tempered glass, nano coating, combination explosion and optical silica gel layer, overall the product is great to use, durable, at available at affordable rates.

The innovative and creative school

The students start school with a great imagination, curiosity and creativity, until they discover that it is more important to know the correct answer to do some interesting questions.” Hal Gregerser, cited by Tony Wagner in creating innovative.

EducationFor a long time, the main purpose of school education has been that students are able to answer questions. The more questions you are able to respond better. The “hidden” message was not necessary that you think why things are that way, just remember you are.

Therefore it is assessed examinations often test type where only care about the end result. By applying a template we can fix lots of tests and notes qualify as curious as 4.5 or 6.2. What the hell that mean?

A school of our times we can not keep asking the same. Today’s society requires innovative and creative able to give different usual problems and provide effective solutions to the problems that lie ahead answers people. In this world of constant change, the transformation of school is not an option, but a necessity.

Recently I read an interview (magazine Guix, January 2015) with the teacher and written Briton John Abbott, which said that “Children are born to learn, not to be taught.” In other words, they should be the ones to build their experience-based learning, test, question, err … get excited about the learning process, not only with the end result.

But beware of making the mistake of thinking that we should not teach anything to our students because they have easy access to information. Nothing is further from reality. You can not be innovative or creative if they have the “empty head”. The question is more focus … we teach them things to be able to apply them to solve problems and not only be able to memorize and recite.

The school can no longer be just a place to pass on knowledge, but must also be a space to create and share. The school can no longer be just a place where the teacher talks and the students listen, but should be a forum where information is shared, where debate and opine.

Changing education to change the world

“[…] Too many students graduating from colleges and universities knowing how to pass the exams, but nothing motivated to learn, and completely lacking in essential skills.” Tony Wagner: Creating innovative.

The education that we teach in our schools will condition significantly the kind of society we will have in future generations. Therefore it is very important that the school is able to capture the characteristics and needs of the world in which we live to adapt to them and offer the kind of education that serves to meet these new and changing situations.

EducationIf only we educate our students to be able to pass exams and have an excellent academic record … we will be doing them a disservice. That bright record will open the doors to allow succeed academically, but we’re not giving them the skills to succeed in life. Everything changes so fast that we do not have the foggiest idea of what skills they will need to succeed in the future.

With this I am not saying it should not work concepts in our classrooms. We must work with rigor. What not to do is to make education a direct student of the teachers know who owns transmission. The student can not be a passive recipient of knowledge figure. They must work on concepts from different areas of knowledge in a practical way, recognizing its applicability to situations that pose a challenge for the student.

We must move from a teaching of the retention, storage and information recitation of teaching analysis, application and creation of knowledge. It is therefore essential to encourage the curiosity and imagination of students. Curiosity because without it there is no motivation to learn. Imagination because to give different answers to problematic situations require to see things from new perspectives.

The school should not be the place for the transmission of knowledge, but where students access to information and are able to analyze it, evaluate it and apply it. In this school, critical thinking and problem solving become essential elements.

The consequences of not changing the way of teaching in our schools are so harmful to people and to society than the fact that not doing so is an act of irresponsibility that teachers can not afford.

The many advantages of learning a new language

I’m learning a new language. Specifically, I have a few weeks using various Internet resources (Busuu, Duolingo, Second Life, Conversations on Skype, YouTube videos, podcast, etc.) to learn French. There are many benefits, they say, to learn new languages.

Beyond the challenge of being able to think in different languages ​​(already happened with the English and the feeling it is great) or the most popular reason, make new / as friends / as, it seems we can find reasons scientifically proven the list that I have prepared:

EducationWhy study new languages?

I’ll find the source but calmly read a while that learning new languages ​​is a powerful antidote to better cope with traumatic experiences of loss, depressive symptoms usually does. The theme is consistent with the observation of the outside world, creativity, anything that consists of placing the focus of attention away from their own problems, as elements that help us to “re-flow”. It can also be related to the construction of new realities, new “I” every time we learn a new language that we analyze below.

-Improved Capacity: Biligües seems that people can change jobs much faster. Show higher cognitive flexibility and are easier to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

– Learn new languages ​​encourages open-mindedness A study in social psychology watched a relationship. directly between knowledge of different languages ​​and attitudes that show a more open mentality more tolerant, more flexible, less preconceived ideas and structures.

It seems logical if we recall studies say the words that define reality change the perception of it (remember the curiosity that in some cultures perceive time differently, which is reflected in the words that describe it).

It is a demanding mental activity, fitness activities good for our brains. In the case of memory, for example, it is known to have different systems and learning a new language affects all of them. The more unconscious procedural memory, which is responsible for perfecting the accent, declarative remembering words, master grammar and express fluidly conscious memory, etc …

Thus, many studies have shown to be lingual can also enhance both memory and attention, even five years delay the onset of dementia in old age.

Changes in personality:

Some experts say that not just intelligence to be better when learning a language. We are “cultural chameleons” and learn a new language changes our brain structures and helps us to reinvent ourselves. It makes us a little citizens of each place, taking part of their customs and ways. Go becoming increasingly “global citizens” …. Can not you sound better, no? Similarly, many studies have shown that multilingual are able to adapt to each location more easily, behave differently according to the language you are speaking at all times.

In this sense a curious and interesting in Clinical Psychology occurs. It was something I knew intuitively: different experiences in our lives are coded in different languages ​​in our brains.

A historical anecdote reminds us of Nabokov. Apparently he wrote his autobiography in English, realizing in the process that was complicated, as if his memory could not develop beyond the Russian in which the experiences of his childhood lived. A second Russian writing in the mother revealed details that could not be expressed in the second language.

So it seems that there are certain compartments for each language in our minds, linked to the experiences and coded in that language. It is both the quantity and the intensity or quality of the experiences which facilitates the learning of each language.

Finally in terms of the relationship between personality and language, lack of adaptability to change can be an important barrier to learning new languages. It is called “permeability ego” and is related to empathic ability. Keeley, a researcher at Kyushu Sangyo University in Japan was testing language students with questions like “I is easy to put myself in someone else shoes and imagine how you feel” or “I have impressions of other people” or “I can change Opinion readily agree with the opinion of the people I have around, “confirming that those who scored higher new language spoke more fluidly

The joy of learning educational change engine

Who it is someone who accompanies educate, invites, facilitates manifest enthusiasm, makes proposals and shows how interesting it can be to participate. But the role is the learner.” Joseba Martínez Huerta: The glow of the firefly. Stories rethink education.

EducationAs regards education, Finland is always present in all discussions about educational excellence and good performance of its education system. But after a small setback and stop being at the top of the PISA rankings, now go and decide to change everything (read this in “sarcasm”). These Finns are curious!

It turns out that after a year of meetings and teamwork have introduced a new curriculum according to the Ministry of Education filandes is founded on “the joy of learning and the active role of students”. Far from looking in the mirror of those countries that have come to occupy the top places PISA few educational methods that border on child abuse, which is responsible for the best educational system in the world used as engine change the joy of learning. These Finns are curious!

In an interview published in School (Nun. 4,057), Irmeli Halinen, Director of Curriculum Development of the National Council of Education of Finland, he says that students should become more involved in the organization of the school. It is essential to allow students to contribute their ideas, their opinions and their actions to the operation of the school, just so the school may loosen up a bit, you can lose strength and become more flexible and permeable to change. Only then they can disfrustrate students and teachers, motivated and hard-working but with joy at the same time.

They are curious these Finnish! They are able to turn around its educational system but know ponder what should be retained from the previous system without falling into cliches, no fads, no excesses … They highlight the importance of competence project work, but do not eliminate it subjects the “thin” and rethink their goals so that you can work on collaborative projects. Respect freedom of teachers to choose textbooks and other learning materials either published or produced by themselves and consider the role of ICT is “very important” in the words of Halinen “technology should be included in the so that really serve the teaching. “

I have never said that we should copy the educational system (or any other country), but maybe we should learn from them and be brave to rethink education fleeing topics and preconceptions. One suggestion, put in our schools a cocktail of creativity, collaboration, values, emotions and enthusiasm … and certainly surprised us the results in the form of joy of learning, less dropout and happier people.

Techniques and Instruments for evaluation…is the same?

Is speaking an assessment tool? And a notebook? Is a test technique or instrument?

What a mess bring us in social networks, regulatory frameworks and some books that are now specialized in recycling process of evaluating this or how to evaluate learning standards and evaluation indicators.

EducationI will be quite precise in my answer; for this I will follow the steps of a monographic own research:

What is art ?

A technique (the Greek , τέχνη [techne] ‘art, technology, trade’) is a procedure or set of rules, regulations or protocols which aims to achieve a particular result, either in the field of science, technology, art, sports, education or any other activity. It is the set of procedures used for art, science or activity, usually acquired through practice and require certain skills or abilities.

In teacher evaluation we can speak of techniques: observation, measurement, self-assessment and peer assessment.

What is an instrument?

The tool that is going to go to record the developments of students. The most common tools that teachers use are: rating scales, rubrics, analog, diary, log sheets …

What are the books, tests or oral presentations in the evaluation?

Are application contexts where students demonstrate mastery of learning that is acquiring. In the Andalusian regulations approved we recently read “The given evaluation criteria approach generates a relational and systemic structure between all elements of the curriculum, that is, allows the adjustment of evaluation criteria for a given cycle and sets main processes develop and evaluate students. These processes applied in certain contexts generate skills and facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the stage.”

F pattern or how to transform a text into a box scheme

Today I want to let you know the pattern F concept and how it can be applied both to a website or blog as a textbook. In an era in which the “infoxication” is the order of the day the pattern F should be understood as a priority to ensure proper understanding of any text. And if the educational field it serves and, specifically, textbooks, you will notice that the pattern F is a type of scheme that is repeated regularly when introducing concepts.

In this article I have intended to demonstrate how you can learn to identify the pattern F and from this pattern transform the contents of a text box in a scheme to allow your students to save time in the studio. Want to know what the pattern F? Do you want me to show how a text is transformed into a pattern of boxes? Well, come with me and I’ll show you gladly.

EducationWhat is the pattern F?

Letter F expression pattern indicates the initial English word Fast, because it is fast as people become accustomed to reading when you surf the net. But this provision of web content is also given in many textbooks. In fact, there are many usability studies that have been conducted around the web content. It is what is known as eye tracking, a process based on tracking technology which assesses where the eye fixed their attention in order to study the visual user behavior. In fact, this is a procedure that is taken into account in neuromarketing.

The 3 components Pattern F

Through various studies on how the user reads a content in the web it has come to the conclusion that a recurring pattern is called Pattern F which is characterized by three components:

1. The user initially reads horizontally top of any text. This happens because he knows that much of the essential information is in that area. Hence it is so important the title of any content on the web. This first component is forming the first horizontal line of the F Pattern F.

2. The second component comes immediately after the first reading of the top of any web content. In this second part the user also makes a second reading horizontally, although not as thorough as the first. This second component would become the bottom horizontal line of the letter F in the pattern F. In a blog, for example, corresponds to the introduction, which is brief and a single paragraph.

3. Finally, reading in landscape disappears to make way for what is called the scanned reading, that is, users scan the content’s left side in a vertical movement. The latter component would be the vertical line that form the pattern F F.

What is a heat map?

Related to the Pattern F would be the so-called heat map or Heatmap, an essential for user behavior on a website tool. A heat map gives a very important information on a Web page because it knows where the user stops and which areas are the best and worst work. Here is a famous example of heat map where you can see the pattern F:

So you see the importance of information that provides a heat map, here’s an example of the main reasons for your answer. If you look closely at hot spots in yellow, you will notice that focus on three points, namely:

  • Content shared on Facebook. In my case it has helped me to realize that many of the readers value the content and share it on the social network Facebook
  • About me. Although many bloggers know, the About Me page is the most visited has a blog and then to be given much importance.
  • Search. It is another essential element in a blog and users turn to search for information within the blog itself. This attests that the contents of the blog readers.

Pattern F in textbooks

Now that you know roughly about F pattern, it’s time to apply the pattern to the textbooks. I want to make clear before continuing the pattern F is not an exact science and it does not work for all textbooks of any course in any subject, but it seems important to consider because it is a pattern, at least Recurrent.

If you look at the contents of this section in a textbook, you’ll notice that strictly follows the structure of the pattern F and its three components:

Pattern F

1. Title of section: Advertising language (first horizontal line).

2. Definition of advertising language (second horizontal line).

3. Characteristics of advertising language (vertical line on the left).

This example that you just saw is a very common and repetitive in many textbooks structure. Title, definition, characteristics or sections and subsections are common in any subject and, in fact, are of great help to structure and help the understanding of the content by the students.

Well, when I realized that the pattern F was a pattern often repeated in textbooks I decided to create a type of scheme that follow the structure of the pattern F and help the student to transform the contents or section of a book text box scheme. In this scheme I have called the scheme boxes.

What is the scheme of boxes?

Then you will be able to learn how a scheme boxes are made from the example of the pattern F on the advertising language. You will see that implementation is really simple. In this regard, it is important that you discuss it before moving on to outline boxes what I do with my students is to highlight the text in 4 colors with the help of the whiteboard.

To me they are essential because they attest to the importance that this blog has always been granted to the study techniques. Read, underline, outline and summarize are the four pillars that work in classrooms. You’ve learned how to develop a scheme pattern boxes by F. So I can only encourage you to do the same on your subject and tell me your experience through the comments.