Kolkata Property Costs Reasonable When Compare With Other Cities

Trademark in Kolkata are getting criticalness and charges are enhancing in the meantime. Presently recently the house graph of India may uncover a down outline yet it’s not the exceptionally same in Kolkata. The homes in Kolkata keep on being warm without type of progress. The private properties in the Bhowanipore area have really seen expansive increment in the homes.The increment in the cost won’t seem to impact the matter of bona fide home private properties in Kolkata.

Spots like Salt Lake and New Town have really was the IT kids’ pool, shopping centres have as of now been set up improving retail organization, huge restorative offices have been fabricated and enormous loads of property in kolkata occupations have really presently been assigned for your in close vicinity to future.The eastern city gets around and Rajarhat area has really seen prevalent land redesign.

May be the urban area of satisfaction seems to have been postponing behind a few other city urban zones however the property organization of Kolkata is affirmed to end up secure generally. The Kolkata property business sector has really always had an opportunity to dodge general changes that happen in the property market. In strong Estate Kolkata private properties are situated developing considerably more from the near to future. Harming the customary outline of gigantic homes the urban piece of Kolkata is all settled to witness a fantastic modification of terms of residential pads. The boosting cost of homes in Kolkata has really made people part more and a considerable measure more to discovering household pads.

The thought of residential pads accommodates a consoling ointment for that inside course people following the normal increasing individual couldn’t accept to get a cottage.Residential pads are the ensured path ahead for Kolkata real domain organization. The fresh out of the box new designs and strategies of household homes have really actuated enormous changes in the Kolkata Market. Presently recently the house diagram of India may uncover a down graph yet it’s not the extremely same in Kolkata. The homes in Kolkata keep on being warm without type of progress.

The Properties With only couple of PC mouse clicks; it is really attainable to acquire territory, necessities, format, offices and expense list furthermore different subtle elements of any sort of property in kolkata occupation. Snatch the open door just before you miss it on the grounds that in couple of year’s opportunity, home rates will be raising additionally all through Kolkata. Kolkata real home engineers are commonly making sensible frameworks in this manner people producing pay all through property don’t ought to accept with respect to the quality associated with headway.

The home worth in Kolkata isn’t dangerous actually it is essentially the completion individual area that controls the specific bequest markets underneath. Kolkata Property Folks expecting to spend in homes find Kolkata advertise as viably strong, calls attention to a home dealership. Kolkata Property the utilitarian fortunate thing about obtaining private property in Kolkata would extensively base when contrasted and a few different urban communities like Delhi, Mumbai or Pune home.

The property in kolkata is actually going mechanical and household development in the interim broad. Bothering to belt up with the inclinations in various towns you live, urban communities Kolkata can be opening entryways keeping in mind the end goal to cutting edge realty changes.

Invest in Your Professional Development This Summer

Group of business people in office building
For many, summer means reduced work hours or a slower pace, making these months an ideal time to invest in a little self-improvement.

You may notice your employer is promoting more courses this summer. Offering professional development is one way companies are showing employees how much they care. It may also be a way to retain valuable employees.

You should take advantage of every possible opportunity, especially when it comes to increasing your skills. This is one of the best career insurance policies. When you develop skills that are harder to come by, you increase your marketability, both inside and outside your company.

With so many options and the ability to access classes on the go, what do you need to consider before signing up for training? Here are common conundrums and workarounds to help you invest in your professional development.

“But I don’t know what training to take.”

Investing your valuable time requires you to carefully evaluate the training with the biggest bang for the buck. Take into consideration whether it will interest you, if it’s in demand and how it will impact your performance.

Developing time-management skills and the ability to manage difficult conversations may seem fluffy, but these topics help prepare you for future opportunities. “Oftentimes, these skills take a backseat to skill-set development, but they’re vital to preparing employees for leadership at every level,” says Michele McMahon, senior director of learning solutions at Harvard Business Publishing.

Don’t forget the more tangible, often less interesting, technical and procedural training. Jenny Dearborn, senior vice president and chief learning officer at SAP, suggests employees look for training that will make them most effective in their roles, such as process, system or tool training.

“But I don’t have time.”

Employers and training providers are catching on to the scarcity-of-time excuse and are offering classes that are online and accessible from mobile devices, which makes anytime-anywhere training possible. McMahon adds that virtual training “allows [employees] to engage with the training on their own time, when it works best. Plus, the time commitment for virtual programs is often spread out over time, which not only gives employees more flexibility in participating, but it also helps the learning stick.”

“But training never seems to stick.”

“Learning that matters is learning that sticks,” according to McMahon, who recommends “combining learning with practice, reflection and on-the-job application to attain a deeper level of expertise.” You’ll want your manager’s support to practice your newly acquired skills. The best scenario is to consult your manager and ask for support before you sign up for the training. Discuss how the training will fit into your manager’s goals and yours. “Having a long-term personal development plan helps get the most out of the learning experiences you receive,” Dearborn says. And after you’ve attended the training, review the key takeaways, and ask your manager to help you as you practice your newly acquired skills.

One way to practice is to offer to train your team on what you learned, McMahon says. Training costs can put a strain on your employer’s budget, and a way around this is to propose delivering a class on what you learned to your team or within your organization. This may just do the trick and get your manager’s buy-in. Sharing your new knowledge helps cement the content and concepts in your head and adds a cost-effective solution to up the skills in the organization.

Another way to develop your skills is to participate in or start a center of excellence. “Some organizations create centers of excellence around key business topics and provide articles and videos for people to access to gain more knowledge,” McMahon says.

Consider yourself a lifelong learner. Dearborn recommends employees look at training differently. “Training doesn’t start and stop with a specific session or piece of material – we learn and teach every day. If you’re always looking to learn something, then you stand a better chance of retaining the content you’re learning in a course for the long-term.”

“But my employer doesn’t offer training.”

Not all employers offer to pay for employee training. Never fear – you can still get the training you want. McMahon and Dearborn recommend MOOCs. “Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are an affordable training option,” Dearborn says. “These tend to be relatively inexpensive, high-quality training courses on in-demand topics, which can help individuals learn new skills that prepare them to take on new roles.”

An alternative to training is to participate in a mentoring relationship, either company-sponsored or one you initiate yourself. Select someone who you respect and who possesses the skills you want to support and grow.

“But I don’t need training” – said no one, ever.

Don’t wait for a crisis or when you find your skills are out of date to think about training. Carve out time beginning this summer, and enroll in training that will amp up your skills and career potential.

RJIL Denies Anonymous' Claims That Jio Chat App Sends Unencrypted Data to China

A group of hackers has claimed that Reliance Jio Infocomm’s mobile messaging app Jio Chat transmits users’ data in unsecured form to servers located in China, a charge denied by the company.”We took apart Reliance Jio app & found they are using Chinese geolocation mapping service. It shows that Reliance is using a geolocation which is China-based service,” said AnonOpsIndia, a twitter account claiming to represent a group of hackers.

“There is no encryption between the person using Jio chat app and Chinese company amap. Hence, it makes it lot easier for the Chinese hackers to snoop over your data,” AnonOpsIndia tweeted.

Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL), however, termed it “unfounded and malicious allegations against the Jio Chat App” and said “‘Anonymous’ posters often raise false alarms by quoting items such as this out of context.”

China does not support Google Maps (or for that matter, any Google applications) and thus, for location based services within China, a Chinese-based mapping service is required, it said.

“This is a common practice for any app wishing to provide location-based services within China. However, when used Globally, Jio Chat (outside of China) always uses Google Maps. (This can be checked by anyone by using Jio Chat Location Sharing function),” RJIL said.

Jio Chat is a mobile application with functions similar to WhatsApp, Viber etc.

RJIL said that the code base has reference to a number of servers, in the comment area but it is not executable code which means references are not used by the application while running.

“Proper and complete examination of the code would show that the app does not transfer data to any servers outside of India,” RJIL said.

AnonOpsIndia claims to have found data of Jio Chat users sent to Chinese servers is in HTTP format which is susceptible to hacking.

“It’s plain http request being made. Anyone can snoop at the data being transmitted. Your ISP, gov(ernment), hackers etc, anyone can! Now why we claim this is an app Made in China but for Indian users.”

The hacker found some programming code written in Chinese script and questioned “why would Indian engineers write debug logs in Chinese?”

“The service is fully encrypted using standard protocols. The encryption levels are being further enhanced in the coming upgrade of the App,” RJIL said.

RJIL said Jio Chat is developed by developers across the world, including India.

“Occasionally these developers use their native language while writing comments within the apk to better understand the problem. We are committed to having the best talent working on our products, regardless of race, nationality, gender, or native tongue. India embraces diversity, and, as a company, we do too,” RJIL said.

Valuable Tips to Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

The smartphones are becoming smarter each day. The advancement in technology has made it possible to crunch in a plethora of features within the smartphones. Not to mention, the various innovative apps that serve several purposes have made life a lot easy and simple. However, as the features and applications are squeezed in, it is having an impact on the battery life.

If you are a smartphone user you must have surely experienced a situation where your battery drained off completely at a crucial moment. Well, you certainly are not alone in the world that goes through this adversity. Millions of smartphone users around the world face this hardship every day. You may then ask, isn’t there are a way out to keep the smartphone battery working for a long time. Indeed, there are ways by which you can prevent the juice draining off completely, here are some valuable tips to keep your android powered smartphones last long.

Before you know the tips, it is important to understand the fact that before buying a new phone it is pivotal to do a bit of research on the features of the phone to check which phones offer the best battery life. Also, it is advisable to check for the compareraja mobile offers to know which retailer is offering your desired phone at the lowest price and thereby save money on your purchase.

Keep the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi consume a lot of power, so to ensure that your battery lasts for a longer time, disable them when not required.

Click pictures without flash

If you love to click pictures and selfies on your Android smartphone, it is best advised to switch off your flash light unless you are clicking in dark condition. The small flash lights are quite powerful and they eat up lot of battery.

Keep your screen brightness low

Just like laptops and computers, you can save a lot of battery and increase the battery life by keeping the brightness of your mobile screen low. You can consider keeping the brightness to 50% or you can even adjust the settings so that the brightness adjusts automatically according to the external light condition.

Keep the applications updated

Most of the applications makers keep updating their apps so as to increase the battery efficiency and consume less power. It is best advised to keep the automatic updates on to prolong your battery life and stay connected through the day.

Power off your phone

Of course, this may not be possible always but you can still try to keep your phone switched off while you are at a place where you don’t receive network signal or while you are going to sleep. You can even consider keeping your phone off during business hours. This will save your battery life.

Close the applications

The numerous applications you have installed consider the maximum amount of battery. While you use multiple applications simultaneously a lot of power is consumed and it may result in draining off your battery. It is therefore advised to close the applications when you don’t want them to be in use. These applications continue to run in the background. To close the applications on your android smartphone simply double click the home button and click on the button on the extreme right corner at the bottom.


Online Food World Which will Help You Ordering Your Food Online

The concept of online secure transactions was invented by Tim Berners Lee by using the Transmission Control Protocol. Invention of this protocol helped people to hide their personal information and avoided someone to misuse it. That was the time when people started using the debit and the credit cards feeling secured. Few great minds started coming up with the various online systems. The first online system to launch was a shopping cart. It allowed people to shop from home. Slowly and steadily, people started adopting these technologies and these inventors received an amazing feedback and response from the users. So that triggered the minds of various other geniuses to come up with a similar system but a different strategy. So today there are shopping carts available for electronic, apparels, kitchenware, furniture, toys, jewellery, books, music CDS and DVS etc. This list is endless. Also online banking, online marketing, online advertising, online procurement and almost everything can be now done online. This online world has a greater and a faster opportunity than that of the traditional methods. That is how the online food ordering system comes into existence. Different people, different teams and different strategies is how these online systems work. The best feature of the online food ordering system is that you can avail the discounts and offers for yourself anytime of the day. Also these systems are available 24*7. So if you are hungry late night, then there is nothing to worry about. In fact, according to your locality, the GPS will track those restaurants or coffee shops open even late night. You can either move out of the house or you can order the same at your place. When people migrate to a new place, they normally don’t have anything at their home, so they prefer either restaurant food. But all you need is a high speed internet for the same. The high speed internet allows you to get a faster access to these kinds of applications. Additionally, this system can also avail discounts and offers available on the meals if the restaurant permits them to do so.

Oneplus one marshmallow update release.Source


Anyone who plans to come up with a new venture, they see to it that their idea is not tiny. The tiny the concept the lesser the response and that is how the market works. Similarly, it was not an easy task to come up with tinyowl at a short notice. The team developed this application and expanded in various metropolitan cities of India within a span of a year. They launched the application in the year of 2014 and within the next 6 months they expanded over Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Gurgaon. Since the world was transforming online, they were coming up with new technologies and thought of connecting the people real well. Thus, they thought of coming up with a mobile based food ordering system on android and IOS platform. They selected these ordering systems since they are leading in the market. Apart from restaurant ordering, they also have the facilities to order the homemade food and have created a separate application for the same. They didn’t want to confuse even a little with data mining. They are receiving stunning response from the users and as per the statistics, today more than 2000 orders are being placed on daily basis. This is not everyone’s cup of tea to reach the market at such pace.

What do you think?

“This application is simply stunning. It has helped me always satisfy my hunger. The GPS locator helps me with the nearby restaurants and according to the estimated time of delivery I order the food. There are few dishes which I loved a lot delivered by a few restaurants. When I wanted to order the same, it was not a pain because the order history is being tracked. Normally, the debit card payment always puts me on loss. But tinyowl doesn’t. If the food won’t be delivered, the cash would be definitely returned to me. They value other’s cash and not keep it with them. Apart from that, this application doesn’t possess any fake prices or restaurants which would keep me waiting for hours and keep me starving. Thank You Tinyowl! Keep Expanding!”

HTC Dismisses Suggestions of a Possible Acquisition by Asus

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih last week said his firm has not ruled out an acquisition of ailing fellow Taiwan-based company, HTC. The statement may not have amounted to much but it led to enough reports that HTC has felt compelled to nip the talk right in the bud.

HTC in a post on its investor site refuted the rumours saying, “We strongly deny the news. We didn’t contact Asustek and will not consider the acquisition. As an international brand, HTC will continue to design world-class innovative smart devices through its pursuit of brilliance brand promise.”

The Taiwanese smartphone maker has been struggling to keep up with competitors in the past few years, and while it posted its fourth successive quarterly profit in Q1 2015, all that looks to be wiped out by the second quarter of this year.

Earlier this month, HTC revised its second quarter guidance in a downward direction, blaming the slow demand for high-end Android smartphones and disappointing sales in China. The company predicted a sales slide to TWD 33 billion-TWD 36 billion ($1.06 billion-$1.16 billion), a steep drop from the previous forecast range of TWD 46 billion- TWD 51 billion.

Back in April, HTC had estimated lower-than-expected revenue in the second quarter after a disappointing launch of its new One M9 and One M9+ models.

In March, HTC had shuffled its senior management, once again hoping to revitalise its fortunes. It replaced President & CEO Peter Chou with Chairwoman and Founder Cher Wang, putting Chou in charge of product development as the head of HTC’s Future Development Lab.

Asus, on the other hand, has seen a resurgence in the smartphone segment with the popularity of its first-generation ZenFone series smartphones. The company this year launched ZenFone 2 with several SKUs to cater to different price segments.

EarthBound Beginnings Now Available for Wii U


At the Nintendo World Championships – a Nintendo-promoted video game competition – the Japanese gaming giant announced that owners of its Wii U home console will be able to download the classic EarthBound Beginnings game via its Virtual Console section of the Nintendo eShop, the console’s digital marketplace.

Costing $6.99 (around Rs. 450), it’s a steal for many a Nintendo fan looking to experience one of the more solid roleplaying games of its time more than two decades ago. And it’s the first time it has had an official release in any form and shape outside Japan.

It’s a highly acclaimed role-playing game set in a somewhat modern era (for its time in the late 1980s). The game released in Japan for the Nintendo Famicom with the title, Mother. This was in 1989. In 2003, it was released for the Game Boy Advance as a part of a compilation dubbed as Mother 1+2. The sequel, Earthbound saw a release on the Wii U via the US Virtual Console service in 2013. Both games are highly sought after by collectors the world over.

While the Wii U has failed to match the success of its predecessor, that’s not stopped Nintendo from supporting it with a wealth of great titles. From first-party hits like Mario Kart 8 to funding the development of more mature fair like Bayonetta 2, it’s a console that has something for everyone, even if you’re not a dyed-in-wool Nintendo fan. It’s Virtual Console storefront on the Nintendo eShop has been a godsend for many a retro fan looking to get their fix of old school games in a legitimate fashion, including games from bygone consoles like the MSX and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

BSNL Launches Free National Roaming

State-run BSNL has launched free roaming, which will allow all its mobile customers across the country to receive incoming calls at no cost.”Now BSNL mobile customers will not need to carry multiple SIMs and handsets during roaming. They are free to talk as long as they want without worrying of any charges during incoming calls.

“In fact, it is like a dream of ‘One Nation One Number’ coming true,” BSNL CMD Anupam Shrivastava said in a statement.

One June 2, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had announced that the telco would be launching free roaming scheme from June 15.

The company also clarified that it has not received any communication from sectoral regulator Trai regarding the roaming scheme.

“We have not received any such communication from Trai. BSNL has announced this scheme with the consent of Minister of Communications & IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad who himself had announced it in a press conference held on June 2. Trai has no objection to it,” Shrivastava said.

BSNL had a mobile subscriber base of 7.72 crores as of March-end.

Earlier this month, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at a press meet marking one year of the Narendra Modi-led government had said, “BSNL will start offering free national roaming from June 15. It’s already on the recovery path.”

Last week, Prasad had said, “We are serious on the issue of mobile call drop of BSNL. Steps are being taken to address it… A meeting on it has been held at the departmental secretary level. Additional spectrum has also been given.”

Defence Sites to Be Kept Out of Google's Hyderabad Street View Project

The Telangana government has agreed to keep sensitive defence installations in Hyderabad out of Google Street View and the union home ministry is expected to soon give permission for the project, a top official said on Monday.As the city is home to some vital defence laboratories and other installations, the home ministry wanted the state government to not include them in the Street View.

“The state government is ready for this. The matter is now under the consideration of the union home ministry,” said Jayesh Ranjan, secretary, information technology, government of Telangana.

He told reporters on the sidelines of an event here that a global team of Google Maps, which is already positioned in Hyderabad, is working on the project.

“They are working in the background. As soon as we get permission, we will go ahead with its implementation,” the official said.

This will make Hyderabad the first city in India to be entirely covered by Google Street View, which lets one explore places through 360-degree, panoramic and street-level imagery.

The state government also plans to extend the project to other parts of Telangana in the subsequent phase. The official said the project would prove helpful for the common man as he will be able to trace ATM, bank, post office or other locations quite easily.

Google had last month agreed to cover Hyderabad under Street View. This was decided during Information and Technology Minister K. Tarakarama Rao’s visit to the US.

It was during this visit that the Internet services giant signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government to build its campus in Hyderabad, which will be its biggest campus outside the US.

The campus will be coming up with an investment of Rs. 1,000 crores on 7.2 acres of land at Gachibowli, the IT corridor.

Facebook Plans New Data Centre in Growing Irish Cloud Hub


Facebook plans to open a new data centre in Ireland, the social network said on Monday, becoming the latest technology giant to set up an energy efficient centre in Ireland’s recovering economy.

Facebook said it had applied for planning permission to build the centre, which, after Sweden, is its second in Europe for housing computers that run cloud computing services, where users store data on secure servers instead of their own network or computer.

Ireland is fast becoming a cloud hub helped by its temperate climate and the presence of many of the biggest Internet companies, which have been attracted by the country’s low corporate tax rate.

Apple in February that it would spend EUR 1.7 billion on two new data centres in Ireland and Denmark, its largest investment in Europe.

Google and Microsoft also have opened Irish date centres in recent years.

Microsoft is currently fighting a legal battle with the US government over its demand that the software company turn over customer data stored in its Irish data centre.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced the opening of a new artificial intelligence lab in Paris to expand a push to make its online social network smarter and more profitable.

The new Paris AI lab – the third after two it operates in the United States – has six researchers at work and will more than double that number by the end of the year, executives from the US-based company said. The recruits will come from France’s top public and private technological institutions.